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Rick's Night Out

The smoke was making his eyes water. This joint was another bust.

The ball game blared out of the four televisions placed in the corners
the room. Damm we're loosing already. Oh well. Seem like sometimes, you
can't win for losing.

It seemed like every Saturday was the same. Spend the night out
drinking and watching the tube, hoping to meet someone. It wasn't like
there was something wrong with me. I'm reasonably good looking. It's
I can't seem to do anything right after the ex.

Just as I was about to down my drink to leave, she walked in.
was as if the world just stopped. She has to be with someone. I
help but watch the sway of her hips as she walked past. She stopped at
bar and ordered a drink. The bartender returned with her drink. While he
getting her change she sipped her drink and looked around slowly. Her
warmed me in ways that the drinks hadn't.

I tried to look away so as not to be caught staring rudely. Her

eyes caught me as I started to turn away. The blood rushed to my face
she smiled even broader then continued her scan of the room. My heart
pounding she caught me looking. Probably thought I was desperate now
Oh well. I might as well crawl off into a corner and die.

I turned to watch the rest of the game feeling a little put out

with myself. But I couldn't bring myself to just leave. She was still
and maybe that smile... Just as the third was about to end I felt a
at my side my eyes widened. It's her. The game slid into nonexistence.
you mind if I join you? I'm Jamie. Oh uh umm I'm Rick please do. I
you come in earlier. Are you waiting for someone? No. I just left my ex
husband the two timing bastard. Where's your wife? How did you know? The

white ring on your finger she replied. Ex wife you mean. We just signed
the papers three months ago. I just finally took it off. Kind of felt
a part of me you know. I'm sorry to hear that. Was it tough for you. No
really. She just used me for my money. It had been pretty apparent for a

while now. She left me for some rich guy. I hope they're happy.
We chatted amiably for about an hour. The game went off. I missed the
score. Didn't seem as important now.

My eyes kept being drawn to the cleavage so generously
She seemed to be continuously shifting her legs. Her eyes caught mine
a bright red flush spread across her neck. She smiled coyly and said. Do

you like what you see? Well uhh um. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare.
just that... Oh it's all right. It's been so long since I've felt
Your stare flatters me. My blood started really pounding. I could feel
sweet ache in my groin. I was beginning to shake. "This lady is too
Could I buy you another drink?

Why yes you can but not here lets go someplace a little
Where did you have in mind? Her reply stunned me Why your place of
My mind raced my place oh no it's a disaster place. Visions of dirty
dishes and unmade bed flashed past my eyes. I groaned inwardly. I should

have cleaned damm. Would you like to go to a hotel or your place mines
a mess? I cringed at the though of her reply. I don't care if it's a
no hotels. My place is out of the question it reminds me too much of

Now things were looking up. Ok lets go. I went to the bartender
paid my tab and left a generous tip. She took my arm as we walked out
door. The feel of her hips and breasts rubbing against my side was
me up very rapidly I asked is there was something you like to drink in
particular because I only have beer and cognac in the house. No beer and

cognac is just fine.

I opened the passenger side door. And watched the skirt ride slowly
up her legs. While she sat. When she noticed me looking. Instead of
it down, she raised it higher. The light gleamed softly on the inner
of her thighs. The moment seemed to last forever. My dick was rock hard
and my balls started to feel like they were going to explode. I gently
closed the door in an exercise of extreme self-control. I don't want to
scare her away now. I forced myself to walk around the car and get in

As we pulled out of the lot she slid closer on the seat. She
on my arm as if she was cold. My arm naturally slid around her to pull
closer. She reached out and turned on the radio to some soft tunes. The
streets slid slowly by in a blur. Time stood still. The ride seemed to
forever. Her fingers slid lightly up and down my inner thigh. Sending
chills up and down my spine. I was sure there was a stain on my pants
from where I was leaking. What a woman!

She asked. So do you have a girlfriend yet? No. I replied.
Why not a guy as handsome as you could have as many women as he wanted.
She said. It doesn't seem to work out that way for me. I replied. Why
all the ex used to do is put me down. I guess if you hear something long

enough. You start to believe it. Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I guess
was no better. She said. He always would bring his girlfriend's home and

would insist on me meeting them in the morning. He always called me
But after that first time seeing him with another woman. I just couldn't

get aroused when we were together. Her warm breath on my neck tickled
lightly giving me Goosebumps. But I don't seem to have that problem now
she giggled. I'm so hot.

I think I'm in trouble. I guess that makes me one lucky guy.
I said. Dammed strait it dose. Don't you forget it! She Smiled. I don't
just pick up guys and take them home and fuck them. But you... Her
trailed off.

I pulled in the drive of my duplex. I guess I got lucky my ex was

nice and didn't take the house. Just the money. Well were here. Jamie
reached up and pulled my face to hers. Her lips tasted sweet as wine.
Intoxicating me with their touch. Her body pressed strongly into mine.
As she whispered let's go inside.

As I fumbled with the house keys at the door. She rubbed against

my back and purred. Her nipples poked seductively into my back reminding
of pleasant things to come. The door finally came open with a loud
Gotta oil that dammed hinge. Once inside I closed and locked the door.

As I turned around. She reached out and rubbed my bulge. A spasm of

pleasure shot down my back as I leaned over and kissed her deeply. Her
hands still busy with my bulge. I reached up and slowly felt her breasts

through her blouse. The sound of my zipper lowering broke the sounds of
our heavy breathing. Her hand deftly reached in my pants. And pulled me
out. The feeling was absolutely exquisite. As she slowly stroked me to
fullness. She said don't move as she slipped to her knees. The feel of
her warm breath sent chills of anticipation down my back. The feel of
moist lips was almost a surprise. Sensations raced the underside of my
penis. The throbbing warning of impending release. Her pace Increased.
I groaned with delight as the throbs increased with her tempo. Just as
I was about to come she pulled back and said I want you to save that for

inside me. I groaned with disappointment. She slowly resumed her
ministrations. It seemed like the whole world just stopped...

The view of her head bobbing sent alternating sensations. Extreme
ecstasy and pure agony! She kept bringing me to the edge and back. My
head was spinning. I thought, if she keeps this up, I'm gonna lose my
mind. She slowed her attentions. And eased off my swollen member.

She said let's go someplace a little more comfortable. We went
upstairs to the bedroom. I kicked the cat off the bed and threw my dirty

clothes into a pile in the corner. She said easy cowboy what's the rush.

We have all night. Sorry about the mess I said. Oh the mess. Do you
I care about the mess? She walked towards me, slowly unbuttoning her
blouse. her bra came into view the lace enticing me to help. As I
out to help her remove the blouse. She shoved me back onto the bed and
said. You just watch cowboy. I stared in fascination as she began an
impromptu strip tease. The bra fell away and her breasts slowly came
into view. Her erect nipples begging to be touched. She turned and slid
the skirt off her hips. Her silk panties came into view. The dampness
at the v was making them almost transparent.

Her lips came into view as she bent over to remove her skirt
completely. I could smell her arousal. It was driving me mad with lust.
I had to have her now. I reached out and pulled her to me on the bed.
She tumbled on top of me with a shriek and a giggle. I rolled over onto
her and French kissed her deeply. Running my hands down her torso,
stroking her breasts, rubbing at the moistness between her legs. She
moaned loudly and said I need you inside me now. I grinned and thought
turn about is fair play. Your gonna have to wait.

Rather than replying. I kissed her neck and slowly worked my way
to her breasts. I kissed the erect nipples eliciting another moan as she

arched her hips on my hand. The loudness of her moans increased her
were heaving. Not yet I thought. I eased my attentions causing a brief
moan of protest. I slid my hands to her hips and slowly tugged on her
panties. Causing her to raise her hips to allow me to remove them. I
them to my face and inhaled her musk deeply. I returned to my slow
exploration of her privates. My fingers slid deeply inside her.

Causing her to moan and arch her back leg's straining outward.
I kissed my way around her mound. Causing her to moan and cry out with
desire. I slowly licked and kissed her hairy lips. Her smell was
me to further heights. My lips and tongue worked their way to her
center causing her to cry out with pleasure. I was sure I had found it
when squealed and wrapped her legs around my head. I sucked harder
her to buck with pleasure.

Just as I thought she was about to come. I eased off. This
for a small eternity. Time stood still. Sight, Sound, Touch and Taste
melded into one continuous surge of pleasure. Almost an orgasm. We
between sensations neither one of us actually coming. I eased off but
her pants and sighs just incited me further. I was ready. I slid upward
her nipples burning a trail down my shoulders and chest. While
myself at her entrance, her leg's spread wider to accommodate me. As I
eased past her outer lips.

She raised her legs and locked them into the small of my back and
clutched me with her arms. I lingered at her entrance. Her heat and
beckoned me further. Waiting. Just waiting to regain control of my
She wouldn't have anything to do with that. She pulled inward with her
and pressed upward with her hips at the same moment. The move completely

took me by surprise. I slid in to the hilt.

Her hot wet pussy gripped me like a glove. Her moan was a sound of

true relief. I froze to prevent an untimely end to our interlude. As I
grew accustomed to her velvety heat. I resumed thrusting slowly at first

then faster as our momentum increased. The volume of her sighs and moans

increased with the speed of my thrusting.

She began begging me to come with her. The whole experience was
much for my control. The spasms of her impending climax triggered mine.
It started slowly as a minor feeling at the base and it just wouldn't
stop. By the time I realized that I had started it was too late.

She cried I feeel Ittt I'mmm commminng. Her pussy milked me.
I erupted like a volcano. In great spurts of heat, fire, lava and
violently sweet pleasure. The moment stretched for an eternity. My
of relif her grips of release all combined into a single moment in time.

But as with all moments it had to end. I rolled over and she clutched at

me and protested with a low moan. We both lay there and savored the
Neither one of us was speaking hoping to prolong the moment. I rolled
and lit a cigarette and offered her it she declined. I finished my smoke

and drifted off to sleep. I awoke in the morning and felt around but the

bed was empty.

End of Story

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