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Remote Stimulation Device - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - The Laundromat The Laundromat

Swain replayed the events of the previous evening in his mind several times as he stared down at his remote stimulation device. The device had worked like a charm. In his notes, he keyed in a yellow jot note beside his long list of observations for that trial... ?Subject appeared oblivious to the source of stimulation.? That was key to the success of the device. If the stimulation appeared too strange, or if too much heat was generated from the pulsating electromagnetic beam, the subject might become anxious or suspicious of something going on beyond their own carnal rumblings. So far, that had not been a problem. He would need to test the device repeatedly to make more definite conclusions. As he rolled the device in his hands, he also wondered about the marketability of the RSD. There certainly would be many who would love to have this device. But given what it actually did, it would definitely be a black market item. Swain wasn?t sure he wanted to get into illegal marketing. He had too much at stake in his professional life. But, then again, even these tests he was doing now had to be illegal. He was sure he was already breaking the law. The conflict in his mind was overtaken however by the excitement he felt when he thought about the young woman out of control the previous night in the restaurant. He would need to test the RSD again on this night. But where and with whom?

Swain wondered what would have happened if the women last night had had no outlet for the aroused state she found herself in. What would she have done as she became more and more aroused, if she was on her own. Would she begin self-stimulation or would she spontaneously orgasm? He decided to test out that scenario tonight. After some thought, he decided on a different venue. He would try the local laundromat, where he had seen several attractive younger women on their own over the past few months doing their laundry. He knew that the electromagnetic signal should reflect adequately off the flat wall mirrors in the facility and hopefully the convex mirrors in each corner of the laundromat, assuming these mirrors were of a molecular ?smoothness? that was a good ratio to the wavelength of the electromagnetic beam of the device. If he could use the mirrors, that would allow him to conceal his device and direct it toward acceptable subjects in the laundromat discretely. Apart from using the mirrors, he was not sure how he would conceal the device, given the layout of this place.

Swain had just put in the last of his whites in the big washer when he saw the gorgeous, shapely blonde float in with her basket of laundry. She plunked the laundry down on a washer which was directly behind where Swain was starting his wash. As he threw the last of his socks in the machine, he wondered how he looked around for a method where he could direct the beam discretely toward the right area of this gorgeous, slender bombshell. She was tanned and looked like she might have been a runner... or some sort of athlete. She was very slim and had a very shapely behind. It was hard to tell how endowed she was up top, but she certainly looked toned with muscular shoulders under the black leather coat she was wearing. Her bleached blonde hair brought out the tanned smoothness of her high cheekbones. Her bright blue eyes glanced up to catch Swain staring at her. She smiled as she continued loading her machine.

?Great place to be on a nice night like this,? she said to Swain, as he slung item after item into the washing machine across from Swain.

He was a little flushed from being caught staring, but he recovered quickly. ?Nothing like a rinse cycle to lift your spirits,? he said, realizing how stupid he sounded immediately after saying it. He didn?t want to get too friendly with her however, or it might compromise the test. He sat down with his magazine and subtly scouted out possible sight lines to his target. It looked like he would have to sit with his back to the driers and use the convex mirror in the corner to reflect the beam if she sat where he thought she was going to sit. The washers in the middle of the laundromat blocked any possible direct sightline unless he was to move down and hold the device over the washers, attempting to reflect the beam off the flat mirror three washers over. This would probably prove to be too obtrusive. He couldn?t appear to be ?texting? for that long, especially in the same position, leaving over washers.

She sat down in the place Swain had predicted, facing the back wall of the laundromat. As she sat, she crossed her long, shapely, tanned legs. The mini she was wearing showed off her smooth, athletic legs generously, but Swain worried now about the crossing of the legs. Would he still get a clear line to the target? She was facing the right direction to reflect the beam off the convex security mirror in the top back corner. He positioned himself and aimed the device in the general direction of the mirror. He wondered whether the convex mirror would splay the beam, diluting its intensity and/or making it more difficult to lock the beam on the target. He?d find out. He turned the device on low and pretended to be checking messages as he looked at the display and adjusted the device. The image on the display was quite distorted due to the curved mirror, and her crotch area was not as open as was the lady?s the night before, due to the crossing of this one?s legs. He locked in as best as he could and kept his act of checking messages up, lifting his head regularly to peek at her reactions. She wriggled in her seat almost immediately, uncrossed her legs, and then crossed them the other way. She glanced up from her magazine and looked at Swain, smiling. ?It?s a little hot in here, isn?t it?? she consulted Swain, a little sheepishly, a wry smile on her face.

He tried to think of something clever to say, but he had nothing. ?The driers give off a lot of heat,? Swain commented back to her. After another minute, she seemed flushed when Swain lifted his eyes from the device to peer over at her. He smirked as he went back to the display. The driers were not the problem he knew. She was moving so much that he had to keep focused on the display to keep the beam on target. He was hoping that her inner thighs were not absorbing too much of the beam. Perhaps the beam was irritating her thighs and not turning her on at all. With the skirt she had on, it was unlikely that she would ever uncross her legs so that he could get a clear line at her clitoris area.

She took off her leather jacket and laid it on a spare washer, revealing a sheer blouse that was now showing off small, shapely breasts. Just as was the case the night before, the outline of engorged nipples was apparent, rubbing up and down the inside of the blouse. She looked up at Swain and smiled again, adjusting the fabric of her blouse, all the while wriggling in her seat. When Swain dropped his head back to his device, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that she had slowly opened another button on her blouse. Her diminutive, but shapely cleavage was now showing. Was that an attempt at cooling herself or something else?

After another minute of wriggling, she finally uncrossed her legs, leaving them uncrossed, and proceeded to slouch a bit in her seat. She kept her legs fairly close together, but she made no attempt to cross them this time. Swain now had a clearer view of her vagina area in the display now. He could see from the infrared display that she had heated up much more than it had appeared when he was viewing through her muscular thighs. He could also see that she was definitely (though subtly) squeezing and releasing her butt cheeks in this slouched position. This was the same concealed hip pumping motion he?d seen the previous night. He looked up at her over the washers and saw that her eyes were now closed, her head was tilted back, and there was a slight smile on her face. She was enjoying this feeling. Swain was very hard again himself. He watched her subtle pumping in the display and wondered where this one would end. He, himself, did not really want to fill his underwear with cum like he had the night before, but he was immensely turned on again.

There were two other people reading in the front section of the laundromat. She was facing the back, so they couldn?t see readily see her anyway. And she thought that Swain was preoccupied with his cell phone. She parted her legs a little further. She looked up and across at Swain and he pretended not to see her. Satisfied, her eyes closed again and she leaned back a little further in the chair. The pumping motion of her hips, while still subtle, was picking up momentum. She was definitely getting off. Swain thought that he could hear her rapid breathing now.

Swain upped the setting to medium. Swain looked up quickly. She immediately gasped, then closed her legs. She looked toward Swain, but he had already fixed his gaze back down at the RSD. Swain made no attempt to meet her extended gaze, which he could see out of the corner of his eye, and instead stayed focused on the display. Through the display, he saw her legs up again and, this time, she sat perfectly still for over a minute, her eyes closed in her slouched position. Her vagina area was heating up immensely, Swain could see by the infrared readings. ?She may be near orgasm already,? Swain thought excitedly.

Suddenly, she got up, adjusted her mini and top slightly, and sauntered in the direction of the washrooms. She gave Swain a sexy smile as she went by. He smiled back at this revved up bombshell and turned off the display, resigned to the fact that he was losing her. Darn. She was definitely going to masturbate in the washroom to relieve the tension. He knew it. He decided that he would visit the men?s at the same time. When he closed and locked the door, he listened carefully. Though the women?s room was right beside him, he couldn?t hear anything. However, he knew for sure that she definitely had to be servicing herself at this point. He decided to do the same and went into the toilet stall, released his now erect manhood, and began stroking as he listened closely. Swain stopped for a moment as he swore he could hear a gasp through the thin walls. Then he definitely heard another gasp. He picked up his own speed as images of this lovely woman rubbing her wet, hot pussy frantically raced through his mind. And he had engineered this lustful moment for her. What a feeling!

How he wished that he could be with this woman at that moment, licking her to orgasm or better yet, fucking her tight, athletic little pussy. The gasps were regular and louder now, and he could definitely hear the wet slapping sound of aggressive female masturbation. She must be getting close to coming. Swain pumped harder himself and he could feel his hot semen beginning to pool, to the point of no return. Suddenly, he heard a long, muffled groan and a sigh as she must have been launching into orgasm. At that moment, Swain also felt himself release, and long spurts of semen arched up in the air and splashed in the toilet and on the parts of the seat. He squeezed out the last few drips slowly, letting his breathing slow down. Then he cleaned the area, washed his hands. He heard nothing through the wall now. He opened the door quietly and slinked back to his seat in front of his washer. His friend had not yet left the washroom. He felt like a pervert, but at least he had not wet himself this time. His washer load had finished and he began putting his clothes in the drier.

In another minute, she came out of the washroom looking flushed, but very content. She smiled at Swain for a long time this time as she sat back down. ?Still finding it hot in here?? Swain quipped coyly as she sat back down.

?Actually, I am. What about you??

Swain thought. ?Yes, as a matter of fact. It?s a different sort of heat though, isn?t it??

?Tell me about it,? she replied, as she returned to her original cross-legged position.

He wondered if she was catching any of his hidden meanings. He put the last of his clothes in the drier and sat back down. Her load was in spin. Maybe it was time to put her in ?spin? again.

Swain locked her in and turned the beam onto low again. This time continued the conversation, as he did his best to stay locked in the right position with his device. ?Are you a runner??

She took a long, deep breath and squeezed her legs before responding. She was quickly warming up again from the look of it. Poor girl. ?Yes I am. How did you know??

?Oh, I just guessed,? he said, watching her begin her subtle pumping in the display again. Her breathing was picking up as he could hear her already, and she was moving side to side slightly in her chair.

?Is it my legs that give it away?? she asked. The tone of her voice had changed. It was lower. She opened her legs and ran her right hand along her right thigh slowly as she said this.

?Well, yeah. I couldn?t help but notice how muscular your legs were.? Swain was hard again. She parted her legs a little wider as she ran her hands up and down both thighs, allowing the beam full access again to her pussy area. She leaned back slightly in her chair as her washer clunked through the spin cycle, her hands still rubbing her fit thighs, and she looked over at Swain, smiling coyly.

?So you like looking at my legs? They are very muscular, aren?t they.? She squeezed them slowly as she said this. Swain?s penis was once again pulsating in his jeans. He adjusted it while trying to keep his device locked on her, all the while trying to keep up the conversation. ?I run every morning. It helps me take the edge off.? She was looking directly at Swain. The display showed that she was pumping her pelvis more noticeably now, even as she talked to him. ?I guess my run didn?t take enough edge off this morning. I?m really hot and bothered in here.? She was moving in a seductive flow as she said this and she licked her lips as she stared at Swain.

Swain was beginning to shake with excitement. ?I can tell.... that you?re a runner that is... You must be very fit. And do you get that gorgeous tan from running as well?? He was getting more bold. He could actually feel his erection at the top of his pants now. His head was practically popping out of his pants.

?I usually run in a sports bra and bikini bottom at the beach.? She paused and took in a deep breath. ?Sometimes, if no one is around, I take off the sports bra. I hate tan lines.?

?Hmmm .... that?s a nice image.? At that point she got up off the chair and leaned over the nearest washing machine. Swain could see her pert little breasts shaking under her open top as she leaned over the spinning washer. She was doing this on purpose. The vibration of the machine was shaking her whole body, including her tits. Swain was not able to keep the device on its mark given her change of position. But maybe he didn?t need it now.

She smiled her best flirtatious smile and whispered,?This vibrating machine feels really good. I wonder if it will make me cum??

Swain swallowed. He didn?t know what to say except to look longingly at this sexy fox almost getting off on the washing machine. He let his eyes wander for a good amount of time down to her shaking breasts. ?Well, you look really good on that spin cycle too, if you don?t mind me saying.?

?I can tell you like what you see. I like what I see too. ? She was looking down at the 10-inch bulge that was almost breaking out of his pants. She arched her back up and leaned only her taut belly against the machine. Her left hand traced lightly down between her breasts and down her stomach as she looked Swain up and down and slowly licked her lips. ?You would not believe how horny I am right now. Since I came into this place, I?ve been ready to cum on the spot. Do you think you and that healthy package you?re sporting could help me out? I?m not usually this forward, but I?m feeling very slutty tonight. And my boyfriend is out of town for a week. I can?t wait for him in this condition.?

?I?d love to. But we kind of have an audience in here.?

?Well, I was thinking we could start in here and see where it goes. I?m sure you would be a wonderful help to me folding clothes in the folding room over there. Do you think you could do that for a poor girl?? she taunted.

?I?m an amazing folder.? Swain turned for a moment and put his device carefully in his gym bag, when he felt her hand sliding along his butt.

?Your not avoiding me are you.?? She had slipped around the machines and was now caressing his butt over his snug jeans. I told you that I need help with some folding. Follow me. He did what he was told and followed her. He could actually smell her juices as she walked in front of him. She must have been soaked already, the poor thing. They walked into the folding room and she put some damp clothes out on the table, and laid them out.

?You haven?t even put them in the drier yet. Why do you want to fold them?? Swain asked stupidly. She looked directly into his eyes and tossed some of her socks on the floor underneath Swain.

?I don?t really want to fold them. Actually, I want you to get under the table like a good boy and pick up those socks that I dropped.? Swain smiled, bent down to retrieve the socks. As he got on his knees, she opened her gorgeous legs in front of him. He took the cue and dove in. She gasped as his tongue lapped up her wetness, sliding up and down her slit and circling her clitoris. He grabbed her hard, muscular little ass and pushed her tight to his mouth. He lapped and licked and grabbed with his mouth as she rode him like a bronco. She was groaning and gyrating as she make a poor attempt to fake folding clothes. ?Lick me, you bastard! Make me cum! ? she whispered, ?I?m such a cheap slut! I can?t believe how horny I am!? Slade kneaded her full, shapely butt with his large hands as he probed inside her with his tongue. Then he focused on her clit and sucked aggressively on it.

Her gasping quickened and she began convulsing and pushing Swain?s head into her crotch. She grunted in spurts, shook and thoroughly wet Swain?s face with her cum as she released. Her wetness was even running down his chin when she pulled him up. She looked at him thankfully and kissed his sloppy face. Then she wiped his chin with her hand, and said,?Now you fold. It?s time for me to get wet-faced now.?

She sank down to her knees, quickly unzipped his pants, and hungrily began licking all the wetness off his cock. He had already been shining wet with cum as she unzipped him. After lapping him for several minutes, and driving him crazy, she took her hand and began pumping his huge cock in and out of her mouth, taking over half of it with each loud slurp. She became so aggressive in her sucking that he was afraid others in the laundromat might hear. However, the distraction did not prevent him from enjoying this wonderful tongue. Her head and lips moved like a piston, and he could feel himself getting close again. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, commenting, ?You taste like you?ve already cum. This is the real stuff I?m tasting already! I love it. It makes me feel so dirty!?

?I?m close, baby,? Swain panted, ?And I did already cum in the bathroom once. Looking at you made me so horny that I had to relieve myself. Sorry.? She moaned in a lustful fashion as he said this, picking up the pace, slurping and sucking Swain into oblivion. He could feel his balls ready to explode. She stopped sucking again and jerked him up and down as she spoke.

?That?s funny. I was actually getting myself off at the same time, I think. This place must be under a spell or something.? She then put her mouth back on the top of his engorged penis as she pumped him hard with both hands. She let it slip out one more time as she whispered, ?Cum for me baby! I want it.?

Swain could not hold back any longer. She stopped the two-handed pumping and was now licking the underside of his penis head as she stroked him expertly. She had her head cocked to the side as he let go his first load. It shot across the top of her lips and onto her far cheek. She kept stroking him and lapped her tongue on the head of his cock as more jets of white pulsed out onto her tongue, bottom lip, chin, neck and even onto the top of her breasts. When he finally stopped spurting, she rose and ran her finger along her lips and chin in front of him, making a show out of guiding his cum to her lips and swallowing it. ?You?re a great folder,? she smiled. She zipped him up, adjusted her skirt, grabbed her folded, damp laundry and promptly walked out of the folding room.

She took the clothes and tossed them into one of the big driers against the wall. Swain sighed and followed her. As she threw her damp clothes in a drier, he took the opportunity to stop his drier, and check on the condition of his clothes. They needed at least 10 more minutes. He added 2 more quarters and sat back down and sighed again. What a great feeling! What a great device! He was tired, very spent. She looked the same as she moved much more slowly than when she had originally put her clothes in the washer 20 minutes previous. She too had a smile pasted on her face though, and she was still flushed somewhat. She had finished putting her clothes in the drier and she came around and plopped herself down beside Swain. She still had some of his wetness on her face as she smiled. She hadn?t bothered to wipe off completely. He could smell his sperm on her as she moved closer to him and whispered. ?I?m not usually like this. I don?t know what has come over me today.? She paused and then leaned forward again and whispered, ?But, with that said, I really enjoyed that.? She then took her pinky finger and wiped a dab of his semen off her chin and put the finger in her mouth, popping it in and out quickly with a smack. Her right eyebrow went up and she laughed,?I feel like such a slut... but in a good way of course. My boyfriend is away way too much anyway. A girl has needs.?

?I enjoyed that too. It sure made laundry a whole new experience,? Swain replied. He felt an ache in his crotch as his spent penis was beginning to rise yet again. Her frank words and beautiful face, still gleaming in spots from his semen, were enough to raise the Titanic. He continued, ?It?s not every day a hot-blooded male gets action from a gorgeous blonde stranger in the laundromat. It?s the stuff of adolescent dreams.?

?Glad I could make your dream come true. In all honesty, it?s not a fantasy I have ever come up with before. And I usually have a pretty good imagination.?

?Yeah, I don?t even usually come to a laundromat. I have a washer and drier at home. But I think I?m sold on the laundromat experience.?

She laughed. ?It?s not always this exciting, I?m afraid. However, I?m here at the same time most weeks. If you ever need to ?air your dirty laundry? again at this time, I?ll usually be here.?

?Maybe I?ll take you up on that.?

?I can?t always promise to be as needy as I was tonight. I?m usually a pretty good little girl.? She paused and threw a look of feigned innocence at Swain, making him laugh. ?Honestly, I have actually been known to make intelligent conversation now and again. I don?t always push a man?s head in my crotch before I even get to know him! I?m not sure exactly what came over me here.?

?No problem at all. I?m glad I was the lucky guy here to help you meet your needs. I love female needs. And I?m Daryl, by the way.?

?Chris,? she replied. She glanced down and saw Swain sporting an erection again. She shook her head. ?Are you on Viagara or something? Does that thing ever shrink??

Swain smiled at her, blushing, ?What can I say? Beautiful, strange woman takes advantage of me, all this lusty talk, plus there is a slight breeze in here from those fans.? She laughed at his last joking comment. ?It doesn?t take much to get me up!?

She leaned closer again and lowered her voice. ?Well, I?ll tell you what. As fit as I am, I?m actually pretty spent myself right now after getting off twice in less than a half hour. But if you?re in here next Thursday night, I?ll wear a nice, easy-entry leather skirt and I want that big thing inside me. Bring a condom. No bring two or three, just in case.? She reached down and squeezed his now throbbing erection. ?How does that sound??

Swain winced a bit from her squeeze. He was still aching as he too was spent, but he couldn?t help his aroused state. ?That sounds great. I?m pretty much drained now as well. This poor guy just doesn?t know it. I think it?s your fault. You?re much too sexy for your own good... or for the good of the male species anyway.?

She pointed to his bulge. ?Sorry, I take no responsibility for that thing. I think it has a mind of its own.? She rubbed it again. ?But I?ll be thinking about it sliding all the way inside me all week, I?m sure. In and out, in and out.? She kept rubbing as she teased him.

Swain was pulsating again. In fact, despite his aching, he was getting ready to cum yet again. ?You?re downright nasty!? he whispered, now breathing somewhat heavily again. She rubbed the outline of his erect penis on his jeans a little harder.

?I?m not nasty, Daryl. I?m just communicating with you. You?re the one who can?t control yourself. Is it my fault if you get so aroused when I talk about you ramming your rock hard penis in and out of me in the folding room while others are out here doing their laundry?? She was practically jacking him off know through his jeans as she kept whispering. ? You thrust harder and harder as I pump my tight little pussy back on that huge cock. And soon you?ll feel my pussy convulse around your cock as I orgasm. And just as I hear your breathing start to get more rapid, and your pumping starts to speed up, I?ll pull you out, turn around and drop to my knees and....? Swain let go and came painfully into his jeans. ?Yeah, that?s what you?ll do right there. Except, I?ll have taken the condom off and I?ll be sucking it out of you on my knees again.?

Swain collapsed back in his chair. She smiled as she looked down at his crotch which seemed to finally be shrinking. ?Oh my. It?s good you?re at the laundromat. You wouldn?t want to go home with that big sperm stain in your pants. You really should learn to control yourself.?

?Yes I should. And you are very naughty. I think you?re just using your incredible good looks and sexiness to put me at your mercy.?

?And is it working??

?Are you kidding? Look at me!? He rose from his chair, pulled open the drier, making it stop with a loud buzz, and started taking his laundry out of the drier, dropping it into his basket. He found a pair of underwear and pants and closed the door, leaving the rest of the clothes in there. ?Excuse me for a minute, Chris. I need to freshen up a bit,? he said with a resigned look on his face, and headed toward the washroom again.

?No problem. I?ll even fold the rest of your laundry for you if you like.? He thought he heard her giggling as he made his way to the mens? room again. After painfully relieving himself (urinating that is) and changing his pants and underwear, he headed back out. He couldn?t believe that he had cum in his pants again. This device had turned him into a teenage boy all over again. Chris, of course, hadn?t helped. Device or not, she was one hot lady. While he would definitely bring the device next week, he wasn?t sure that he was going to need it. She sounded like she was up for some kinky, public casual sex with him, at this same laundromat. He wondered if she?d be as aroused by next week without the help of the device. I guess he?d find out.

When he got back out to his laundry, she was gone. His folded laundry sat waiting for him with a note on it. Hers was gone as well. He picked up the note and read it. ?That?s a hat trick, Daryl! See you next week. I?ll be fantasizing about it all week.?

?Oh my,? he thought. And just at the thought of next week, he felt his pummeled penis move yet again. He quickly grabbed his laundry and tried his best to think of something else for the ride home.

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