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R Does A Stranger

Well, yesterday was different... I really thought that I would have only been on my knees before Rick but ... he wanted more ... but, you know that I have been on my period this week. I haven't been heavy at all! So, I took
my protection out and when my marry way over to meet him... I arrived first.
When I got inside ... he started kissing me like mad... He has hardly ever touched me. Pretty good kisser. He is breaded. Salt and pepper hair on the top with a ponytail. He was rubbing my clit through my jeans and
pulling me tight to him. I pulled unlatched his pants and pulled them down and dropped to my knees. Sucking him and stroking his dick. Not a bad looking dick. But, not as beautiful as yours. He pulled me up in a few minutes... I pulled my jeans off and he sat down on the floor. He told me to take his boots off ... and I did like a good slave. He laid back and I stroked him and sucked his hard dick in my mouth. In a few minutes he took me by the arms before I knew what hit me he had me on my back His fingers in my pussy and his mouth on my clit. (but after all week of hardly bleeding, when he rammed his fingers up into me I could feel myself starting to flow) A few more minutes passed... He looks up and says your on the RAG! He stands up and looks down at me and says, "Do I have REDWINGS?" I must say that I had only heard that expression in the last few weeks from Mark. So, I looked at him and smiled and said, No, not that I can see. He went to the bathroom and washed up. When He finished he came back in and I went in and cleaned up. He did say however that I had the tightest pussy that he could recall in a very long time and that I still had a sweet tasting pussy. He laid back down and I went back down on him and finished what I had started. But, he pulled my head up so I really only got a small taste of him. I cleaned him up and we put our clothes back on. We stood around but, you know how affectionate I can be. I kissed and stroked his skin. He made a few comments about how nice it was.

End of Story