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Purple Thong

Purple Thong

I was out with my friends one night and met this guy. I don’t remember his name and I don’t recall telling him mine, we had a few drinks and spent a little time talking. Because I was a bit tipsy I agreed to leave with him. He took me to a motel up the street from the club. As soon as we walked into the room clothes started coming off. He kissed me and caressed me as if we were old friends. I gave in to my primal urges. But first I told him that I had to alleviate the tingle that I was feeling between my legs. I slowly and seductively started removing my clothing, taking extra care in making sure that when I removed my purple thong, I bent all the way over in from of him so that he could get the best possible view of my wet pussy. I turned to him and guided him to the bed that was in the center of the room. With the lights turned down low, I laid him on his back and crawled on to the bed between his legs until I was lying on top of him.

My full breasts seductively rubbed his body as I made my way up. My nipples tingled from the touch of his body. We kissed, first slow and seductively then hard and heavy. We could barely catch our breaths. I pulled away. With great passion, I slowly moved to his ears, kissing and nibbling as I went along, then to his neck and finally to his chest, paying extra attention to his hard nipples. I moved down from his chest to his belly and past his belly button. When I got near his cock, I could hear him breathing heavily. I could see the rise and fall of his chest. The anticipation was killing him. I didn’t go straight for his cock but instead I nibbled and kissed the inside of his thigh and licked and sucked on his balls. He was squirming all across the bed. My mouth started to salivate at the thought of tasting his juices I was holding his cock in my hand as I did this so it was getting extra hard. I licked the shaft of his cock and made my way back up to the head. Once at the head, I took my time, I didn’t immediately take it into my mouth but instead, I kissed it softly and flicked it with my tongue lightly. At this sensation he jumped. I smiled. A small amount of precum was coming from his cock so I licked it off. It tasted so sweet. With his cock still in my hand I took the head of his cock into my mouth and began sucking it. With every downward stroke, I took a little more of him into my mouth. I also squeezed his balls with my free hand to add to the intensity of the situation. I could feel his body shivering at the assault I was giving to his cock. Mmm, it felt so good in my mouth. I could tell from his moans of ecstasy that he was enjoying is as much as I was. Deeper and deeper his cock goes into my mouth. I can hear the slurping sounds mixed with his moans of pleasure. Just knowing that I am giving him this much pleasure makes my pussy even wetter. With my free hand I reach down and start playing with my soaked pussy. It feels so good. I almost make myself cum so I have to stop. His cock is too long and thick for me to take all the way in so when it hits the back of my throat I gag but continue sucking until he tells me to stop. I had only been sucking his cock for about 10 minutes before he told me to stop because I was going to make him cum. I can feel the pressure building as the cock in my mouth feels as hard as stone. I make my way back up to the tip of his rock hard cock and flick the head one last time with my tongue.

I crawl up his body so that my pussy is perfectly aligned with his hard cock. They meet for the first time. He says to me “now it’s my turn, baby”. He softly lays me on my back and starts kissing me from my neck down to my breasts, paying extra attention to my rock hard nipples. This send shivers through my entire body. He moved down my body until he gets to my waiting pussy. First he kisses around the lips, just to tease me. I start breathing heavily at the anticipation. He flicks my clit one, then again. This feeling sends electrical currents all the way to my toes. He places his mouth on the lips of my pussy and starts sucking on my clit like a baby sucking on a bottle. It felt so damn good I cried out “Good Lawd”. He continues licking my pussy and sucking on my clit for what seems like an eternity. He insert one, then two fingers and is fucking my with his fingers while he eats my pussy. I don’t think I can stand it much longer. I started seeing stars. I might have even blacked out for a second. “Damn that feels good”, I say. He finger fucks me and licks my pussy for a while. I cum on his hand and in his mouth two times. I tell him that I want to fuck him now.

He raises up. I tell him to lie on his back again. I straddle him and am now I’m facing him and look deep into his eyes, I reach between us and grab a hold of his cock and slowly place it inside my tight, warm, wet, waiting pussy. I am really wet at this time because of the anticipation of what is ahead. Inch by inch it goes deeper and deeper inside of me until all 9.5 inches of chocolate love have been devoured by my pussy. I moan as every inch goes in as this is the best feeling that I have had in a good long while. He says “damn baby, your pussy feels so good, so warm and damn it’s tight.” I smile. It takes everything in him not to cum right then and there. I slowly go up and down on his cock, squeezing with my pussy muscles every time I come back up. This makes both of us mean and cry out. He tells me that he is about to cum but I ignore him and keep riding him because it feels so damn good. My pussy tightens around his cock. I tell him that I cannot stop now because I am about to cum too. That’s all he needs to hear, he starts fucking me harder and harder, one thrush, two, three, and four and finally on the fifth one, we both yell out in unison that we are cumming. I can feel his hot cum flowing inside my pussy and that makes me cum even harder. The waves flow from his body to mine and back again. It felt like an eternity before our bodies stopped convulsing from the ultimate orgasm that we had just shared.

Sweating and exhausted we look at each other and smile. There are no words exchanged. I climb off of him. With our combined juices dripping from my expertly fucked pussy, I make my way back down to his semi hard cock and start licking our juices from it. This surprises him so his cock responds with a jump. I lick out combined juices from the head to the base and back again. I start my ascend back to where it all started. First his stomach then is chest and nipples, back to his neck, and then is ears. When I make it back to his mouth we kiss passionately like lovers who have been together for years. Exhausted and worn out, we fall asleep.

In the morning when he wakes, I am gone. I didn’t leave my name or number, the only reminder that he has of that night is the sweet smell of sex in the room, the memories of the hottest fuck of his life and a pair of purple, Frederick’s of Hollywood thongs with “Purple Butterfly” embroidered on the seam.

End of Story

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