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"So you really want me to pose for you?" you said. Light and
joking, but seemingly with a touch of nervousness.
"I'd love that." I said.
"It's just I've never done anything like that before."
"Well, I haven't either. I mean, sketched a real person, in the
flesh. I mean, yes, in an art class once, but not here, in my...
studio." I joked, looking around the living room.
"Well, it's nothing you haven't seen before. Uh...are you going
to keep the dr*pes open?"
"Well, the natural sunlight on your body would be nice. Don't
worry, I don't think any of the neighbors can see. Not in the
daytime. Probably." I smiled wickedly.
"So should I just...strip?" You were delightfully shy, despite all
the intimate things we'd done in the bedroom before (and the kitchen...
and the car...and that cemetery), you were suddenly all demure.
"Yes, please. Disrobe, madame." I said gallantly. "I'd ask you
to step behind this screen, but..." I turned. "Oh, I haven't got a
screen. Please, take your clothes off!" I said, in a joking but
commanding voice. I sat back, arms folded, a Cheshire cat grin on
my face.
Not in a striptease fashion, but dutifully, you unbuttoned your
white blouse, exposing a lacy white bra beneath. You removed the
shirt and put it over a chair. Then you kicked out of your shoes, and
reached down and peeled off your socks. They went on the chair too.
Finally, you undid your skirt, and peeled it off. Red panties.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"
I looked down at my crotch. I was already getting hard, my
erection poked at my jeans, making a tent. "Survey says...yes."
You reached for your bra. "Stop." I said. "Allow me."
I stood up, and walked to where you were standing. Took your
pretty face in my hands, looked into your eyes, and then kissed you
deeply on the lips. Your tongue darted into my mouth.
"I love you." I said.
"I bet you say that to all your models."
I started kissing over your chin, down your neck, between your
breasts. My hands cupped your breasts on the way down through your
bra. My mouth continued down over your flat tummy. I paused to toy
with your belly button for a minute, my hands holding onto your sides,
just above the hips. For a minute, I french kissed your navel like it
was your mouth, or your rosebud still covered further down. You sighed
and ran your fingers through my hair. "Are you checking for lint?"
you giggled.
I sank to my knees, and in the same motion, grasped your panties
on either side and whipped them down. You gasped; you weren't
expecting to be exposed so suddenly. You dutifully helped me, stepping
out of each leg in turn. I rose, and my fingers traced up your legs,
and then just ran lightly over your pussy. Your pubic hair, which had
been shaved (by me!), was growing back now, but you had a neatly
groomed triangle. My thumb just grazed your clit, almost intangibly,
just letting you know I hadn't forgotten it was there.
I stood, and hands on your delightfully bare shoulders, swiveled you
around. I undid your bra, and flung it and your panties to the chair.
The bra overshot and fell behind it. I kissed the back of your neck,
enjoying the scent of your hair. Then my mouth ran over your
shoulderblades, over the muscles of your back, down your backbone, to
the small of your back, which I kissed in the same manner I had your
belly button on the other side. Synchronicity. Then down over your
asscheeks. My hands rubbed circles around them, and my mouth traced
down your ass crack. I knelt again, and grasping your inner thighs,
pushed apart. You got the idea and widened your stance. I licked down
to your little puckered asshole, on my knees again.
"Don't try anything funny." I murmured. Then I tilted my head
backwards, like I was doing the limbo between your legs, licked that
delightful area between your asshole and your pussy, and continued on.
You looked down to see my eyes looking up at you. My mouth, out of
sight, licked your pussy. You tousled my hair. "Good work, houseboy."
you said. "If you keep this up, you're not going to get much sketching
done, I'm going to fuck your brains out right here on the living room
carpet." I grinned and scooted backwards through your legs, then
stood up. Almost prefunctorily, I kissed one nipple, my other hand
grasping the other breast, kneading it and squeezing your nipple. Then
I reversed sides. Finally I rose again and kissed your mouth again.
"I had to get a feel for the material." I took your hand and led
you over to the couch.
"Ooooh, you're such a tease!" you groaned.
"Good things come to she who waits. Now, be a good little
subject." I positioned you on the couch, and you docilely let me
guide your legs and arms, like a flesh mannequin. I positioned your
extremities at different angles, tilted your head to one side, stood
back, then gently grasping your head, made a slight adjustment.
I finalized you laying back, one knee bent, the other leg
straight out against it. At that angle just a hint of your stripe of
public hair could be seen, and your pussy was covered. You were tilted
back, breasts perkily exposed, one arm rested on the back of the couch,
the other on the side of the couch, the way one would sit in a bathtub.
Your eyes looked straight at me.
"There. Hold that pose."
"What if I have to go to the bathroom?"
"Tough. Hold still. And don't worry. I don't think the
neighbors could see you from here. Of course, that scene earlier might
have been interesting. Hey, what's that kid doing up in that tree with
the binoculars?"
You smiled, but refused to take the bait, didn't even swivel
your head.
I went to the kitchen, and dragged a chair into the center of the
room, then got my sketchpad and pencil. i sat down, and flipped to a
blank page.
"I can't believe you got me all worked up and now expect me to sit
stock still here." you complained.
"Silence!" I raised a thumb, doing the artist schtick, measuring
for perspective.
"I've got a place you could put that," you said with a seductive
smile. You moved your hand to scratch an itch at your side.
"If you keep moving, I'm going to do a sketch entitled, "portrait
of a beauty tied up completely immobile with scarves."
"Promises, promises."
"And I'll have to gag that pretty little mouth and tart tongue of
yours with something. A cloth. A ball. Or your panties. Or...
something nearer and dearer to me." I looked down meaningfully at the
woody proudly shaping my jeans.
You stuck your tongue out at me.
"Hey, don't point that thing at me unless you're prepared to
use it."
You stuck it out again, more suggestively this time. "Shouldn't
you be naked too?" you said innocently.
I continued to sketch. "Don't distract the artist at work."
"Some artist." you scoffed. "You haven't even cut off your ear
for me yet."
We continued in a sexy, companionable silence for a few minutes
now, as I got to work. My pencil did broad lines across the page.
"I feel like I'm on the TITANIC." you said.
"You're a lot more Kate Winslet than I'm Leonardo." I replied.
"But, if you play your cards right, I'll hit you with an icecube later
and then you can go down on something."
You stuck your tongue out again. "Hey, aren't I supposed to be
wearing a big jewel between my boobs?"
"Only if you have a rich asshole fiancee you haven't told me
about. Stop fidgeting!"
Silence for awhile, except for my pencil strokes.
"Am I boring you? Do you want the tv on or something?"
I said considerately.
"No, but some music would be nice."
I got up and fumbled through some CD's. "Celine Dion, Celine
Dion. Nope, don't have it. I put in a Beethoven CD instead.
"Oh, that's nice." you said.
"I was torn between that and ZZ TOP. 'She's got legs, she knows
how to use them'"
"Liar! You don't even have that CD!"
Silence again as I sketched, this time for another ten minutes.
You close your eyes and listen to the music.
You opened your eyes. "Houseboy. I'm thirsty."
I growled. "As you wish. " You started to get up. "No, stay put!" I
went to the kitchen. "Wine?"
"No, it'll make me sleepy sitting here, and I'll lose my poise. I
mean pose. Something with caffeine."
I brought the glass, tinkling with ice cubes. You started to
reach for it. "No, don't move" I said. I brought the glass to your
lips, and tilted carefully. You drank down greedily, swallowing
noisily, your throat pulsing to the swallows. You smiled. "This is
kind of nice, houseboy. Thank you."
When you were done, I fished one of the icecubes out. "Still
don't move" I ordered. I ran it over your forehead, down your nose,
to your lips. You opened your pretty little rosebud mouth and kissed
it. Then your eyes widened as I ran it over your nipples, then down
your belly, pushing it against your navel where I'd explored with my
tongue earlier. Then down one leg, where I traced your calve, a tiny
bit plump like a chicken drumstick, then followed as your leg tapered
off, delightful curves down to your ankle. I grasped your foot,
holding it immobile, and traced the icecube along the sole of your
foot, then your toes. You bit your lip and tried to stifle a giggle.
You were holding yourself rigid, immobile, straining with an effort not
to move. I traced the other foot. Then up your leg again. I put the
remaining sliver into my mouth and sucked on it until it melted. Then
I fished a fresh icecube out of the glass.
"Here comes the iceberg." With one hand I pushed on either side
of your pussy, spreading your lips. "Open wide." You continued to
hold your body tense, trying not to move. I put the icecube into your
pussy, then let go my spreading hand. The folds of your pussy, lewdly
opened, closed on the ice cube. You made a noise I can only describe
as a peep. "You know, they say that only 1/10th of an iceberg is
above the waterline."
You gritted your teeth. "You are so wicked."
I ran a finger along your pussy, where it clenched the cube. "Oh,
I'm sure at 98.6 degrees, it won't last long in there. In fact," I
traced along the outside of your pussy, "I think you might be a little
hotter in there. Feels like maybe you're running a fever."
You spoke in a staccato fashion, obviously trying not to react to
things happening down below. "!"
"I'm hoping to get mine right after this session." I grinned and
returned to my chair and the sketchbook.
It was delightful to watch you for the next few minutes, biting
your lip, scrunching up your eyes, but keeping yourself immobile
(I made a mental note to try this with a scoop of ice cream sometime,
in or on your pussy, and then I'd lick it out of you. Fast enough that
it didn't melt completely, slow enough not to get one of those ice
cream headaches. I hate those!). Finally, after a few minutes, you
relaxed. In fact, lay back with a look of relief, and a deep sigh. I
stood up, and walked over to inspect you. A sheen of water ran from
your pussy. I brushed it up with my fingertips, and brought it to my
lips. Water, with just the slightest hint of your inner taste. You
were looking really turned on, your eyes dilated, your face that subtle
change when I'm close to ringing your bell.
I rattled the cup of ice suggestively, and you shook your head.
"Please, no more!" I set the cup down and returned to my chair and
my sketch.
"You had better fuck me senseless after you finish that drawing"
you said.
"Count on it. Ooo, I love it when you talk dirty to me."
You grinned. You talked slowly, annunciated each word. "I am
going you to the carpet, and impale myself on your cock. I'm
going to ride it til you make me come. Then I'm going to push you
back and suck your prick like there's no tomorrow. Til you shoot a hot
load of cum in my hot little mouth. Then you're gonna eat my pussy til
I scream. Then you're gonna fuck me doggy style."
I'd gone from pleasant erection to serious wood. I continued to
sketch more feverishly. "Woof!" I said meaningfully.
Another ten minutes went by. "You had better finish up. I'm so
horny I'm about to come over there and jump you. Plus, uh, I'm
starting to have to feel the need to go to the bathroom."
"Hold that thought, almost done. Five more minutes"
You groaned. "Hurry!"
I continued sketching fast. Moments past. "Are we there yet?"
you said plaintively.
"One more minute...and then....some quick photos. In case I need
some detail for later revisions."
"Hey, you never said anything about photos." You considered
the idea.
"Don't worry, I'm not placing them on the internet. Just an
artist's aid. Well, I might wack off to them next time you're out of
town." I grinned. I grabbed the camera, and took a half dozen flash
photos. From different vantage points. You got into the spirit of
it, smiling seductively, flashing your eyes. Making love to the
camera. I played fashion photographer. "Yeah baby, that's great, oh,
give it to me!" Flash. Flash. Flash.
I smiled. "Hmmm, this gives me an idea for something else we
should do sometime."
"Are you done? Can I get up now?" you begged. I nodded, and you
were up in a flash, your delightful body zipping by in a blur as you
sprinted for the bathroom.
Ten minutes or so later you emerged, now demurely wrapped in a
towel. After exposing yourself to me for the last hour, I thought it
was cute you were being coy now.
You went and looked at the sketchbook. "This! This is what
took you an hour?! That's it?!"
"Hey, c'mon, this is just a rough first sketch!" I said
defensively. "And I'm learning. And you know I'm not great at faces.
Yet. Besides, it's so difficult to capture the beauty of your visage."
You smiled despite yourself. "But I've seen your other sketches.
"Yeah, but those are usually my second or third revision. Those
were done over several hours, painstakingly." I gestured at the
sketchbook. "This'll get better, wait and see." I felt like I was
defending my work before an art critic.
You must have seen my injured look. You smiled, and walking up to
me, wrapped your arms around me. I kissed you, and with little urging
the towel fell to the floor. You stood there, fully nude, clinging to
my body, which was still fully clothed. Your head rested on my
shoulder. I ran my nose through your hair. I looked up to glance out
the window, seeing if any neighbors were in sight. Seemingly not.
My arms around you, my hands played down your back and fondled
your ass, as you tilted your head up and our lips met, tongues dueling.
"What was that you wanted to do to me once we finished with
the sketch?"
You kissed along my jawline, to my ear, nibbled on my earlobe, and
then put your mouth close to my ear. "You'll see" you said through a
warm breath.
You sank down to your knees, on the carpet, urging me down with
you. Your eyes were shiny with unbridled lust. You fumbled for my
belt, and almost in the blink of an eye had opened my slacks, and
pulled my erection from my boxers. One hand fondled it, while another
started unbuttoning my shirt.
"What are you doing with your clothes still on. Lay back on the
carpet, houseboy!" you commanded.

End of Story

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