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Poem Rugged

'a sessy kiss to start the revellin of utmost passion.
'a beholding touch, yet this not the prevailing fashion.
The aggression felt steadfast as caress turns to grip.
Smooth hand sharply slips under your garments.
The pressure felt where i need
Palm cuffed titts, under bra, spread arms, feel pop of lace, you heed.
fabric shreads, breasts exposed, in 'a full bounce.
Immediate mouth to nipple pounce.
Attention paid to both with overpowering affection.
pull you in, them on my chest, brush your leg with Mister erection.
U grab on but, it's not yet your fuckin turn.
SMACK delivered every inch of you lovin the burn.
U touch again with compulsive feine & yurn.
I meet your hand with 'a clasp.
OOO that sexy gasp
grasp lock fingers spin u around.
arm bound
that great fuckin ass. behind u your face on the bed,
some would say OUCH! but u welcome what's fed.
Between your legs 'a soaking oasis of ecstasy.
Slide my fingers through. Your body callin for the best of me.
Thoughts lead desires of the way you inhale.
Your oral copulation makes it hard as possible. No fail.
Jump over your back, on the bed my seat taken.
Not an bit swayed are u and girl I'm not fakin.
Your arm still in my control. Other hand creeps through your hair.
'a solid fist made when I reach the back. grasp as to tear
it out of your head.
Your mouth open, drooling, craving to be fed.

:::2nd part to follow::::

Alan O. (AlannLori)

End of Story