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Pay to quit smoking

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My name is Judy and i'm married for 11 years. My husband Jim is a good lover but all was a basic kinda guy. I'm 35 and long brown hair , with a nice shape to my body. Well thats what i told. I was a above average smoker and tryed to quit many of times. So i decide i would try being hypnotize to quit. Jim laught at me and said it would never work. But i went and did it anyways.I felt it was worth the try. Well to JIm surpise, it did work for me. I havent smoke from that day. This kinda blew Jim mind, because i was such a heavy smoker. So he ask many of question about it and i tryed to answer them , but i told him i dont really remember much about it. I did notice he was checking out different things about it. but didnt think much of it.

About 3 months later, i was awaking by some talking. I soon realize it was a hypnotice tape playing. My hubby was trying to hypno me. First i start to laught at him, but caught myself in time. I decide to see where this lead too. So i waited to see what would happen. When the tape came near the end , Jim started to talk to me as if he had put me under. Hmm this is interesting lol. So then he telling me im deep deep asleep. After a bit he told me i had to do as he told me ( lol okay lol ) So then he told me to sit up in bed, so i decide to play along with this, and sat up. I think he was really surprise when i did. So he keep asking me to do small stuff and i did them like a trooper i was. Well he just knew i was under in in his control. so he got braver in his request. He told me to get up and take off my night gown, so i did, He just stare for a minute not know if he dare more. but then he ask me to lay back down and spread out on bed, so i did this. He was breathing pretty heavy but getting braver as this went along. then he told me to run my hands over my body. so i started to just run them slowly all over me. He was getting harder to breath on his part. then he told me to play with my titty, this suprise me because i never thought he would be into this. suprise my excide by this i start to play with them. My nipple got very hard and erect as i play.I could tell he was getting very excited by he then told me to slide one hand down and to play with myself.Buy now im getting hot over this. So i slide one hand down and slowly trace the out side lips. He got closer to watch. so then i slowly started to play with my clit and was getting pretty wet.So getting so horny now myself i start to slide and play a bit , then come back to the clit. i keep working both back and fort. By now i was so hot and wet i could hear wet sluppy sounds when i work my pussy.and so could he. Wasnt long and he couldnt take no more. So he start to tare off his clothes, He was quit excited and rock hard. He a 7" but looker bigger that night.that when he told me to quit and spread wide. he climb and and put it to me as fast as he could. then then started to fuck me like no tomorrow was coming.I never seen him so excited and wild. then he started to tell me to fuck i wrap my legs around him and started to fuck away, he seem to get more excide as we went.I was so turn on by the new Jim i was cumming in a short time. He was right behind me. He seem to cum twice his normal.It took alot out of him because after he cam he just collaspe on me, trying to catch his breath. I thnink he got a bit nervous about this. so he started to clean up a bit and told me to get dress. So i did. He told me to get in bed and cover up and i thought i was over. But just as a last thougth, he told me any time i heard him say HOT JUDY HOT, i would fall back deeply into the hypno spell that i was in now and i would do what he told me. Then i did hear him ask about trigger phrase before. this was what he was trying to set into me. then told me to go back to bed and sleep peace full and that i would not remember one thing that happen here. so i kinda laught to myself and went off to sleep. In the morning he act a bit nervous, but i acted as if nothen had happen. After a while i notice he had a big smile and in a very good mood, Dont know why lol MOre of this story to follow, if you like to hear it,

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