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Passions released

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The world awakened as the sun rose slowly over the distant horizon, cresting gently neath the bosom of clouds dancing cross the ocean of sky. The sounds echoed in the early chill of dawn rang close to those that bothered to listen, and fell heavy on the hearts of those who stood alone.

One such soul stood out amongst the usual pinning, danced wildly within the confines of her own dreams yet still no earthly flesh had she to touch. Each day she would cross the fields, choosing flower, watching the animals dance wildly with the swaying grasses only to wish to be as they, free. With each trek she ended at the a shimmering pool, surrounded by lush vegetation, and eclipsed only by her pure and untamed beauty.

Slowly kneeling upon the banks, dipping first a slender finger within the water to test its warmth, a chill crosses her lithe frame, ripples of dimpled flesh quickly race covering her completely. Like twin orbs of heavenly bliss heavy steadily against a cotton blouse, rose colored nipples tease begging for release, her hands move quickly to remove the garment teasing upwards. Moaning a low purr, of insatiable lust hands starving to quench a latent hunger growing within, exploring all parts here to for untouched. Clenching her breast tightly with her right hand, her left finding solace in the warm velvety folds, working slowly at first digits dancing upwards to the slow release of masked juices from within. Slowly her hips join in, dancing in a rhythm all her own, fingers finding the warming flow of liquids a tempting joy they delve into the welcoming opening that begs for release.

Lying upon the soft sandy shore of the pool, her gyrations, and moans eclipse the day?s sounds, laying waste to the sublime virtue that was the world around. The erotic screams carry quickly to the fields just south of her where a young man was working; for fear of danger his feet quickly carried him to her. Standing but a few yards from her, as his eyes befell the sight; a sensation overcame the young body, rippling as an earthquake sent from heaven it over comes.

The intensity of her motions, and ecstasy of her screams had drawn him, now it held him entranced, wanting more. Her glazed eyes now caught sight of the sculpted voyeur, as she slowly removed her fingers from their wet home, curling them slightly, beckoning him nearly hypnotically. Slowly the boy knelt, hands slowly caress well tanned flesh, as it glistens in the early morning sun, dancing to cup one breast, then another, leaning down to kiss each in turn. In a moment of pent frustration he draws her ever more near, racking his teeth gingerly along her arm, nibbling his way to her mouth.

The salty quench of her lips only furthers his ambition, yet hers was to overshadow his by a margin of inexplicable desire. Tearing his shirt to reveal a well-toned chest, covered by dark hair, hands? dancing quickly within the furry lining, nails raking to leave their path well detailed for many future returns. Crimsoned lips press neatly against his body, teasing the flesh, and tempting the soul.

Their eyes meet, the desire contained within each more than enough to ignite a forest of millions to but shards of charred earth.

Her hands now plying at the knot holding up his trousers, feverishly she tugs until finally they gain what she wishes, and unleashed the girth of his cock. Lithe fingers twine round its base, slowly working up and down, pressing up against his body with her own, driving him onto his back. Her lips divine the trail down his stomach, placing tender kisses all along the way until they meet the bulbous tip of his penis. Slowly she draws her tongue round the head, trailing it along its length, working all the while her hand, teasing forth the juices within.

Echoing throughout the valley can his decadent moans be heard, earth stained fingers clawing at her flesh, tugging gently at the flowing locks that dance from her head and envelope his waist. His body tenses, at the moment of quenched thirst, an eruption of pearl white explodes from the tip of his cock covering her chest, and neck. Yet without hesitation the boy presses her back, spreading her legs with his firm hands, delving with great interest into the folds each finger finds its home, leaning closer for the passionate kiss. Two fingers drive upwards into her warm, nearly drenched cunt, as his tongue laps the juices as they cover her welcoming clit, but moments pass as she is once more enveloped by passion. Ecstasy reigns supreme in the early hours, as her screams now send reverberations over every blade of grass for miles, even the trees weep with her joyous saliciousness.

As her moans slowly begin to subside, his cock now fully erect once more, his body slides up hers, the tip finding the hole as welcoming as his tongue before, he drives it deep within, letting it rest briefly. Drawing it out slowly, then with one powerful thrust it is returned, over and over again, his lips pressed to hers, their tongues now dancing as one entity. Their bodies entwined as roses leading to the waters edge, several minutes of heaving thrusts driving them both to the brink of utter madness followed. His hands drawing her ever near, the pulsating explosions of her hips begging more of each ram of flesh.

Quickly, he withdraws, guiding her hips over, placing her knees into the sand, sliding it into her again from behind, the shivering pulsations of the experience overcoming them both, as his hands grasp a tuft of her dark flowing locks, curling back her head slightly. The thrusts grow in intensity, and power, as they both reach the end, his warmth erupting into her, her juices flowing across his body. Until in the end both lay in a shambled heap, quivering neath the midday sun.

For hours they lay twined till the energy returned, for one more session at this, though for this story of erotic lust?I think that is enough sweat for one eve do you not agree?

The Thief of hearts??..Evermore.

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