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Part 1 The Carriage Ride

The evening starts out with a nice dinner in a
small quaint restaurant. We have a nice bottle of wine
with dinner and spend the evening talking. When dinner
is over I escort you outside to an open horse and
carriage that is waiting to take us on a carriage ride
through the city. A bouquet of red roses are on the
seat when you get in, along with a chilled bottle of
champagne. I pull out a large blanket to cover with
and keep the night air chill away. I pour us each a
glass of champagne and the carriage ride starts. We go
through the city looking at all the lights and people
drinking our champagne and laughing. As the ride
continues you lay your head on my shoulder and smell
your roses again. Then you look up at me, smile and
lean in to kiss me. We kiss gently but passionately.
You cover us up to the neck with the blanket and place
my hand on your breasts. I smile and begin to gently
massage them. I notice you don't have on a bra so I
slip my hand into your dress and begin massaging your
breasts. They are so soft and smooth in my hand and
your nipples are getting hard. I unbutton the front of
your dress and I lean down and kiss your nipples. You
hold my head gently against your breasts and moan
softly. Gently I kiss your breasts and neck then your
ears and face. I look into your eyes and kiss you
deeply on the lips. I raise the partition on the
carriage to give us a little more privacy and then I
sit you on my lap, facing me. I begin to kiss and suck
on your breasts while you hold my head and moan. I
take each nipple, in turn, into my mouth and gently
massage them with my tongue. This excites you and you
start to breathe in short quick gasps. I SLOWLY suck
one nipple deep into my mouth and "nurse on it ". Your
hands are pulling my head against your chest as you
begin to moan louder. I kiss my way back up to your
ear and I whisper " I want to make love to you.. right
now" You whisper back into my ear " Yes " I whisper" I
want to be inside you, I want to feel my cock inside
your hot, wet box" You moan "Yes I want to make love
to you too"
You reach down and unbuckle my belt, then you unhook
and unzip my pants. Reaching in you pull out my
already Hard cock and start to massage it . I reach
under your dress and pull your panties down to your
ankles. I slip them off and put them in my coat
pocket. " You won't be needing these for a while" I
whisper. You straddle me, placing my cock at into the
lips of your box and then SLOWLY you slide down onto
me. The head of my cock penetrates you and slips deep
inside you. Your hips move back and forth as you slip
farther and farther onto my cock. Deeper and Deeper I
penetrate you until I am fully inside you. You begin
to rock back and forth on me and as you look into my
eyes , you smile that beautiful smile I always love to
see. Then you close your eyes and begin to ride me. I
place my hands around your waist to support us and
start moving my hips in rhythm with your rocking. Your
head tilts back as we make Slow Passionate Love. Just
then it begins to mist on us. We tilt our heads back
and enjoy the cool soft rain on our faces. The rain
seems to excite you and you begin to speed up your
rocking. Your breathing is now quick and throaty as
your passion starts to rise. You lean into my neck and
using my shoulders for support you begin to pump up
and down on me. Each time you slide down on my cock
you moan into my ear. Faster and FASTER you begin
pumping Harder and HARDER you breath in my ear
Deeper and DEEPER I probe your sweet hot box. Your
body starts to shiver so I whisper" Are you cold?"
You shake your head No.. Unable to speak as your
passion rises in your body. The soft inner walls of
your box constrict around my cock as you PUSH down
onto me.. burying me DEEP inside you. I feel as the
Orgasm ripples through your body.. your box squeezing
my cock inside you. Wave after Wave of orgasm is
flowing through you. You hold me tightly as your
orgasm runs it's course. Then you collapse against my
chest as your breathing begins to return to normal. I
gently rub your face and whisper" Do you want to rest
awhile?" You kiss me and whisper back" Baby I am just
getting started" You bury my face into your breasts
and start riding me again. The Orgasm has made you
even wetter and even more excited than before. Up and
Down you slide on my cock. Back and forth you move
your hips. My cock sliding in and out of you while I
kiss and suck your breasts. I lean you back and
support your body, Then I hold your hips and start
moving you back and forth. Each time I pull you
towards me I bury my cock fully into your box.
Thrusting Harder and HARDER into you as the rain
continues to fall down on us. The rain has begun to
fall harder now and we are getting soaked to the skin.
But the wetter we get.. the more excited you become. I
pull you back up so I can lick the rain from your
breasts. The soft pink flesh of your breasts feels
good in my mouth. Your nipples are hard against my
tongue. I suck each of them greedily into my mouth and
taste your delicious flavor. My breathing is now
coming in short quick bursts as I feel my passion
rising inside me. I whisper into your ear" I am
cumming" You grip me tightly and begin pumping up and
down on me HARD Your thighs "slapping" against mine
as you begin to shiver again. I know you are also
ready to cum again, so I match your thrusts with my
own. We begin Thrusting in rhythm with each other as
the first wave of your orgasm ripples through you. I
feel your inner walls constrict around my cock again
so I THRUST myself Deep into you and release my Hot,
Sticky load deep inside you. The head of my cock
Throbs against the constricting walls of your box and
the orgasm is doubled Neither of us can speak.. We
can only moan in pleasure as our sexual ride winds
We rest for a while as the rain starts to slow down.
Soon it stops completely as if it realizes we were
finished and no longer required it's attention. We
kiss passionately as we lay in each others arms. The
driver , whom we forgot could probably hear
everything, alerts us that the ride is coming to and
end. He asks where we would like to be dropped off. I
tell him the name of a hotel in the area and he takes
us there as we get dressed. You ask for your panties
and I reply" You still won't be needing them for a
while.. I think I'll hold on to them for a little
longer" You smile and say ok. Just then we pull up in
front of our hotel.

End of Story