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Pappy’s slutty little angel

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Love letters between my 15 year g-daughter and her g-pappy aka pappy

A little back ground to help you understand this twisted relationship between a 55yr old sexy black woman and her 70+ white lover who she affectionately calls ?pappy?. she lives in the south west (since this is true no real names or locations will be used), raised in the north and never coming back to the northeastern cold climate in this life anyway. I live in central pa and really like the climate particularly after spending six months in southwest oven like climate. But we are in love for real and after 4 yrs we think it will continue. She?s developed this alter ego of being a 15 yr old girl who loves her ?pappy? in and out of bed. So just picking up with a thread we started, one of many, hope you can follow along and make sense of it. It makes sense to us. By way of digression It?s just about time to schedule a real time flight down to visit to remind her how good love pappy can make, not to the 15 yr old but the outrageously sexy, dancing in my face, beautiful black queen. College educated with a degree in physiology and an upper level position in a major city administration. She loves her pappy as the woman she is but gets her nuts off being my slutty babygirl.

(Part 1)

Pappy was talking to a guy at work today and he asked me how it was working out since my babygurl?s, Babs? mother, had me adopt Babs at 15 yrs old if I?d see she completed school and had a happier life than she could give her. I told him fine she?s been the best thing that ever happened to me. She?s the angel of my life. He gave me a sly look and winked, ya I?ll bet. I?ve have my niece who?s 14yrs. living with me since her mother, my sister, OD?d on coke and she?s a hot little fire cracker. Then he said, say, we could go down to an underground club just full of ?pappys? like you and me and she have a ball if you know what I mean. He stuffed the address in my shirt pocket and went on his way.

I started thinking I know things for my Babs are not always exciting and thought maybe she would enjoy being around other girls her age. They probably dance and maybe get some spiked punch to drink, talk about hot boys from their schools, maybe who they?d like to fuck or have fantasies about. Sure Babs needs that. She knows I love her dearly, more than anyone in the world and only want the best for her.

So Friday night I told her to get dressed up pappy was taking her out. She was so excited when she bent over to get her new high heels we bought I could see a wet spot in her little pink panties. Omg! She looked hot not a 15 yr old teenager but a woman. I had to turn around and relocate the big bulge she had given me just from looking at her. As we went to the inner city, it was getting pretty seedy looking. I was hoping we?d soon get there. And then there it was the sign with and arrow pointing down some stairs in bright pink it said Lolita?s. We saw other older men and there young Lolitas, so to speak, walking hand in hand toward the stairs, so we followed. We got a very approving look from a large older man who gave Babs a hug and said you look so beautiful and sexy tonight girly.

Upon entering there was a stage with colored flood lights and rows of tables in front with mainly couples like us. In the 1st rows there were about 20 older single men, 40 to 60 yrs old eyeing all the girls up almost licking there lips. I saw the guy from work, he waved, winked and showed off his niece. She looked hot too but not like my Babs. A tall well dressed older man walked on stage welcoming every body and saying we?re so glad to see all the beautiful lolitas here tonight, (there must have been 20 of them). As is the custom we have them walk one by one to the center stage and say there name and who they came with then pull up their skirt and take off their panties. After about 10 nice looking girls had been introduced my Babs walked to the center stage and the audience went silent, they were mesmerized by her beauty and sexual ness, her perfect woman legs and butt. After her followed the rest and she returned to our table all eyes following her as the others did there intros, which I think fell on deaf ears in a lot of cases.

The mc then announces that there would be a panty auction since the audience now had time to pick there favorites for the bidding. This was all, unbeknown to me, maybe not to most others. The girls all lined up on stage holding a card with a number. The high bidders would have the pleasure of the girl whose panties he bid on join him at his table. Babs and the guy from work?s niece got the highest bids, Babs being the highest. The bidding was pretty fierce sometimes, the bidders asking for the girls to pull up their skirts so they could get a look at their sexy shaved or fuzzy haired pussies. Finally a good looking older man about 50 won out for Babs. First carrying her panties she came over to me and asked if it was ok, she said she liked he was good looking and talked nice to her. I gave her a kiss and a pat on the butt and smiled approvingly.

After everyone got settled the lights got lowered and with a little music some danced or just talked and drank the punch. I learned later even the punch was spiked with a little Vodka which was not to detectable to the girls.?. Just enough to relax everybody?s inhibitions. Babs seemed to be enjoying her self. I noticed when they danced her man was caressing her ass then giving it a squeeze which brought a smile to her face. A few more drinks and dances and the girls were snuggling up to there bidders and starting to kiss and rub body parts. Watching Babs gave me a rod of steel as I saw her hand rubbing her man?s cock and then when they sat down, from my vantage point I could see under the table her hand opening his pants and his very respectable hard cock popped out. Watching her intently I could tell she was trying to hide her surprise and excitement but pappies know their baby girls. She looked over at me for approval and I smiled as she did back. I began to notice the lights getting dimmer but was in a place I could keep an eye on her. Then I noticed she had her head on his lap and his head was thrown back and I knew my little angel slut had found her target as she does with me and a man is under her full control till she sucks the last drops of cum from his cock. It was getting late and one thing the club had to do was clear out before the night police patrol came through. With the panty auction the girl?s got half and the club got half that gave Babs 1500.00 for an evening of fun and games. She rushed over to me showering me with hugs and kisses stuffed her cash in my pocket and whispered in my ear, I can?t wait for us to get home and have my pappy fuck me then suck and lick my pussy till I go to sleep

(Part 2 her reply)

Mmmm...Pappy...thank you for such a wonderful night! I was thinking that your buddy's niece was friendly and I'm sorry I didn?t get to be friendly to her. Maybe you and he could plan a slumber party and he brings her over so I could make up to her for being such a rude friend the other night. And, I'd like to hear how she liked the high bidder for her panties. When I looked over at her while I was sucking Ritchie?s cock she mouthed "Can I suck your pussy you little cock sucking cunt?" Just at that moment Ritchie started cumming and she started mouthing to me, swallow it like a big girl...yeah.... drink his creamy warm cum until you've sucked the last drop out of him. I told her time we'll share the reward and double the pleasure...he can watch one of us eat a hot young plump pussy - your lips are so pretty, pink & inviting like they are winking at me and smiling. I want to suck the nectar right out of you. I want to bury my face in your hot inviting red snatch and suck your clit until you cry out that I can eat it anytime I want to~

(part 3 my reply)

Well my slutty little angel, Randy, Susan?s uncle from work and I decided a slumber party for you two to get to know each other?s pussies better would be good. He dropped her off a little early so he could do an errand and I let you two use pappy?s big bed to set and talk . when I saw her sliding her hand under the cloth of your thin red thong and heard you moan as you put your hand down the back of her panties squeezing her butt cheeks I decided to let you two alone to be free to explore your hot wet little pusses and clits and maybe without me around you may feel free to lick up and down each others ass cracks and take a little lick on each others buds.

Well I could hear both you having a sucking good time when Randy walked in and said lets see how our baby teen sluts are doing. As we walked in I heard whispering and giggling and then you both holding hands turned toward us and said we want to be sucked by each other?s pappy?s while we suck each other?s pappy in a 69. Both you girls laid on your backs so we could easily slide our cocks down your throats while having a good view each of your pussies and clits to lick and suck.

We no sooner touched our cocks to your lips than you each grabbed the others pappy?s asses and pulled our cocks as deep into your hungry mouths far as you could go. Susan felt great and since it was different she sucked like a woman possessed. I looked back at you and you were doing the same to Susan?s pappy. I didn?t get to look for long when Susan wrapped her legs around your pappy?s head and pulled me tight into her twat thrusting for me to lick and suck her just as I had caught a glimmer of you doing to her uncle Randy a second before. You young cum sluts were ferociously sucking us and urging us on to keep licking and sucking and cum down your throats. Just as I was beginning to feel my balls tingling with boiling cum I felt this heavenly indescribable pleasure from a hand squeezing my balls and rolling them around up against my crotch. as I looked back what a sight to see Randy thrusting to release his flood of cum in your mouth as your tongue swirled around his cock as I watched his big knob bulging out your young slender throat as it travel down and down. Then I saw it was your young outstretched arm over to behind me squeezing my balls just as Susan?s uncle was cumming down your throat you were making me cum in Susan?s mouth as Randy had done for you. What better a pair of sluts could two pappies have ?luv you little darling, Babs?..pappy.


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