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Paradise...Lost, but not Gldngurl2

We had another 30 minutes before we landed ?.Paradise was awaiting our arrival?It had been too long a time since we got to share between ourselves, only what we knew how to share?.As I looked out the window, I was peering through the fluffy white clouds, and I could see the islands natural splendor?.A lush carpeted green blanket fell across the landscape?.dotted by pristine white sands around the edges?.Absolutely gorgeous??.I closed my blue eyes, and drifted into a sensual stupor?.imagining what laid before us?.My hand searched for yours?..and our fingers touched?..I could feel the excitement well up in you, just from this touch?.and I guided your fingers to my warm thighs...and you slid them under my skirt, to my soft, warm ,inviting golden mound?As you slid along the crease, you felt the dewiness building up inside of me?I looked at you, and smiled?..licked my lips??only you knew how to invoke these desires within me??you slid your fingers up to your lips and tasted me?.I watched as you savored this taste?knowing that this was only the beginning to our adventure in paradise...As we arrived, we were greeted by native women, dressed in traditional island garb?..they extended beautiful floral lei's to both of our necks?the aroma of these flowers was so very sensual?..The limousine was waiting for us, to bring us to our tropical hideaway nestled amongst the swaying palms, and the lush rainforest?.As we arrived, I noticed the privacy that we would enjoy this weekend ?The retreat I had chosen was very secluded?the only one on this side of the island?.The driver exited the limousine, and retrieved our bags, and you opened the door , slipped out, and stood at the door, inviting me to follow you?.Graciously, we thanked the driver as he deposited our bags inside the door way, and slowly closed the door?.I looked at you, and then at our surroundings?this would be magnificently romantic for you and I?.The room was large, no walls separating any part of our little slice of heaven? The floors were covered in luscious bamboo, and everything else was indicative of this tropical wonder?You walked over to the immense bed, surrounded by white, gauzy netting, and pulled back the netting, smiling and looking back at me? .new that you wanted me right then??without hesitation, I walked over to you, slipped my hands around your neck, and looked deeply into your eyes?..They were reflections of me, pools of deep blue water?..and I leaned forward, and parted your lips with my tongue, and tasted your sweetness?.My fingers slowly undid the buttons on your shirt, and slipped it off your shoulders??God, I loved the way your body looked?.But, I had plans for this moment, and stepped forward, and whispered into your ear, "come with me, I have something I want to show you." But first, let me shed some of these clothes, we won't be needing them? I unzipped my skirt, and undid the buttons on my blouse, watching you watch me?.Your smile intoxicated me?.and I took you by your hand, and walked outside to the edge of the sand that led deep into the rainforest? As we walked amongst the lush ferns and tropical flowers, the scents were rich in gardenia and fresh earth?the canopy of palms danced beside us?while we walked down this path of sensuality? we arrived at our destination?.A beautiful waterfall cascading into a large pool of water, surrounded by deep green vegetation?And deep magenta flowers , surrounding the edge of the water? I saw a perfect spot of soft grass, and led you to it?.As I turned to you, I took your face into both of my hands, and kissed you across your forehead, down your cheek to the hollow of your neck, and lazily ran my warm, soft tongue down your chest and belly, reaching your increasing manhood?.I slipped to my knees, and lowered your shorts to the ground, and you stepped out of them.. I leaned forward, and took you into my mouth, and hungrily took you into my mouth, sliding my hands to the base of your cock, stroking back and forth, following the path my tongue had taken?.I heard you moan in excitement, and tasted your pre-cum forming at the rim of this wonderful cock?.I loved the smoothness of the head as it slipped between my lips?and felt you shudder?As I slid you out of my mouth, I placed you between my breasts, and enveloped you with them?. caressing my nipples as you slid back and forth?. the dampness of our skin mingling with the scents of our passion?I saw the muscles of your stomach rippling as you slid back and forth, and the tightness of your ass flexing as you did this? I knew I had to feel you inside of me soon?so?.I lowered you down to me?..and laid you back?.and you watched me slip 2 fingers inside, and bring myself to total arousal?.My body was totally wet with anticipation, and I kneeled over your lips, as you slipped your tongue round and round my clit and sent spasms of sheer joy thru my body?I rocked back and forth with every stroke, and you placed your fingers inside me?dragging the wetness back and forth from the well to my clit?..I pinched my nipples and brought them to the height of pleasure? I was ready for you, for everything you had to give me?.I turned around, facing the waterfall, and you slipped your hands around my waist, and slowly inched my way onto you?your hands gripped me tighter, and I rode you in long strokes?making sure I got every inch of you?I could feel you increase in tempo, and the friction between us was warm and slippery?.As you thrust your hips faster and faster, you pulled me down to meet your throbbing cock?. I could feel the moisture start to roll down between my breasts, and pool at where we were joined?.immediately, I started to shudder, and felt the sensation start in the pit of my stomach and travel down to my pussy?.our moans were in unison, and I knew we would both cum very soon?I cried out your name, and tears of joy spilled down my cheeks as you continued to thrust your hips, and cum in unison with me?.I arched my back, and the final explosion inside of me sent floods of passion down onto your cock?.slowing down?..and finally stopping?.our breathing, labored, and convulsive?.I slipped off of you,stood up, and turned to you?taking you by the hand, and leading you down into the pool of water?into Paradise?.not forgotten?..


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