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Pa Turnpike

I am married with two kids, I love my wife and have had all types of sex with my wife from wild to group. I still can't get an old girlfreind out of my head and inparticular
a rainy night drive down the PA Turnpike.
Let me tell you this girlfreind was 5'6 Strawberry blonde and a very tight body. In those days I prided myself on getting women to do wild things but this one always found a way to get me hotter then her. So the story goes we are driving to Philly to visit some friends. It was a downpour outside and I could barely see the road. As usual I was trying to turn Suz on. So I slide my hand down her inner thigh slowly working my middle finger into what I found to be a very wet pussy. Suz throws the seat back and unbottons her pants.As I am working her wet mound she reaches over and starts rubbing my cock through my jeans. Before I know it she has unbottoned my jeans and pulled my pants down around my knees. The more I rub her clit the more she start rubbing my cock. Now mind you I can barely see out the window because of the heavy rain. Suz then leins over and starts sucking on my 8 inches. I begin to slide my hand over her sweet ass and back into her pussy. the more I rub the more she moans all over my cock. The moan is making me crazy.I start alternating my finger from her pussy to her ass hole. She starting to buck and go into an insane orgasm.At this point I couldn't handle it any more, I pull the car over on the side of the turnpike in the middle of a downpour, got out of the car walked around to the other side pulled Suz out the car mostly naked. I then threw her on the hood of the car with hundreds of headlight beaming on us I spread her legs and began to eat her pussy like ther was no tommorrow. The intensity from the rain and the head light made her come 3 times before I rolled her over and pushed my bulging cock into her pussy. Suz face down on the hood of my car I took no time to explode inside her. I collapsed on her.
This is a picture that I will always have in my head. I wish it could be repeated but it's hard to go back.
This is one of many adventure I had with Suz. Maybe I will write more.

End of Story