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Out of the Misterotic story (explicit)

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Out of the Mist……..

The harvest moon floats just above the treetops as shrouds of thick mist danced eerily like ghosts undulating slowly across the glassy lake surface. From the path I could see the dark shape of the dock that disappears into the fog. I can barely make out the boat tethered to the dock but I could hear it softly bump, bump, as it rocked gently on the quiet water.

Staying to the shadows I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I knew he would be here tonight. He always is, almost like clockwork. He just appears out of thin air, as ghostly as the mist. I think he’s not real but I can’t be sure.

I first encountered him a month ago as I slipped through the trees and down the path to the dock. Like a she-wolf, I roam at night when all is still and shadows holds mysteries and danger lurks at every turn. This is who I am. A creature of the night, drawn to the woods and ancient paths that wind and intertwine and dip down to the lakes edge and up again to disappear into the thick forest. Then one night he was there, appearing out of nowhere and I thought my sudden intake of breath gave me away. Yet he never turned my direction nor gave any indication that he knew he wasn’t alone.

He was so ethereal, so perfectly formed yet he always seemed surrounded by a light mist and bathed in moonlight whether there was a moon or not. His shoulders were massive and he had the arms of a weight lifter. His back and stomach rippled with muscles that narrowed down to lean hips and stunningly defined buttocks. His legs bulged with muscles like a marathon runner. Even in the moonlight I could discern an evenly tanned body that glowed like rich copper.

His face was like a god…strong chin, perfect nose and cheekbones and deep set eyes. He once turned in my direction and their blackness seared my very soul. Like coal they held a glint that sparked menace and magic and triggered a chill to rush down my spine and explode in a wave of heat between my legs. His hair was shoulder length, a dark thick shock of waves and soft curls. His only article of clothing I assumed was bathing trunks but they looked more like a loin clothe that barely concealed an enormous bulge.

Suddenly he’s there! Just there out of nowhere! But tonight his stance seems different as though he’s wary, alert and suspicious. I feel the puff of a sudden soft breeze on the back of my neck that startles me and a gasp escapes my lips. As he turns my direction I duck behind a tree, my knees shaking and a rush of fear fills my ears with a roar.

I wait holding my breath to hear his footsteps or his breathing…any indication that he is looking for me. Time stands still as fear threatens to envelope me and suck the strength from my legs. Silence draws out endlessly then feeling safe once again I peer around the tree trunk and he’s gone…just gone.

As the blood begins once again to circulate to my brain, I shake the fear off and scan the area for his presence. He’s gone and leaves me to wonder if he was ever there in the first place. Shaking loose my tense muscles I step onto the path once again to head to the dock. Warily I pause at the edge of the tree line to check one more time.

Suddenly my spine stiffens with premonition and I whirl around and there he is, not three feet from me. His eyes look dark and angry, his muscles tense and strained. I take a step backwards clutching my thin robe around me to hide my nakedness beneath as he moves slowly and deliberately in my direction.

I should have known better than to wear nothing but my robe when I go walking but the nights are so warm and humid and I feel such a freedom with nothing touching my skin except the feel of silky material caressing me.

Now I draw it tight against me and consider my options as he approaches me closer and closer. I toy with turning and running but I know I can’t run in sandals…besides with those muscled legs of his he’d catch me quickly. So I stand my ground, willing my legs to keep me upright.

He stops in front of me, nearly against me. He’s taller than I thought and I force myself to look up at him. His black eyes are hard and snap with anger. Instinct tells me not to look away and although I flinch I refuse to be stared down.

Our eyes are locked for perhaps a full minute then his eyes softened like he’d had a pleasant thought and a little smile curled his lips. Then those eyes darkened once again, not with anger this time but with raw desire and I could no longer hold my gaze as I dropped my head and waited to be taken by force.

With my head down I could see now that indeed, he was wearing a loin clothe and it no longer hid him as his manhood was now evident…magnificent and throbbing. In spite of my fear I felt a burst of heat in my belly and the resulting warmth oozing from me and trickling to escape as my pussy muscles pulsed in response to my mental orgasm.

My whole body shook as he reached out to pull my arms loose from holding my robe tight. Reaching up, he lifted my robe from my shoulders and let it drop to the ground. My fear turned to wanton lust, to a degree I’d never felt before. I felt like a she-wolf, a wolf bitch in heat!

He circled behind me as I closed my eyes and held my breath…I wanted to be taken and taken NOW…hard and fast and locked together in raw sexual heat. From behind me he pushed my long hair aside tipping my head down and began nuzzling my neck with his lips then his tongue. Suddenly he pressed against me hard and bit my neck, hard enough to bring that pleasure/pain feeling but not to injure.

I could feel his hard cock pumping against my ass looking for my pussy. I was so wet that it slipped between my legs to just tease back and forth, so big and long that it rubbed against my clit like one big magic finger. I exploded in flames, howling out like the she-bitch that I am; now a wild creature of the night, abandoning all pretenses, locked in mating with this magnificent creature whose teeth held me to him gently but with power…painful yet stimulating.

My knees buckle as he releases his teeth from my neck and I fall to the ground on my knees. I feel his body over mine but I’m not prepared for the thrust as he enters me. The pain! Oh gaud I’m not built for this as I cry out and struggle to get away! He withdraws stands and picks me up and walks toward the lake….

I thought for sure when we reached the water that his face would be the last thing I saw as he held me under. Instead he held me tight and walked into the water until its coolness touched my ass. We were close to the dock with its post and cross braces.

Letting go of my legs, they slipped under water and he quickly guided them around his waist. Prying my arms from around his neck, he gently laid me back to float in the water and indicated he wanted me to reach up and hang onto a cross brace.

Doing so, he grasped my legs under the water and leveled me to his hard cock. Then using his fingers he slowly rubbed my clit until I began to relax and respond. He spoke for the first time…”Yes baby, just relax…let it go, just let it go….” I could feel the giddiness begin deep in my clit and build and recede…build and recede, each time closer to the surface.

Lifting my body out of the water he bent forward to suck me and flutter his tongue on my clit that was swollen with passion. Now that giddiness became full blow, reached the surface and exploded as my legs went stiff and I was frozen in orgasm as my inner muscles took control and I began to thrash about wildly. I lost my grip on the cross brace but he held me above water like I was a feather.

Guiding my hands to the cross brace I grabbed hold as his hands once again went between my legs and gently began to manipulate and stretch my pussy. I laid still and felt the passion and throbbing begin to shift awaiting a different kind of orgasm.

This time his penetration was slow and deliberate. Surrounded with water and weightlessness the rocking motion brought sensuous caresses, lapping at my nipples and across my belly. Feeling me relax he took two more strokes deeper and deeper then he drove it home!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!...was the only thing that burst forth from my lips followed by a primordial wailing that echoed across the lake’s surface and lost itself in the dense mist.

He reached out his hand and I took it as he pulled me upright to wrap my arms around his neck. Now he took me by the waist and guided me up and down on his hard cock…long, slow strokes and I shivered in ecstasy. I leaned back to look at that handsome face and this time when our eyes met, his glowed with passion. Now I wanted kisses so I covered his mouth with mine and our tongues met as our bodies kept a steady rhythm.

Suddenly he pulled back, withdrew from my pussy and turned us so he could lay back and hang onto the cross braces. Now it was his turn to be devoured. I knew I couldn’t take all of him in my mouth but I knew I could get most of him down my throat. I began teasingly…tongue licking and caressing that magnificent swollen head. Then I took it in my mouth and began a sucking rhythm, each time taking in more and more of him.

As he began to moan I released him from my mouth and replaced it with his balls…licking and sucking them as I reached around those hard buttocks, spread them to use my fingers to heighten his pleasure. Briefly I raised his ass out of the water to replace my fingers with my tongue. Then I moved quickly back to his cock and took it as far down my throat as I could, fully expecting him to erupt in violent waves.

Instead he jerked away, grabbed me and carried me to shallow water and laid me on the soft sandy bottom. Getting on his knees he took my legs and folded them back over my head and guided his throbbing cock deep inside me. Now his pumping was hard and fast. We both sounded like wild animals as we growled and wailed. My multiple orgasms came back to back….wave after wave but I needed the big one…that one that is blinding hot when cum pumps out of a man and hits my insides like hot honey.

Then I heard it. It began deep in his belly as a low moan and began to build and I knew he was close. I took my breast in my hands and began pinching and kneading my nipples and when he saw this he threw his head back and let out a guttural howling as he throbbed his hot cum into me until it overflowed and ran warm into the lake water.

He stretched out beside me and we just let the lake lap lazily over us. I closed my eyes exhausted and content….drifting…drifting…

Suddenly I was aware of sunlight and I struggled to get my bearings. Opening my eyes I was startled to see the ceiling overhead. I was in my own bed and the sun was shining bright through my windows. Rolling over I became aware of the wetness beneath my ass. Looking down I was naked and my body was wet with sweat and between my legs was pooled the results of many orgasms.

Laying back I remembered everything…gaud was it really all just a dream??? It was so fucking real...HE was real. Slipping from my bed I headed for the shower….damn my muscles were sore! Feeling something strange under my feet I bent down and traced my finger through fine sand and from under the edge of the bed I pulled something I didn’t recognize. Holding it up….OMG YES!! His loin clothe…tonight I’ll be waiting on him and I don’t care if he’s real or not. We will howl together with the lust of a wolf bitch and her mate.


Blbadgley 03/01/08

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