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Our First Meeting

We decided to meet at a motel. You call me and tell me where to meet you at and the room number. I arrive at the room not much light just some candles very few. I go to the bathroom and change into a little nighty for you. You instructed me to lay down on the bed down towards the edge of the bed i lay back u want to explore my pussy u dr*pe the sheet across me so i cant see what u are using on me u start with ur fingers in and out of me telling me to cum and when i do you reach down and lick me then u but something in me i dont know what it is opening me up and telling me to cum while u start fingering my ass by then ur cock is ready to explode you pull ur cock out and cum all over my tits then u fill my pussy and ass up at the same time with things u bought to play with me with while i am sucking on your cock now u have all of me filled up u feel like ur gonna explode again so u pull out of my mouth and put ur cock in my ass till u cum all up in me u lay down i start to suck your cock again then i start to ride it i turn around so u can play with my ass while i am riding your cock u tell me that ur gonna cum i pull ur cock out of my pussy and suck u off then u spread my legs wide open and say u really want to open me up now as u start seeing how many of ur fingers u can get in me while ur trying to open me up u start telling me how u would like to see me get licked by a your best friend and maybe even fucked by one and i tell u that if u can get 4 of ur fingers in me i will let u getyour best friend and use on me with saying that u get almost ur whole hand up in me making me cum and cum squirting cum all over u you pull ur fingers out and start fucking me all over again

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