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Our Hedo 3 vacation

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Hey Mon...LOL

Wow what a vacation we had. Please allow us to re account our trip to Hedo 3 in Jamaica for you wonderful people of Adult Friend Finder. It was truly a magical time we had, and nothing like we have ever experienced on a vacation before.

Here is our story. all names have been left out to protect the guilt..LMAO!!

There is no need for me to go into details about the resort, Jamaica itself because obviously every one of those things speak for themselves. The resort was gorgeous, the beach was gorgeous and the people were gorgeous..However if you do want specific details on the resort, send a message to kurious2694, and my wife will be happy to give you any info that you may want to know about the resort itself..

however the only bitch we have, is that the resort always seemed to run out of beach towels..LOL

When we did start our adventures, we started on what was called the prude side. This was the side where everyone had their clothes, and bath suits on. and its funny, because we never could figure out when we got there initially why this side was mostly deserted. The beach area was gorgeous and this is where everyone should be, or so we thought..hehe

We then were given some very good advice from another couple on where to proceed if we really wanted to have a blast, so heeding their advice, we quickly found ourselves on the Au Natural ( the nude side for you rookies..LOL ) side of the resort.

People we got to tell you, we will never be able to go to a beach and wear a bathing suit ever again..LOL We spent 5 out of our 6 days totally naked, and we are so very happy that we did..LOL

Once you have roamed around naked, you will never feel more liberated and free in your whole life. even though my wife and I are a lifestyle couple, we never were very comfortable being naked in public, you know like at a swingers club or something like that. well we can say that, we definitely don't have that issue anymore..LOL

We stayed naked for our entire trip. and the thing that we found out very quickly is, you really can sunburn your private areas if you don't use sunblock 50...LOL

Oh..And for those of you out there, who may feel a little self conscience about you body. trust me when I say it doesn't matter if you have 6 pack Ab's, or a beer gut or if your cock is 3,6 or 9 inch's long, or if you had big tits, or small tits, a tiny waist line, scar's or anything else.

Everyone was treated with respect and courtesy on the nude side. nobody cared or stared or made a big deal out of anyones physical attributes at all.

It truly was just about being naked and enjoying the sun. and if anyone did make rude comments we never heard any of them.

But let me get to the lifestyle action, and again this is just our experience and our opinion on things and what happened. Everyones experience at Hedo, I am sure is going to spin a different tale. but here is our story..

We met a nice couple right off the bat while checking in. they were part of a larger swingers group that was coming in to the resort in a day or two. Now remember this group, there name was the "Wild Bunch" because I am going to talk in depth about them later on...hehe

Over all, Everyone we did meet, was very friendly, and always spoke, or said Good morning. Rarely did someone pass by you and not at least smile. it was truly a paradise by all accounts.

As for the sex if you will.

there wasn't alot of swinging going on in public that we saw, However we definitely made it known that we were available for any extra curricular activity...LOL

But the one thing we did notice was, that most every women there had fake tits..

And don't get us wrong, those fake tits looked gorgeous on who they were attached to, but it seemed like some people at Hedo 3 were more dedicated to having the "Hey look at me, and my gorgeous body" attitude then actually trying to meet or hook up, or even just socialize.

But to each is own, and we still always found good people to chat with and always had a blast no matter what. I mean this was Jamaica after all..

And if there was any action going on like I said it was more of a keep to your own partner thing. or least in public it was. and when playing did occur, it seemed that girl/girl action was the preferred method of play. no shock there, but what we noticed about the girls that did play with each other was, they never did anymore then just kiss each other, and maybe play with a breast or two..hehe.

Now maybe in private they did more, but you would think if they were trying to show off, which they did appear to be trying to do, they would have done alot more in public then just kiss and fondle each others breasts.

And the nude side where all of the fun and action occurred at, did have a rule you were suppose to adhere to.

However this rule was never really followed by the guests or enforced by the staff anyways, and the rule was nothing sexual was to happen in public before 6pm.

So my wife and I took full advantage of making sure everything did go after 6pm..LOL

But like I said if you really wanted to get freaky, no one really said anything if you did get freaky before 6pm.

Ok..I mentioned a swingers group earlier in this blog. The "Wild Bunch" as they were called. well we are sorry to report that the Wild Bunch should have been called the rude bunch instead.

never have we encountered a click so biased toward everyone not in their group it was to the point of being ridiculously. I would have been ashamed to be part of a group like that.

and not all the members were rude or stuck up. but it seemed as if the majority of their group members were very unapproachable. it seemed even if you did say hi, they wouldn't always acknowledge you.

and we were told by a spy in the group..LOL that if they did mingle outside the group that, that could be grounds for dismissal from the group..WTF!!!

It seems they even tell you who to socialize with..Oh boy..

And the really nice looking people of that group would socialize with the other nice looking people of the group, and of course we understand that the beautiful people always flock to their own kind, but these people didn't seem to even pay attention to the non beautiful people of their own group...LOL

Again it was by far the worse click of people we have ever ran across.

Oh and remember that nice couple we met from this group when we first arrived. well it seemed, they were kind enough to chat with us if the rest of their group wasn't around. but if their group appeared, we may as well have been invisible. Sad and pathetic they acted this way, but none the less its true.

But we do have to say this, that going with a group of people to Hedo, especially if you were looking for lifestyle type encounters is definitely the way to go.

but definitely not as a member of that group. there are much better lifestyle groups to travel with, or so we were told.

And, We did hook up with a fantastic Latino couple, and that made for one Hell of an evening. the 4 of us, got it on quite nicely right there at the hot tub and my wife and the woman of that couple, made quite the show just the two of them. I promise you, that kissing was not the only thing to observe when those two went at it. I felt very proud of my wife, she had this women up on the edge of the hot tub, legs spread wide and licked her like a champ..LOL And of course the Latino woman returned the favor in kind to my wife.

It was hard to not stare at those two beautiful women going at it, in fact my wife and this woman was the inspiration for numerous others to par-take of their own encounters in the hot tub as well.

So next thing we knew the hot tub was a buzz with people swinging and swapping and you name it.

So mad props to my wife and that beautiful Latino woman for memories I will always look back on with a smile..LOL

So who needed a group right..LOL

And last but not least how can we forget everyones favorite topic of discussion, the single males..LMAO!!

Yes Hedo 3 had plenty of single guys for the taking. And all the single guys for the most part never bothered anyone that we know of, nor did they ever become rude or obnoxious. All the single guys we chatted with were very respectful and very well mannered.

But....You know that there has got to be at least a couple single guys who had to act up a little..LMAO!!

and one particular gentleman reached a new depth of perversion with his antic's. It seems while my wife and I were deeply engrossed in our sexual activity on the beach, a single guy decided that our action was so hot that he needed to masturbate while watching us..ROFL MAO!!!!!

my wife didn't tell me this was happening, as my back was to the guy, but I now know why she really put out maximum effort while we were having sex. not that she doesn't always, but this time she pulled out all the stop's and really gave this guy something to masterbate to.

And I guess this guy must have done this to other couples as well, because next thing we knew he had security all around him, and he was quietly asked to leave the beach area...LOL

And another single guy felt the need to pester my wife and the Latino woman while they were trying to get it on in the hot tub. He kept asking them "Does it feel good" or "God you guys look hot" I know he probably didn't mean to be a pest, but I had to finally ask him to back away because he was starting to get a little to close to the action and I didn't know if he was thinking of trying to join in..:D

But Over all though we have to say this. we would return to Hedo 3 any and every chance we could. everything about our trip was positive, and very fulfilling.

we never had so much fun on a vacation, and can't imagine ever vacationing anywhere else but in Jamaica and at Hedo 3.

We highly recommend to any one who hasn't had this experience, to give it a whirl. You will not be disappointed.

but remember if you do make the trek to Hedo 3, do not go there expecting anything to happen lifestyle wise. Not everyone there is a swinger, and some who are there like to just be exhibitionists, or to just roam around naked and don't want sexual interaction with anyone but their own partner etc etc etc.

bottom line, everyone is looking for something but it may not be what you are looking for.

So instead, just focus on the sun and sand, and not the lifestyle and you will have a blast....This we can promise you..

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