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Orgasmic Times at Cowboys House

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To the love of my life lets make this a reality and soon please..To my Cowboyx0..

I slowly begin to walk upstairs to your bedroom..You are asleep and not aware that I was coming over..Your door is slightly ajar and I am able to slip in undetected. You look so peaceful laying on your blankets. Your hair is tousled and your arm and leg are resting slightly on a large pillow..You are sleeping totally nude..I lick my lips in anticipation. I slowly kneel down on the floor where your back is turned to me and lightly run my fingers down your back slightly disturbing your peaceful slumber. You roll over onto your back still in a deep sleep, exactly the position I wanted you in. I slowly begin removing silk scarves from the bag of tricks that I brought along and carefully begin tying your arms and legs to the bedposts. My eyes slowly run up and down your body bathed only in the moonlight taking in every detail.I long to run my tongue down the length of your body but it is not yet time. I begin to feel wetness begin to seep from between my legs, I am completely aroused and want nothing more than to climb on top of your perfect body and sink your cock into my hot wetness..I turn away and begin to light scented candles all around the begin to stir and awaken staring at me with bewilderment and surpise when you realize I am here and you have been restrained...You call to me and I walk over to the bed..I straddle you although I am completely clothed..I softly touch my lips to smile your sexy smile and say sweetie what are you up to? My answer of course is that you will soon find out.I begin to massage your chest and arms with almond scented oil you are aroused and unable to touch me due to your restraints. I begin to softly kiss yor neck and chest licking your skin lightly with my tongue. My hands slowly work down your abdomen your cock begins to twitch as if begging me to touch it..My eyes feast on your hardened cock. I am so wet now that I feel wetness seeping between my pussy lips onto my panties..My clit begins to throb begging for release...I get up from the bed and remove my clothes. Soon my naked body is glistening in the soft candlight that has bathed the room in its warm glow. My plans of torturing you have someone have backfired the more I have tried to drive you wild with wanting, the more I have done the same to myself. I look at you with passion all over my face, my gaze smoldering a path of heat down your body. The wetness between my legs feels like molten lava. I cant take this anymore and I straddle you in a sixy nine position taking your hard cock into my mouth and grinding my aching pussy on your face..You lap my juices with eagerness and quickly bring me to the peak I desperately desired.I feel my body go into an orgasmic spasm as waves of pleasure wash over my body. This is not the way my plan was to unfold..I turn to look at you and you look very pleased with yourself.I am disappointed for not being more in control of my body..I am so determined to bring you to the brink of desire..I once again begin rubbing oil onto you this time working my way up your legs..I am careful not to touch your hardened cock..I then begin running my tongue from the top of your thighs to your testicles, you groan with pleasure. I take my long fingernails and begin running them up your thighs to your pelvic juntion..the torturous look on your face is exquisite..I decide to give you what you have been begging for I grasp your cock tightly with my right hand and slide my hand up and down your hardened shaft and begin to lick the head of your now throbbing cock. I place an ice cube in my mouth and you gasp with pleasure.I next place a mint in my mouth and then take your cock in my mouth burying it to the hilt..I then blow lightly and you feel an icy coolness that is unlike anything you have I decide to experiment with heat and pour some candlewax on your stomach.. you gasp aloud in surprise as the heat hits you. I am curious about the sensation myself and you watch as I pour the candle wax on my right breast. The sensation is a bit strange and I decide it is definitely something to look into at a later time.I stop what I am doing and quickly untie you, instantly you reach for me but I step away. I again take your cock in my mouth, you do not protest you grasp my hair and begin to pump your cock wildly into my mouth almost choking me. You pull me on top of you in one fluid moment sinking your arousal into my heated core...You grasp my hips and begin to move with reckless abandon punishing me for the sweet torture I have inflicted..You roll me over pinning my arms by my sides and enter me again with a quick hard thrust. I scream with pleasure. You take a wooden paddle from the top of your head board and begin lightly smacking my bottom..Soon the spanking begins to intensify and my ass feels warm from the punishment.You continue to thrust each one bringing me closer to the edge.. You again roll me over and you throw my legs over your shoulder your thrusts become more brutal I feel my orgasm crescendo and peak..I scream out aloud ..You stop your thrusting worrying that you may have hurt me..You tenderly kiss my lips and neck. You begin to move slowly in and out in a steady rhythm..You take my breasts in your hand and bring my nipples to hardened peaks..They feel heavy and full you take my nipples first one and then the other into your mouth suckling skin breaks out in a fine sheen of perspiraton and my blood feels like it is boiling in my veins. I feel my body quickly reach another orgasm and as my body spasms around your hardened and now exhausted cock you release your seed deep inside my womb..exhausted you slump on top of me rolling over to place my head on your chest, and you begin to run your fingers through my long hair and softly carress my back..we both fall asleep sated in blissful release....

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