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Oral Annie , The X, Comments On My Sex

I'll tell you what drives me absolutely, wildly, helplessly insane: after licking and sucking my clit to the point of 1-10 or more mind-twisting orgasms - whatever he decides - then my lover finally chooses to fuck me deep, with that beautiful cock of his and gets on top of me, he places his hands on my shoulders for leverage, he's looking straight into my eyes, my knees are bent, almost to my shoulders so I can take in as much of his cock as possible. With that 7.5-8" length and OMG ...7" circumference, he's thrusting, ever so firmly and slowly, but when I start cumming deep - he slows the pace down, even further. This is the precise moment when you would think that thrusting harder, would be the thing to do but OMG, he does just the opposite. He thrusts more gently, slightly, and excruciatingly slowly. I have the deepest, hardest orgasms, when he does this, and my pussy contracts over and over, as I feel his head pull back and forth, slightly, deliberately, and even more and more slowly.

At this point, I'm cumming, whimpering, moaning, swearing, and throwing my head back in endorphin overload. And all while this is happening, he teases me, asking, "Do you like how I do that to you, Baby? Huh? Huh? Do you love my big, fat cock, Baby? Isn't that what you've been dying for, all this time? Do you just need to get that orgasm out of your system? Come on, Baby, cum. Cum. Oh yeah, that's a good girl . Cum all over that cock. Lemme feel you cum. Goooood girl. Do it again. Mmmm. Good girl. Use my cock, so you can cum and cum, all you need to, Baby. Cuz you need to cum, sooooo bad. That's right, Baby, cum again. Mmmm. Good girl. Cum again. Good girl."

His playful taunting makes me cum and beg and cum and beg, over and over. Between that, and the slower and slower thrusting, I become so primal, it's like a dream and I have no idea, nor do I care, what I sound like. He fuckin' owns my pussy, when this happens. It drives me out of my mind and he knows it. I love it.

It's all true. Happened again, last night.

End of Story