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One Wild Night

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The night started like any other night with me doing the cooking and then getting kids to bed. Although, this night, I had decided I wanted to get drunk. I had 2 margaritas, 2 shots of Jack and some other drinks. By the time the kids were in bed, I was feeling no pain. Mike and I were getting ready for a great night. I must admit, that he is by far the greatest man I have ever met.

He is 5?8?, and around 170lbs. Even though he is 37, he doesn?t look a day over 27. I am 5?1?, 119lbs, 22 and a mother of 2. He picked out the adult movie to watch in our room while I got the bed set up. We lay down and started watching the movie. It didn?t take long for each of us to get horny. Mike already knew that I liked to be tied up, spanked, and have my hair pulled. He was going to find out this night just how far my submissive nature went.

A little bit into the movie, he went down on me. He is the first person to ever have made me orgasm. This night, he licked and sucked til I was right on the brink then would quit and tease me. He kept me on the edge for what seemed like hours til he finally allowed me to have an earth shattering orgasm. When that happens, I tend to buck around and get very vocal. I can barely keep quiet when the kids are home. Once I caught my breath, I started playing with his dick. I love to take short breaks during the day to suck and lick it. It is 10? long and 3? around. I sucked and licked for a while til he needed to get up for a drink.

On his way back to bed, I crawled out of bed, and met him by the door. I started to play with his dick while I was on my knees. The air conditioning vent was blowing on my clit and pussy and keeping me cool. With the drinks in my system, I was able to deep throat him for the first time. It felt wonderful. I could have kept doing that all night long, but we had other plans. After a couple more minutes of that, he told me to move to the bed. I sat there and waited for him to get in. He surprised me by piling all of the pillows on top of each other. He then told me to lay across them with my stomach on the pillows. I was very curious to find out what he had in mind. It didn?t take long to find out.

With the pillows holding me up, Mike started lick my butt cheeks and hole. He had never done this before. It felt wonderful. We have tried anal, but only succeeded twice. After playing with my butt for a few minutes, he told me to lay my arms out in front of me and not to move. I got even wetter. He started sliding in to my pussy slowly. I love the feel of every inch pushing its way into me. My eyes roll back in my head and I start breathing hard every time. I love it rough and fast and tonight I got it just that way. I could feel his dick hitting my cervix, which drives me wild. I was moaning and growling each time he hit rock bottom. Just as I was about to climax, he pulled out and told me to move the pillows. I did as he told me to do then asked him why. All he did was lay down on his back and told me to ride him.

As I started to straddle him, he asked if there were any fantasies I hadn?t told him about yet. He already knew about my fantasy of a mmf, ffm, and group. That night I told him how I wanted to be choked while riding him, how I wanted to have a gangbang with at least 4 other guys and that I wanted to be dominated to the point of it could be extremely rough. That really surprised him. I could see in his eyes that he didn?t think I would ever do any of that. After telling him all of that, I started to ride him harder since it had made me even more aroused.

A few minutes later, Mike put his hands on either side of my neck and started cutting of my air supply with a little light pressure. OMG! The feel of him in me plus the gradual loss of oxygen heighten my sense arousal. I started coming soon after that. Mike still had not climaxed so we went back to me on the pillows once I could breathe. While he was getting ready to enter me, he was telling me about how he was going to take me from behind and it was going to be rougher than ever. I almost had an orgasm again.

All of a sudden, he just slammed his dick into me. I was breathless. Never had he done that. I started to ask him something, but he just told me to be quiet. I obeyed. He kept pounding me for a while, and then started to go slower and softer. He knows how much of a tease that is to me. Every so often, he would go back to the hard, fast strokes that we both love. All the while he was smacking my ass and telling me what a bad girl I had been. I couldn?t believe it. This was turning out to be a great night.

The next thing I knew, I felt him inserting a finger into my ass. I started to tense up, but soon relaxed. The feel of him pounding in my pussy and his finger in my ass was more than I could take. I soon had another orgasm. I had lost count of how many I had had so far, and here was Mike not even close to climaxing yet. It was one of those magical nights when he could go all night long. We took a break to let me breathe and I starting sucking on his cock again. The taste of my juices mixed with his pre-cum was exciting. I was deep throating him and he was moaning so loud I thought the kids would wake up, so I stopped. I climbed back up on top of him and started riding him again.

I knew he loved me on top and this way I was in control. While I was riding him, he was playing with my clit. Normally, I would be so sensitive that I couldn?t sit still, but being intoxicated helped. I kept riding him while I felt another orgasm coming on. Suddenly he moans and says that he is close. That just made me even hornier. I started riding him at a feverish pace and pretty soon we both came together. We lay there for a couple of minutes with big grins on our faces. That is one night, neither of us will ever forget.

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