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One Night Stand

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Saturday was fast approaching and I didn?t have a date. I had been horny all week and knew I needed to get laid Saturday night. Friday night was going to be out since I was going to be with the grandkids. The guy I usually go out and play with on the weekends was going to be out of town. I contacted a couple of other guys I know but they already had plans. I would?ve settled for some bdsm play so I posted on FetLife that I was looking for a party to go to locally. The only responses I got were for parties out of town. I was frustrated.

Saturday afternoon when I got home from spending the night with the grandkids, I called my good friend Sandy to see if she wanted to join me that night at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort where I was a member. But she already had a date. I checked my email and saw that my friend Lisa posted in Single Naturists of Tampa Bay that she was looking for a dance partner for the night at Caliente. So, I decided to go there by myself and meet her there. I knew that at least I would have fun dancing. Caliente is a Lifestyle Friendly club and Aahz was hosting their Midsummer Nights Dream dance party and play party afterwards. They don?t allow single guys at the play party, but I kept my hopes up high that I would still meet a single guy at the dance and have some fun.

I arrived at Caliente around 7:40 and ran into my friends Leah and John in the nightclub as they were reserving their seats. They said that Lisa was already there too and down in the locker room. I saved a couple of seats for Lisa and myself and headed downstairs to put my stuff in a locker. Lisa was just finishing getting herself ready for the dance. We hugged and went back up to the nightclub and I showed Lisa where our seats were. Then I headed to the sports bar to get a cocktail. Nothing like a little Jack and Diet to get the party started.

Right at 8:00 the DJ started playing music. Since it was so early and the dance didn?t officially start until 9, he played some slower songs. Leah said she handed him a list of songs and he just about played them all. When the faster-paced songs came on, Lisa and I joined Leah and John on the dance floor. It was great to be dancing as it had been a couple of weeks since the last time I was there on a dance night.

Lisa is a social butterfly. She was off and about mingling with folks in between dancing. Although I am an exhibitionist and have been known to be the life of the party, I am shy at first around people I don?t know. I can be too shy to go and introduce myself to a single guy. Not Lisa. Probably around 8:30 from the dance floor, I saw her with an attractive guy, squeezing a chair for him in between our two chairs. Then she brought him onto the dance floor and introduced him to me. Turns out Richard was visiting from Miami and staying in a hotel room at Caliente for the night. Seeing that not only was he attractive but also a good dancer, I figured I might just get lucky. Lisa is 18 years older than me and is waiting and saving herself for ?the right guy?, so I knew I wouldn?t be out of line by flirting with Richard, especially since he was just visiting. Lisa announced to him that she couldn?t dance for too long at a time but that I could dance all night so between the two of us, he was in good hands. The three of us danced for a while then Lisa took a break. That?s when things started heating up.

I started wiggling a little sexier, winking at Richard and he caught right on. Next thing I know, he was dancing behind me and pulled me close to him. I started rubbing my ass on his crotch and I could feel a growing bulge. Oh yeah, this is going to be a great night, I thought to myself. I turned around and he immediately pulled me into him and we looked into each others? eyes lustfully and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces. Lisa joined us every now and then and when I took a break, she danced with him. At one point when the three of us were sitting, she was telling that she was going to be leaving soon but that she knew I would take good care of him. And boy, I sure intended to do just that.

We continued dancing, at times grinding into each other. Every time I was up against his crotch, I could feel his huge hard on. I noticed that he was only drinking beer and he only had two. So, I knew that between the constant hard on he was maintaining and the small amount of alcohol he was drinking, he?d be able to fuck me but good. I was horny as hell, but I wasn?t going to give myself to him right away. Besides, I thought about inviting him to go with me to the Aahz play party that was going to start around 1AM.

We took a break and went outside and downstairs by the main pool and talked for a little while. I told him to be sure and get under the waterfall the next day when he would be in the pool. It makes a fantastic shoulder and back massage. We had a nice conversation, talking about our kids and grandkids. Like me, he was a younger grandparent. He only looked to be late 40?s, possibly early 50?s. He asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to dance more and then later go to the hot tub. He seemed pleased with that and we went back upstairs to the nightclub.

We got back to the dance floor around 10:30 and it was really crowded by then. The place was hopping. There were couples dirty dancing and ladies were dancing on the two stripper poles on the dance floor and the one on the stage. The DJ was playing all the latest dance hits. The Saturday night dances at Caliente are one thing I look forward to the most during the week. The guy I usually go with doesn?t dance, so I end up dancing with friends and other women. This night was a great change of pace, being with a good dancer that could keep up with me.

A slower-paced dance came on and Richard pulled me close to him and started kissing me. We kissed while dancing the entire song. OMG, he was a fabulous, passionate kisser. That turned me on more than anything and I wanted him to fuck me right then and there. But although Caliente is a Lifestyle Friendly Resort, sexual activity had to be kept behind closed doors.

We continued dancing, making our way around the dance floor. There were lots of hot, sexy couples dancing, as usual. Most of the women were wearing skimpy little outfits and their men were wearing either nice jeans or slacks and lightweight dress shirts. There were a few couples dancing nearly nude to nude. That?s the thing I like about Caliente being a Clothing Optional Resort. You can just wear whatever you?re comfortable wearing, even if it?s just your birthday suit.

Around 1AM, I was ready to take the party to the next level. After all the dancing and luscious kissing, I was horny as hell. I invited Richard to the hot tub with me. We tried the conversation pool at first. But I could only stay in there a short while as it is a little cooler than I like. We went to the hot tub. It is kept at just the perfect temperature for my taste. We got in and it felt fantastic. There were a few other couples in the hot tub, all making out. Richard and I followed suit and were kissing and groping each other. I was about to go over the edge and bust out in orgasm when I stepped away from him. He looked at me and said, ?What?? Bashfully, I said, ?Are you going to invite me back to your room?? He said, ?When?? I said, ?Now!? He kissed me then jumped up, grabbed my hand and escorted me out of the hot tub. We quickly dried off, grabbed our clothes and things, dropped our towels off at the front desk, and went straight to his hotel room.

Once we were in his room, I put my bag on the nightstand and pulled out a couple of condoms and my travel bottle of lube. Although, that night I didn?t think I?d need the lube. But, smart gal that I am, I always make sure that I am prepared. I made myself comfortable, sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him to get out of bathroom. When he came out, he dimmed the lights, grabbed my hands, pulled me up to him and started kissing me. He was such a fantastic kisser; I knew he?d be good at licking pussy.

Richard had me lie down on the bed and he then buried his head between my legs. And I was right. He is an incredible pussy licker. Then he did something I wasn?t expecting. He inserted a finger into my ass while continuing to lick my clit and that threw me into absolute orgasmic bliss. I hadn?t cum and squirted like that in quite some time. I pulled away from him, sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed him and wrapped my mouth around his cock. His cock was just the right size for me to deep throat. I sucked his cock and pulled lightly on his sack and had him groaning in pure pleasure. I love oral sex and love to tease and tantalize with my tongue. Licking up and down and nibbling gently with my teeth along the way, at one point he almost fell over. He gently pushed me on the bed then went over and grabbed a condom. As I had assumed, he had me so wet that no additional lube was needed. He got on top of me, kissed me and gently and slowly worked his cock inside my hot, soaking wet pussy. He gradually pumped faster and harder, his cock rubbing my g-spot just right, until I was again a cumming, squirting fool. He fucked me long and hard for quite a while then he took off the condom and got on top of me in the 69 position and we licked and sucked each other. Again, as he was licking me, he inserted a finger into my ass and it just pushed me over the edge. I had forgotten just how damn pleasurable that could be. It?s not something I?d be into all the time but wow, it was pretty fucking awesome.

He stopped, got up and put on another condom and had me get on my knees. He stood behind me and pulled me to the edge of the bed and then shoved his hard cock deep inside me. At the angle I was at, he was again hitting my g-spot just right. I was cumming practically the whole time he was fucking me. At one point his finger found its way to my ass again. The sensation of the double penetration was so intense, it had me howling. He took his finger out and asked me if I wanted him to fuck my ass. I declined but told him to smack my ass. He obliged and started smacking my ass while continuing to fuck me. He was kind of gentle at first so I told him to do it harder. He did and really got into it. The harder he smacked me the harder and faster he fucked me and then he started talking dirty to me. I love that. It is such a turn on. After a good, long while of fucking me doggy, he stopped and lay on the bed. I immediately positioned myself between his legs and started licking up and down the sides of his cock. My tongue made its way to his sack and I licked and sucked on them for a bit before going back to his cock. I sucked for a few minutes before he his cock in his hand, jerked it a couple of times and then squirted his cum all over his belly. I lay beside him and we both passed out.

The next thing I know, his alarm is going off at 7:30 in the morning. We got up and had a goodbye kiss. I left him my email address and told him that if he was ever in town again to let me know if he wants to hook up again.

Caliente is a great place to hang out and meet other like-minded people in the lifestyle. I know they always have specials on vacation packages. If you go to EroticResorts Dot Net, you can sign up to win a free Vacation at Caliente Tampa or a Sybian. There was a drawing at 10:30 when I was there Saturday night and they draw a new winner every week. My entry is in and I hope to win. I?ve always wanted a Sybian of my own.

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