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Oily Summer Sun Fun

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Probably the most sexual appealing sight is a tan and tone body glistening in the heat of the sun. Just rubbing yourself down with coconut smelling tanning lotion in the summer time before you step out into the sunlight can start your libidio. I know it can mine. Me and my wife usually lay out together in the summer months, to look sexy in the bedroom. But I admit that I have nasty thoughts while laying out of just doing things in the broad daylight. This particular day was no exception. I had been running several miles a week and lifting weights to drop a few holiday pounds. I had trimmed my body hair to a minimum and my tan was starting to ripen. My wife had tanned to look delictable as well. We decided to lay out on this day and began our preparations. I was in the bathroom rubbing down with tanning oil and getting turned on while she was outside gathering the chairs. I had a spark of an idea that I could possibly get a handjob outside, maybe on the side of the house where we would be out of view from the neighbors. Just the thought of my wifes hands gripping my tan cock while it glistened with oil in the sunlight made me start to get hard. I grabbed the bottle of Hawaiian Tropic oil and squirted a huge puddle into my hand and massaged it into my cock and balls. I threw one leg up on the counter and grabbed the bottle again to puddle more in my hand and rubbed it into the crack of my ass. I could'nt resist slipping a finger into my puckered asshole while I rubbed the oil onto my ass. I thought about my wife having me bent over in the yard and fingering me violently in the ass using the coconut oil while she pulled my rigid veiny cock back between my legs and jerked it.

After I had nearly gotten myself off in the bathroom I ran to my nightstand and grabbed my beloved silicone cock rings. I placed one around my shaft and balls, one around the base of my shaft and the other around just my balls. The constriction almost immediatley made me half erect and veins lightly bulged. I thought I would give my wife a peek at my genitial jewelery while we were outside and it would spark her libidio as well. I fiddeled around a little more to give my cock sometime to relax where it wouldn't be so obvious when I went outside. I went out to the chair and lay on my stomach next to my wife who was already starting to bead with sweat. Before long I was wringing with sweat as well and my thoughts had only been sexual the entire time. I couldn't take it anymore I had to show her my surprise. I rolled over onto my side and looked over the lawn to see if the neighbors were outside. The coast was clear so I notioned to my wife to look while I pulled down the elastic band of my shorts. I could tell she liked my idea and she got up and walked behind my shop. I looked around and followed close behind. We were standing between the privacy fence and the back wall of the shop, when she pushed me back aganist the shop wall and got on her knees in front of me. She pulled my shorts to my knees and immediately began to strok my oiled dick while she tugged on my balls with her other hand. The sun was beating down on us and we were covered in sweat. My cock throbbed and looked so veiny in the sunlight, the cock rings constricting the blowflow and making it ever more textured.

I didn't know how much I could take I was ready to blow right then and there. I took matters into my own hands and pulled away from my wife. I turned around facing the wall and bent slightly over, I reached over my back and in plain view of my wife I slide a finger into my ass. Immediatley she reached between my legs and grabbed my throbbing red nearly purple shaft and pulled it back toward her. Her other hand gripped my balls and pulled them firmly. I was getting milked by my wife just as I had imagined. I wanted more and I worked a second finger into my ass while she watched me finger fuck myself. Her grip on my balls tightned even more and she began to pull on them to the point of pain, which only drove me closer the the edge. Her grip on my shaft also tightned and my legs began to tighten. I crammed my fingers deeply into my ass before finally my cock began to blow thick white spurts of cum onto the grass below me. My wife jerked at my balls in rhythm as I came what seemed like a never ending orgasm.

I reached bewtween my legs and grabbed my shorts, quickly pulling them up around my waist. I grabbed my wife by the hand and led her into the shop where my truck was parked inside. I turned on the lights and lifted her onto the tailgate. I slid her bikini bottoms off of her tan legs and dropped face first into her glistening pussy. I gently licked her lips spreading them with my tounge and worked my way up to her button where I flickered my tounge. Finally I nesteled my face down further and sucked her clit into my mouth and held it gently between my teeth while I flicked it with my tounge. I slid two fingers inside her dripping hole and curled them to massage her clit from inside. Her moans of approval led me further as the index finger of my free hand began to trace around the tight wrinkles of her oily and sweaty asshole. She moaned with more approval before I finally worked my way to the center and applied gentle pressure. Her climax was building but I craved to lick her ass, I raised my head from her lap while still working her clit from inside her pussy, I rolled her gently to her side and buried my face between her cheeks. My tounge could feel the delicate wrinkles of her brown hole and her asshole puckered attempting to draw my tounge in. I replied by pressing it aganist the wanting and attempting to break in.

My cock was still rock hard between my legs and purple from having been under the constriciton of the rings for so long. But it craved to be wrapped in the flesh of this lustful woman before me. I stood and slipped my fingers from her pink grabbing my cock with one hand and a cheek of her ass with the other. I spread her tush so I could view her puckering hole and began to lightly rub the purple head of my cock aganist it. I ran it up and down her crack before finally I slipped it into the warm folds of her pussy. Still holding her ass cheeks apart I worked a finger inside her ass as I worked my vein rippled cock in and out of her pussy. After some time I knew she wanted to cum so I rolled her back onto her back and put my mouth back to work on her mound. I slid two fingers back inside her pussy and curled them again building up a steady and frim come here motion aganist the upper wall of her pussy. When she seemed to have gone to far I stood and while still working her pussy with one hand I pressed the head of my cock aganist her asshole. When she had descended some I would drop back into sucking at her clit. Finally she grabbed the back of my head and made me work her button non stop. I could feel the muscles inside her clinch my fingers and I picked up the pace and firmness. Her legs tightned and she let out a load groan as she released and convulsed in the bed of the truck. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me as I stood.

Immediatley without hesitant I grabbed my dick and began to jerk it inches from her pussy. She raised and reached below my violent jerking to tug at my constricted and swollen scrotum. I tightned my thighs and calves to the point of cramping and pressed upward onto my tip toes. Every muscle in my body tightned and my face flushed red. I jerked myself harder and faster until I could finally feel my onslaught of an orgasm. I crammed my cock into the folds of my wifes pussy as it began to ozz a thick glob of hot sperm onto her clit. I instantly removed the cock rings to return the flow of oxygen rich blood to my cock and locked into a passionate kiss with my beloved wife.

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