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Of Asian Persuasion

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Susan was standing in front of a mirror in the big bedroom as I undressed her. She was down to pale yellow lace trimmed bra and panties. Her pretty tits tumbled out as I stood behind her and released the hooks holding them in the bra. She loved to be undressed and especially like this in front of a mirror. She turned her head to me for a kiss as my hands lifted her tits up and my fingers found and rolled the small brown nipples.

I first met Susan online several years ago. She is a middle aged Asian lady, married with children who have all left home. She believed that the world of sex had passed her by. She had experienced only one man in her life, her husband and all sex with him ceased several years ago. She is a fairly recent immigrant to the country but speaks and writes quite good English. She is shy by nature in public, quiet and polite. She works in the lingerie department of a large chain store and takes on part time work online in both travel and real estate sales. She is a liberated woman who has been raised in a world where obedience to her husband has been paramount, but now wishes to experience some freedom. Once past the in-born shyness, I found a very erotic lady, wanting and dreaming about the experiences she has believed she has missed.

I pushed her panties off of her hips and they slipped to the floor. I slipped my hand around in front of her, and down her belly. My fingers rub her mound sorting through the pussy hairs and then between her legs along each side of her slit. The heel of my hand rubbed and squeezed her mound. Her body melted in against mine, pushing and rotating her butt against my hard cock pressed between her ass cheeks.

Physically she is very short and slim. She is proud of her "C" cup breasts which look almost oversize on her small body, but they are breathtaking to the viewer. She has an elegant pussy. It appears tiny beneath her thick black bush which she keeps trimmed in bikini fashion. She enjoys wearing pastel coloured sensual under garments trimmed with lace. Her skin is a light alabaster which highlights dark brown aureoles and small erect nipples. She enjoys and is turned on by being watched by her lover, dressed or undressed.

She watched herself in the mirror as I continued to fondle her. I turned her around to face me and then kissed my way from her nipples to her pussy. I rubbed my face on her mound and bush, kissing the inside of the V formed by belly and legs. She lifted one leg up on a stool beside her, spreading her legs enough to allow me to slip my tongue along her slit and lick it. Her fingers spread the slit to allow me full access to her clit.

It took me many months of online correspondence before she would even meet for coffee. She did not like course language such as fuck and cock and cunt and so on. She preferred to use euphemisms such as Lil Bro, pussy, hard bone, pussy hole and so on. She did not have a word to replace fuck except to "make love". She has changed in that regard since we began to actually meet, but only when we are actually fucking and then everything goes. It was difficult for her to get away and every meeting that we subsequently had revolved around her downtown workplace. We did get hot and horny online. She sent me pics of her tits and pussy and bare ass, and I returned the favour with cock shots and got off on webcam for her a few times. That drove her wild and I suspect that I was not the first one to perform for her, and that she had convinced many other guys to do the same. I probably would have given up trying to meet her but I was aroused by her exotic mind and body. I have always had a yen for Asian women. Finally she agreed to meet for coffee. And then a few short walks along the harbour front and in a park. We could feel the desire build each time we met for even a short while.

Susan held my head against her pussy as I showed her how much pleasure I could give her. I had two fingers in her slit while my tongue worked feverishly on her clit area. She kept looking over to the mirror which increased the sensation of her being erotically worshipped. Her knees weakened and she knew that she was close to cumming on my mouth. Suddenly she pulled me up and proceeded to undress me in the same fashion I had done her. I stood there in my shorts only while this beautiful naked woman fussed and brushed against me. She moved behind me, pressing her great tits against my back as she reached around my body. She used the palm of her hand to stroke my cock through the shorts. She slipped her hand inside them and found my hard cock. God I love the touch of a woman's hand on my cock. She dropped my shorts to the floor and turned me sideways to the mirror and then moved in front of me and knelt down. I watched in the mirror and felt her lips slide over my knob and then her tongue twirled around and around.

Eventually we did meet in a downtown hotel. She was very nervous and while she let me undress her, it took a while for her to relax enough for me to get my cock in her. I did not distinguish myself either which I attributed to her being too nervous and tight. But our foreplay had been very arousing and erotic and for the most part we were what we both wanted and we began to meet on about a monthly basis. Each time we met, the foreplay became more daring and the fucking much more accomplished. We have been very open and erotic online. I guess there is some sort of freedom associated with the anonymity of the internet and it is easy to share your wildest fantasies with someone who is on the same wave length. It certainly opened the way for more adventure when we did get to meet. Our affection for each other increased as time went on and we became lovers in the purest sense, and especially during our online encounters. Our actual meetings were completely concerned with sex.

Susan worked with passion sucking my cock and balls. I was ready to cum as she stroked my cock with one hand while holding the knob between her lips. She could feel my cock swelling and stiffening and knew I would soon blow my load. But her pussy always took over her and extended foreplay was not her preferred approach. I in turn could play all night, getting close and backing off and then close again. She pulled her lips off of my cock gazing up at me as she did so. She stood and we kissed passionately and she pressed her tits and hips tight against me. My hands caressed and squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading and kneading them. She turned and I watched her climb on the bed. She enjoyed exposing herself to me, wiggling her ass and making her tits sway provocatively. As she crawled up on the bed I could see between her ass cheeks that the lips on her cunt were swollen. God it looked delicious and I wanted to fuck it.

We met online daily between our meetings and we became more and more detailed in what we wanted to do at the next meeting. Susan had never experienced oral sex and was curious. Strangely she was more interested in sucking me off than me doing her. This surprised me as most of the women that I had known intimately enjoyed a hot tongue in their pussy. It turned out that she is very liquid when she cums and she was squeamish about cumming on my face. I believed that she was curious however and I told her how much I wanted to at least taste her pussy and described exactly what I would do to her next time if she allowed me to please her.

Susan rolled to her back with her head on the pillow and wanted my cock in her right away. But as I crawled up on the bed from below her I was still in a mood to tease. I paused when my head was over her knees; bent down and kissed them and the inside of her thighs. As I moved upwards on her, she slowly pulled her knees up and back towards her head and her cunt spread open invitingly below me. I paused and quickly lowered my head for a deep lick in it. She convulsed a little as my tongue drove into her, her knees closing on my head and she shouted something in Chinese and then pulled me upwards.

Our relationship changed as we progressed. I admit to having been attracted by her apparent submissiveness which I totally misread because of her public shyness. We had started out with me pretty well telling her what I would like to do to her; feel and lick and fuck her. Gradually she became more engaged in our online exchanges. She talked of using her hands on my cock, stroking and arousing me, looking up at me as her mouth slipped over my knob, her eyes bold and teasing. Even when we were online and I wanted to continue to play and tease she demanded that I jamb my cock, or my big bone as she called it, into her pussy.

I was over top of her now and I lifted her legs over my shoulders. I could see the full length of her cunt right back to her butt hole. Her eyes were soft and lustful, she wanted and expected me to put my cock in her right away. But I just lay it along her slit and she could do little to pull it into her. I had pinned her arms up beside her head. I moved my cock back and forth along her juicy slit while my balls tickled her butt. It made sticky and slurpy sounds. She was the wettest woman I had ever fucked. She was begging me to put my cock into her but I wanted her to say, "fuck me Jim" and she knew it but was just as determined not to say it. I moved almost vertically over her wide open cunt and rubbed the knob in the slit, aiming at her clit, massaging it with my knob. She was trembling in anticipation. Ah God, I wanted to pound my cock straight down into her and was just at that point when she finally uttered the words, "Fuck me!" I was not going to quibble about her leaving my name off and just drove it down into her until our pubic bones ground together.

I had come into a stroke of luck. A good friend of mine was leaving town for a month and asked me to check his downtown apartment periodically while he was away. Susan made arrangements to have another sales lady cover for her for an entire afternoon and we arranged to meet for our first extended meeting of more than an hour. I was waiting for her at the door of the apartment, my hands shaking and an erection already obvious in my pants. She looked like a dream, both her face and her clothes were perfect for the meeting. She wore a sheer blouse with plunging neck line which allowed the fringe of the pale yellow lace bra to show. The skirt was flared and she wore high heels setting off her legs and butt. I was willing to bet there would be a pair of mini lace trimmed panties under that skirt. As she entered the room I closed the door quickly behind her and pulled her to me, our bodies pressed together and my hands slipped up under the back of her skirt and found her cheeks as she ground her mound against my hard cock. Our tongues met and entwined as we kissed passionately. I moved her into the bedroom and stood her in front of the mirror.

My cock sunk into her hot juicy cunt, I pressed it into her and released her hands. She closed her legs against my neck while trying to squeeze my cock and hold it in place. I pulled my cock back to her slit, rubbed the knob around and eased it back in as she cranked her hips up to meet me. I moved her legs down off of my shoulders and drove my hips in between her legs which now wrapped themselves around my waist, her heels pressed against the back of my legs. We quickly moved from the long slow strokes to the short ones, the pressure of our online chats and the foreplay in front of the mirror drove us to release. We were like a runaway steam engine perfectly tuned as we strained to cum. We both become very vocal during that final rush to satisfaction. Her words were a mixture of English and Chinese but they all sounded erotic to my ears. At one point she choked out, "fuck me hard Jim, fuck me." I rolled off of her and we lay panting side by side. We looked at each other smiling, and both said "shower", one of our unfulfilled experiences. It was as good as everything else in our relationship.

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