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Oceanfront Bedroom (erotic Poem) And8211; By Slsnm...

"Oceanfront Bedroom" by sls:NMB
Racing clouds flicker
Misty virgin moon.
Unlit walls shimmer.
Billowing sheers beat.

Ocean thrusts fullness,
Soothing wanting sand.
Surfaces glisten;
Naked on retreat.

Engulfed tingling skin
Connects two within.
Moonlit couple spoons
Under rustled sheet.

Steady tender strokes
Tracing subtle slopes.
Drawing slowly thin;
Fading then repeats.

Lovers thrust fullness
Pleasing wanting flesh.
Surfaces glisten;
Naked on retreat.

Pressure steady builds.
Restraint, once held, yields.
Waves washing over;
Surrend'ring complete.

End of Story