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Nylon Toes

After working all day, the last place he wanted to be was in a
crowded mall. But she had wanted to meet here before ducking
out for a late dinner, and he'd agreed, so he tried to keep his
complaints to a minimum. But if she said "Let's stop here!" one
more time.....

"Oooh!" She paused, then cut across the wide mall court. "Let's
stop here!" She smiled at the exasperation in his face. Standing
on her tip toes, she kissed his cheek. "Last stop. I promise."

He smiled down at her, knowing she was playing him, and she knew
he was letting her. "Let's go." He sighed.

She led him back into one of those self serve stores, with walls
upon walls of cardboard boxes full of shoes. He groaned quietly;
knowing how much she loved shoes, they could be here all night.
Already she had stationed herself before the section of wall that
had her size, her eyes glazing over at the selection. He sand down
on a shoe bench, taking her coat when she handed it to him.

"I'm sorry, love." She said, picking a pair of flats that matched
her skirt. Dropping the shoes on the floor, she slipped her feet into
them, and taking a few steps to see how they fit. "Those shoes I
wore today pinched my toes. I just want to find another pair...."
She held her foot up, twisting the shoe for his inspection. "What
do you think?"

"It's okay."

"It's okay. It's okay." She stepped out of the shoes, bending to
retrieve them. "I know. This is boring." Turning back to the wall,
she perused the selection, looking for just the right pair.... there!
Snatching them out of the box, she pulled them onto her feet, then
turned toward him, a mischievous smile on her face. "What do you
think of these?"

"They're okay." He answered automatically, then did a double take.
The black heels she wore may have been the sexiest shoes he'd
ever seen! The shoe barely covered her toes, (Toe cleavage! He
thought, seeing the lines of her toes under the black vinyl)
curving around the foot all the way to the heel, with a strap
crossing the foot and buttoning on the side by the ankle. "I love
them." He said after he could swallow again.

"I thought you might." Twisting her foot in the air, she watched
the play of emotions on his face. "Do you think they go with this
skirt? How do they make my legs look?"

"Your legs look great." He tried to look thoughtful, ignoring the
twitching he felt in his cock. She knew how much he loved sexy
shoes and stockings. "But it doesn't match the skirt, sweetie.
It does match the little black baby doll at home....."

"Really?" Placing her feet together, she tried to look down at them.
"Oh, this won't do.. Here!" Standing on one foot, she slid the toes
of her other foot between his knees, pushing his legs apart. It
was exquisite torture, the touch of her foot against his legs, the
toes sliding up his thigh. He groaned, feeling his pants grow tight.
"Why are you doing this to me?" He asked, loving it.

"Doing what?" She dropped her foot to the floor. "I just wanted to
see how the shoes looked in the mirror. Is that such a crime?"

"Mirror?" He glanced down, seeing the reflection of her shoe there,
the arch of the foot, the sweet slope of her calves as her beautiful
legs disappeared under her skirt. Oh, he was glad this particular
corner of the store was deserted. No amount of rearranging could
hide his erection now. "You know, I like them," she was saying, "but
I don't think they're right for that baby doll. Let's see what else I
can find."

She unbuttoned the strap, and he watched her foot emerge from
the shoe, the way she held the arch, her nylon covered toes pointed
like a ballerina's. Standing in her stocking feet, she scanned the
shoes on the wall, every so often rising on her tip toes, knowing
his eyes were on her. "Oh! I'll bet you'll like these!"

The shoe looked like a mess of black spaghetti, criss-crossing straps
on a very high heel. She arched her foot again, sliding it into the
and this time, when she turned to face him, her smile had a definite
wickedness to it. "These are the shoes for the baby doll." She

He had to admit she was correct; these shoes were meant to go with the
baby doll. The messy straps had been transformed to a web that ensconced
her foot, her toes bare. "I think we're buying these." He said. "Give
them to me."

She laughed, raising her foot so he could remove them himself. "Oh, you
wicked wench." he said, sliding his hands around her foot, feeling the
nylon covered flesh under the webbing. He loved the way her foot arched
as he pulled the shoe off, running his hand up over her ankle to squeeze
her leg before releasing her. "You know, I think we should skip dinner
and just head home. What do you think?"

"I'm starved!" She laughed as he tickled her foot, collecting the shoes
from her and dropping them into the empty box she offered. "I think we
should go to someplace where they serve a lot of food. I could eat a
horse!" She turned, rummaging in a box while she talked. "Don't you
that would be a good idea? Aren't you starving?"

"Oh, I'm starving all right." But it was clear he didn't mean for food.

"You know..." She turned, lifting the hem of her skirt to mid thigh,
showing off the a black boot that came just over her knee. Oh, these
made his cock throb, his eyes tracing the curve of her leg in the vinyl
boot, the way it hugged her calve and showed her knee cap. "I think this
would go well with the black and red teddy..... you know the one I

"Oh yeah." He stood, grabbing the box of shoes he'd already said
they'd buy, as well as the pair she'd first tried on, the ones that
did match her skirt. "We want those, too. I'll meet you up at the check
stand." He turned and limped away.

She grinned, watching him walk away. She did so love to tease him.
Stepping into her old shoes, she hurried after him, knowing that they
would be on their way home from here.

Naked but for the knee hi boots, she crossed the room, walking towards
him, feeling his eyes on her jiggling breasts, on the contrast between
pale skin and the shiny black boots. Standing over him, she slowly dropped
to her knees, brushing her shaved pussy lips across the throbbing head of
cock, "I think you've teased me enough for one day." He protested.

"Never!" Wrapping one hand around the base of his cock, the other
spreading her lips open, she smeared the oozing precum against her hard
clit. "I love teasing you. I live to tease you!"

"I'm glad!" His hands held on to her hips as she lowered herself down on
his cock, rocking her hips until felt settled. His hands slid across her
skin, across her boots, tugging the zippers down a bit so he could work
his fingers inside. His fingertips touched the top of her stockings, a
small moan escaping his lips. "These boots have so much possibility."

"I can't wait to unzip them with my teeth."

"Mmmm...." Her breathing grew rapid, a sheen of sweat appearing on
her body. She was close, he knew, and he began to knead her ass cheeks,
her body rising up and down on his cock, faster and faster, until she
exploded on top of him. He loved to see her writhing on top of him like
that, his hand holding her hips to keep her from bucking away from him.
Matching her fire, he shot his cum deep in her belly, thrusting into her
until they collapsed together.

Rolling away from him, she lay on her back, eyes closed, completely
lethargic. "You spoil me." He said, sitting up and staring down at her.
His fingers traced the curve of her breast, teasing her hard nipple.
"You're supposed to come to bed in old flannel night gowns, your hair in
curlers, with a mud mask on your face."

"I'll do that tomorrow." She promised. Lifting one leg high in the air,

she unzipped the boot, pulling it off to reveal the sheer black stocking
underneath. Twisting around, she put her foot against his chest,
her toes. With her legs spread wide, he could see the cum slowly
dribbling out of her pussy, and his cock immediately perked. "Nylon
He said, catching her foot and rubbing his lips across her sole. "Maybe
should get the other pair of shoes and play with those." He said.

"We can save those for tomorrow." She said.

"I thought that was the flannel gown night."

She sighed contentedly as his lips inched their way across her ankle. "I
guess we'll have to postpone the flannel nightgown night."

He grinned, nibbling on her leg. "That's a real shame."

End of Story

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