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Not so mile high club.

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I had shown up way to early for this flight as well. I now had to sit in the terminal four an hour just for them to start to board the plane. It was to be a very long day as it is so sitting here is just making it seem longer. Noone really wants to sit on a plane for 16hrs. This shirt and tie arnet helping matters either. I removed my tie and undid the top button of my shirt to try and relieve some of the discomfort.

As I reach down to place it in my bag I see from the corner of my eye a very attractive pair of shoes walk by. When I sat up I followed them up a very lengthy set of legs. Those legs were attached to a girl next door looking women that had a very sexy way about her. Her light brown hair had big curls in it that looked very natural. She had deep blue eyes that could melt you from accross the room. My god I am staring at her. I better stop before she notices.

I bury my face into the sales proposal that I am to pitch trying to stay busy. I can't help but glancing over at her every so often though. She isn't a typical looking L.A. bueaty, just a average looking women. Yet she gives off a vibe like draws my eyes like a magnet. Everytime I look her way I find a new part to admire. Her legs and those shoes though are what keeps getting my attention. they are a moderately high heel that is black with a white wing tip. Her legs are covered in black silk which is also very sexy.

Its seems that she is very involved in her cheap romance novel that looks as though she just baught it at the terminal for something to do on the flight. She hasnt caught my glances yet atleast not that I can tell. Her black skirt and blazer hug her just right as she sits there unaware of what she is doing to me. She looks very professional yet like she could be flying back to a farm in idaho at the same time.

My thoughts of her are interupted by the flight attendant anouncing first class boarding. I gather my things and I head for the gate. As I hand my boarding pass to the young women I turn for one last glance. To my supprise she is standing a few people behind me. I try to make it look as though I am stuffing my ticket into my bag so she doesn't catch me. I had gotten away with it thus far and did not want to get caught now.

As I board the plane I find my seat and begin to stuff my bag in the over head compartment. Then I hear this sweety soft voice behind me . It was her and I was so awe struck by her soft tone that I had to ask her again what she had said. it turns out she had never flown before and wanted the window seat instead of the isle. Of course I would have bought the whole plane at this point. As we got sttled into our seats I thought to myself that this may turn into a wonderfull day after all.

While the rest of the plane was boarding we made some small talk. It turns out she is from a small town in ohio and was going to europe to study music. Well I know this the girls in my highschool band had never looked that good. She explained to me that her grandma lived outside of L.A. and she had drivin out there to visit before she left for her schooling. It was a nice conversation and I could have listened to her talk for the whole flight.

Finnally it was time to get this unbarable flight underway and we both fastened our seatbelts in preperation for take off. I could tell she was a little nervous of the flight and I reassuered her that it was going to be over before she knew it. As the plane power up I saw her gripping the armrests to hold on. I talked her though the take off and as the plane started to level out she started to relax.

With the plane at its cruising alltitude the flight attendants started with the drink orders. I politly refused as I planned on getting some sleep to wear away at the hours. She ordered a bottled water and continued to read the novel she had started in the airport. It wasnt long before the droaning engines had put me to sleep.

I was awakened a what seemed to be a short time later, by someone squeezing my arm gently. Thinking it was a flight attendant i slowly opened my eyes. As I did I looked towards the isle and noone was there. Taking a few seconds to get fully awake I realized it was the young lady sitting next to me. Only she was asleep her hand resting on my arm and what i can only assume was completely accidental. She most have dosed off as well and was apparently having a dream. She kept gently squeezing my forearm and I can only guess but she most have been dreaming of the take off.

I laid my headback not wanting to wake her and tried to fall back asleep. The whole cabin was really dim and since we must have been about mid flight noone was really stirring about. I couldn't help but notice that it was actually kind of peaceful. There had only been a couple other people in first class so I had already anticipated a nice calm flight.

Then as I was almost back asleep the young ladies hand started to grip my forearm a little tight. Then her grip would loosen and tighten again. I started to hear what sounded like soft moans coming almost out of just her petite nose. I opened my eyes again and I looked over at her wondering exactly what she may be dreaming of. At this point is was hard to tell if it was a good dream or just a small nightmare.

Now fully awake I really have a chance to admire her without the chance out getting caught. She was so gorgeous with her head leaning towards me almost on my shoulder. This is definately the girl that you would want to marry young before she could get attached to someone else. She had removed her suit jacket and had placed it between her and the window. Her silky white blouse was cut just low enough to be sexy but very classy. Her breasts were not large but very purpotionate to her size.She had her shoes kicked off and her feet tucked up on the seat with her. I saw that she had french manicured her toes as to match her fingernails. I thought to myself that this is a gril that really takes care of every inch of herself. Her hand was tucked in between her legs like she was keeping it warm taking her pleated skirt with it. Judging buy how thin her thighs are she would look just as good without the skirt as does with it. With the fabric of her skirt pulled tight by her hand I saw what looked to be a slight indentation near the top of her legs. Oh my she was wearing thigh high stockings, not that it is any indication of her exploits yet I was emidiately arroused.

She started to stir a little in her seat. Worried she was going to wake to me taking her in, i layed my head back quickly and closed my eyes. A few seconds later she gripped my arm again and I peaked out to make sure she was still sleeping. She was and as I opened my eyes to look at her she left out another soft groan. This time the sound seemed to be more of enjoyment then distress. Curiosly I watched her stir in her seat again. Still impossible to really tell if she was enjoying the movie her mind was playing she had definately gotten my attention.

Watching her stir again I quickly peeked around the cabin to see if anyone else was paying attention. There was a middle aged couple in the last row and they were both fast asleep. The flight attendants had takin thier places and shouldn't be around again until it was time to serve the meals. Now I was pretty much free to observe her without the worry of anyone being nosey.

I laid my head against the seat and fixed my gaze on her. Interested in trying to find out what was going on in her head as she slept. It wasnt long before she stirred again with another soft moan creeping out. This time as she stirred her hips shifted and pushed her round bottom back nearer the window. Her one hand gripping my forearm as the other moved higher on her leg and nearly into her crotch.

If the show her body was putting on was any indication, she was having a very pleasant dream. I felt extreemly lucky to have a front row seat even if I really couldn't see the same show she was. the show I was getting was real and very inticing. She continued to stir and make these little sounds for what seemed like a long time. It had probably only been a minute or two at the most though when she gripped my arm very hard and she pushed her hips back and held then there. just as I thought the dream maybe over, I looked at her other hand to see that it was now definately in her crotch. She hadnt changed its possition other than to slide it further up her legs but it was in perfect position to give her pleasure.

She slowly moved her hips back to the normal position and her grip loosened on my forearm. I thought oh wow she just finished and certianly would be waking soon. Then her grip tightened again and I realized this show was just starting and not near the end at all. I peeked down and saw her nipples were erect and pushing against her clothes. I was getting very arroused myself nd it was really starting to show.

Then very disrcetely she started to grind her hips back and forth. Her hip movements and her grip on my arm in perfect rythme. I could tell by the muscles in her other arm she was put diliberate pressure on herself. Her moans allthough very soft gave away that she was most definately having a very good dream. Her passion was contageous and I could almost put myself on the recieving end of her. i watched as her facial expressions changed and her hand just slightly moved in and out between her legs keeping steady pressure on herself. if there was anyway to get away with it I would have opened my pants and joined her.

Buy this time there was no hiding my enjoyment. There was a noticable lump in my pants and I was resting my other hand on it to try to cover it up. I watched as her dream intensified and so did the rythme in which she was moving. I wanted to help her in the worst way. I could only imagine how she would look without that suit. I was so close to the action that I could almost feel her warmth surrounding me. I was really getting hot almost to the point of sweating.

Then I could noticed her hand start to shake on my arm. Her perfect little ass pushed towards the window hard. Her hand pulling and holding its position against her crotch. She moved her hand up my arm and grabbed ahold of a fist full of shirt. her head tucked down between my shoulder and the seat as she buried her her cheek against me. Wow she was having an orgasm right there. I was almost at that point to watching her. I could see her legs shake a little and her whole body tighten. Carefull to watch if this was going to wake her but not wanting to miss a thing I continued my observation.

As she started to relax and cool down I lay my head back poised to close my eyes quickly if needed.She straighten up in her seat a little and seemed to go back to peacefull sleep. I wanted to grab a hold of her and pull her close to me. I felt like I should be holding her and carressing her as though we had just made pasionate love. She probably would have welcomed it as she kept her head on my shoulder and her now relaxed hand back on my forearm. I heard a small sigh creep from her as though to say wow.

I almost wished she had rolled over just so I could go to the restroom and take care of myself now. But I was also very much enjoying her touch even if she didn't realize it was me she was touching.

Eventually I to drifted back off to sleep. The next thing I remember the Flight attendant was waking us for our meal. It was the same old stuff that I had gotten so used to eating on these long flights. As we sat there and ate I was reminded that I hadn't even thought to ask this sleeping bueaty her name. When she replied with Ashley I almost choked on my salad. I had always loved that name, and I was ready to ask her when we could get married.

Both of us having a full stomach and a nap we talked a little about where she came from. It was a nice conversation and I was entranced buy her curly brown hair and her soft lips. I didn't want her to know what I had observed earlier so I tried to keep the coversation clear of any hint of my attraction to her.

She excused herself to use the restroom and I stood to let her and then I watched her as she made her way up the isle. I had a quick thought of helping her but it left as quickly as it arrived. My thoughts turning to thinking she wasn't that kind of girl. I couldn't see her trying to join the mile high club, well atleast not with a partner.

When she returned I noticed she had freshened her make up a little while she was in there. I caught a sniff of her lightly fruit scented perfume as she drifted by. We both started back to seperate activities when she sat down. There was a slightly different feel about her pressence as she sat there now reading her novel again. I couldn't tell what it was just something different and not wanting to pry I didn't want to ask.

The rest of the flight although exhausting was uneventfull. I studied my sales proposal and her reading the majority of her cheep paperback. As we began our approach and buckled in she began to grip the arm rest as she had my arm ealier. I was very tempted to comfort her by holding it but somehow knew that would be crossing the line. I did however reassure her that everything was ok. I explained that being an experienced flyer that these pilots were some of the best I had flown with. It wasn't entirely true but I also didn't want her to be scared.

As we taxied to the terminal I turned to her and told her that it was a definate pleasure flying next to her. Ashley returned to compliment but I am not sure she knew how much I really enjoyed it. When we reached the terminal I stood to retrieve my bag from the overhead. I sat it on my seat and handed her a business card. I told her I was in europe a good bit with my work and that if she ever needed a friendly face to give me a call. Ashley seemed very pleased with my generousity adn as she started to stand up and straighten her self up to walk out she dropped her book.

When I reached to retreive it for her she turned to get her suit jacket from the seat. to this day I am not sure what made me do it but I couldn't help my self. I took a quick peak up her skirt not really expacting to see much but a quick look at her sexy bottom. I almost dropped everything when I saw she wasnt wearing any panties. This time though I looked to long and I was certian she had caught me looking whan she quickly turned around. I stood up and i could feel my face getting warm and certianly red. I felt really stupid for doing it and I was ready to start making excuses if she was to confront me on it.

I stepped back to let her out trying to make a gentlemenly gesture to try and redeem myself. Just as I was about to shoot myself for being so eager, she stepped beside me pressing her body into mine making it look incidental and she whispered to me and asked if I liked what I saw. My mouth must have emediately dropped open as I stammered for words and she reached her finger up and placed it accross my mouth as to say it was ok and to shut up before I said something stupid. Then she asked if I would buy her a coffee when we got inside.

I could tell by her stare it was more then just a coffee. I jumped at the chance feeling like a teenaged boy who had just landed a date with the head cheerleader. As we made our way up the ramp I had a fixed stare on her muscular calves as she walked just ahead of me. When we reached to top of the ramp I lead her to a little coffee stand just past the gates. The whole walk neither of us spoke. Then I told her I would show her where the baggage claim area was.

She asked if I wouldn't mind helping her get her rental car and loading her bags. I would have carried then to her hotel from there. As we stood at the carousel waiting for our luggage she primped her hair and tugged a little of her suit jacket making sure to look as propper as she could. Then she asked almost matter of fact if I had enjoyed the show on the plane. Shocked again not just by her knowing but buy the the blank serious look on her face. I told her that I most certianly did. She explained that she thought that I might and then she leaned over just a little to tell me other than her being completely awake everything else I saw was completely real.

There was a very noticable bulge in my pants at this point. I was happy to see our bags coming down the belt and I was excited to see where this day was going to end up. We collected our bags and made our way to the rental car counter.

Ashley was standing in front of me at the counter and as we waited in line she kept the teasing going as she made seemingly incidental contact witth me. Then she bent over to get somethinfg out of one of her bags and she made sure that I was looking as she did. I watched her skirt ride up not enough to see anything but knowing what I did about what was under it, it was definately enough to keep the bulge growing. She asked where I was staying while I was in town as though we had just met and were making small talk. I answered and kept the act going as the line moved along.

It seemed like time was just creeping along when we finnally reached the counter. She retreived her keys and rental agreement and the waited close by until I had finished. I met up with her and we made our way outside to the large parking area to search for our cars. With a cart full of our luggage in tow we found her car under the edge of one the lights cast by the pole lights. It was dark and very late there and the parking lot was nearly full of cars but we hadn't seen a single person for the nearly fifteen minutes we had been walking.

She unlocked the drivers door and then made her way to the back and popped the trunk lid. I grabbed on of her bags and lifted it into the trunk. while my hands were occupied with her bag she stepped close to me and rubbed her breasts against my chest. I felt her hand slide accross the bulge in the front of my pants. Then she went to loading her bags into the trunk. While she was slightly bent to put a bag in the car I had stepped behind her with the final piece of luggage. She noticed my close stance to her and she stepped back and firmly pressed her sexy ass against my allready stiff member.then leaned her head to the side and pushed it into my chest as her hand reached around and grabbed ahold of my butt to be sure I didnt pull away.

I couldn't resist her anymore. I dropped her bag and grabbed her hips with both hands. Then I leaned down and kissed her neck with all the passion she had been building in me. She pushed a little harder against me and i spun her around to face me. I backed her against the open trunk of the car. Kissing her was almost all I needed. Her lips so soft and inviting. Her french manicured nails gliding all over my back and her one leg up and wrapped around my lower leg pulling me close.

Using my lips and the tip of my tongue I made my way down hthe front of her neck and to her chest as she threw her head back to allow me to enjoy her sexy neck line. i unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse and enjoyed kissing her cleavage. I continued to make my way down her body with on of her hands gently guiding downward while the other had reached up to grip the edge of the trunk opening.

As my head was making its way down my hands were making thier way up. I was carressing those silken covered legs and by the time my hands reached the naked skin above her thigh highs my head had just about met them.her hand left my head and gathered the front of her skirt to give me a better look at what I had peeked at on the plane.

Expecting things to stop at anytime I was dertermined to go as far as she was willing to right here. I kissed at her hip and made my way down towards the small landing strip that was obviously well maintained. To my astonishment she raised her one leg and rested it on my shoulder. She had also pulled her skirt nearly over my head resting it and her hand on the back of my head. her hand still guiding me towards her waiting slit. I wasn't going to rush getting ther I really wanted to enjoy as much of her as possible. I soflty kissed and gently lick my way down the crease of her lag and then up the inside both of her inner thighs. Wanting to tease her as she had me before I gave her any pleasure. her hips had started to wiggle and her hand putting more and more pressure on head to get there.

When I reached her inocent looking little pussy I very lightly ran my tongue the length of it. Having to push my head back as she was trying to force me to go at her. I then gave into her pressure and I lapped at her waiting and swollen clit. Her hips and hand made certian that I knew this is what she had been waitng for. She tasted sweet and I was enjoying having my face covered by her warmth. I was lapping at her passionately and then I sucked her clit into my mouth as I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. I could feel her leg starting to shake on my shoulder as i went at her with a vengence. As i could feel her starting to tense and her hand pressing myhead into her I moved my mouth down so that I could taste the gift she had been storing for me. Her whole body seemed to tense as I darted my tongue in and ouf her. I had placed myself so that as I lapeed at her juices the tip of my nose was still rubbing against her button. I was moving my head in small circles to be sure that my nose was being effective as her sweet nectur was pouring into my mouth. I was really enjoying her taste as she her hand had moved to my forehead and I was now in a new battle. I wanted to stay there and give her even more oral pleasure. Finnally I gave up the fight and pulled my head back.

She pulled me up to her and she seemed to enjoy her taste as much as me as she kissed and licked around my mouth. Now her hands were busy undoing my belt, button and zipper. She kissed her way to my neck and the whispered into my ear that she needed me inside her. I was thinking thats where I was wanting to be as well. When she had gotten my hard rod out of my pants she stroked it just a few times and then she gave me one last kiss as she turned around and lift her ass to meet me.

I lift her skirt and I started teasing her with the head of my prick. She reached between her legs and made sure that wasnt going to last anylonger as she guided me into her. She felt so good wrapped around me and she pushed back imediately to make sure she got all of it on the first stroke. We both let out a moan of both pleasure and relief.

Certian that I wasn't going to last long due to all the anticipation, I reached my hand around to put a finger on here button. I wanted to feel her cumming as I did.her hand found mine and she grabbed it and held it tight as I slowly took deep long strokes at her. I loved the feel of her soft hand on mine. I lifted her skirt a little more with my other hand wanting to get a good look are her perfect ass pushing against me.

It didn't take long for the combination of my hand and my hard shaft to have her on her way to another orgasm. I felt her grip on my hand get tighter and tighter till I had no chance of pulling it away. The way she was move=ingher hips had me starting to swell as well.I was desperately trying to hold back till she was ready. When I felt her starting to throb on the inside I couldn't hold on any longer. She turned and gave me a look assuring me that she was ready to let me have my release. I grabbed her hip with my strong hand and I pushed deep inside her. Her head dropped down and she was trying to stop my finger from the circles it was rubbing on her clit. I felt her tighten inside and out as a squeal of pleasure released from her her tightly closed mouth.

I felt my member start to throb. My knees had almost gave out as I came deep inside her tight little hole. She was psuhing hard against me as I slowed my finger to a gentle rub to try and lengthen her pleasure. As we both started to recover I slowly started to slide out from inside her. I couldn't help but gasp in pleasure as I did.

I collected myself and as did she. I pulled her close and she truned her head sideways and placed it against my chest. I stroked her hair with one hand as I rubbed her back with the other. I tilted my head down and kissedd the top of her head as I enjoyed the smell of her hair. We stood there for a minute enjoying each others embrace. Then we kissed for a minute and I told that she was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced.

Ashley broke the embrace and brushed her hands down her outfit to straighten her self. I did the same and as i stood there admiring her she turned and closed the trunk of the car. I was just getting ready to ask her if we could head to my hotel room for another round when she reached out and gave me a quick kiss. The she said that she had to get to the school and get some sleep so she was frsh for a meeting with the dean the next day.

I asked her if she would like to go to dinner the following evening. She didnt even make eye contact when she said she had my card and she would call if she could make it. Then she climbed into the car and buckled up as I stood there stunned at what just happened to me. I turned and collect the cart as I started to walk away and find my own car. She pulled out and I stopped there to watch her drive by as she waved through the passenger window I couldn't help feeling a little empty.

I found my car a couple of rows over and as I loaded my luggage into it my mind was still spinning from the experience. I was glad that the drive to the hotel was a familuar one becuase my mind wasn't focused on the route at all. It was like the car was on autopilot as I recalled the feeling of her in my arms the whole way there.

Ashley never called the next day. I spent the nexy four years carefully watching the people passing by me while in europe just hoping that I would see her again. I never did and I still hope that one day I will see her again. This time though I am not letting her get away so easily. Allthough it was the most passsionate night I have ever experienced I can't help but miss her. I just wish that embrace had lasted till the end of my days.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this tthe way I enjoyed writing it. Please send me feedback as well. I would love to hear what you think good or bad please . thanks again.

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