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Night Of Bliss at the Saint Francis Hotel, San Francisco

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Night of Bliss In San Francisco

Several years ago, when I was living in San Francisco, I had an experience that many men often hope for, but never encounter. I am 6?2?, 210 lbs, and at that time, I was in my late 30?s.

I was out dancing at the Starlight Lounge at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. I was a really nice setting, sitting atop of the hotel. There was a live jazz band playing and I went over to the bar counter to have a drink. At the other end of the long counter sat a woman that could best be described as ?Jessica Rabbit? in the flesh. She was in her late 20?s, about 5?5?, it was evident that she had a great set of tits, as the cleavage was impossible to miss! Along with her luscious breasts was a great looking body, with a nice looking face!

Not wanting to appear forward, I simply sat at the other end of the bar. There was no one between us, but the long bar counter. Periodically, I would glance her way noticing the slit on the pink dress she was wearing and how the flow of the dress hugged her curves. Her hair dr*ped over one of her eyes, just like I recalled ?Jessica Rabbit.?

As the night went on a large group of people came in the lounge. As the approached the bar, it was evident that they simply took up the entire bar stools that were left and wanted to all be at one end of the bar. I was asked by a nice looking lady if I would mind moving over so they could all be at the end of the bar. When I moved over, I ended up sitting next to ?Jessica.? Eventually, I struck up a conversation, offered to buy her a drink and we danced. When we danced, I could not help but noticing her sway and the movement of her body. She was definitely HOT!!

We got closer as we danced slowly. I could feel her firm breasts and the fullness of them rubbing on my arms as I held her. We sat and I eventually asked her if she would like to sit at a table with more privacy, and she agreed.

We continued to make small talk as I eventually ram my hand on her right knee. She did not object, so I took that as a green light to continue my exploring. As I continued up her legs, I could feel the warmth of her body as she slowly spread her legs to give me better access. I could feel her nylons and the clips holding them up on her garter belt as I made my way up her thigh. I eventually got to her panties, which were close to being soaked, they were definitely moist and I could see she was definitely excited.

By this time it was late and as we walked out into the lobby of the Saint Francis Hotel, I asked her if she wanted to spend the night at the hotel. She politely said. ?Yes?

I walked up to the front desk and checked in. as we took the elevator to the room, it was clear that we were both looking forward with anticipation a night of pleasure and hot sex.

When we walked in, I tried to seduce her, and she stopped me. She asked me to lay back on the bed. As I did, she got on her knees and slowly and methodically removed my slacks. As she did, she could see my cock was stiff as a pole. Under her breath she said. ?Oh my!? as she glanced at my 11? cock that is easily 6? around.

I must admit that the experience was extremely erotic!

Slowly slipping my boxers off, she eagerly took the tip of the circumcised cock into her wet warm mouth. She sucked it like a popsicle for a while, eventually working my cock into her wanting mouth and throat; she was definitely experienced!

After a while she was sucking my cock with passion and the desire. I was totally enjoying her working on my tool. After a while, I came and she eagerly swallowed every drop of my cum. I was spent, but not for long.

I slipped off her dress, and the sight of her in a black laced bra that showed off her awesome breasts was certainly candy for my eyes! I slowly slipped of the lower part of her dress to reveal her black garter belt and a tiny black thong! She definitely got my attention and my cock was quickly rock hard again!

I removed her bra to find her erect nipples surrounded by areolas that were easily the size of a silver dollar. I sucked and played with her breasts as she took hold of my cock and began gently stocking it!

I could have easily fucked her right there, but I wanted to taste her wet, moist pussy. I laid her back on the bed and slowly made my way to her glistening slit. It was trimmed with just a sliver of pubic hair just above her moistness. As I started to play and run my tongue on her pussy, she began to moan and appeared to open herself more as if offering herself to me. I was in heaven!

Taking my time, I wanted to give her pleasure that would always remind her of this night of sheer pleasure and hot sex!

As I continued to lap her, I found her button. It was definitely the size of a small pearl and every time I would touch it with my tongue she would jump and squirm. I slowly slip in one finger inside her moistness, and then two, eventually I got up to four fingers which easily slid in and out. She began to buck and ride my fingers telling me that she wanted me to fuck her.

I laid her back and spread her legs slowly sliding my cock in her moistness. As I did, she let out a moan. She asked me to go slowly at first. I did. She would grind her hips as is to tease me, while at the same time allowing me to penetrate her more and more. After a few minutes I was totally engulfed by her.

I began to ride her faster and faster, as I did she moaned even louder: telling me not to stop! I rode her until I was sweating profusely. Looking for something to wipe the perspiration off, she offered to go to the bathroom for a towel.

When I got off of her, she went to the bathroom and came back with a towel. She then got on all four and offered herself to me. She was so hot!

I slowly slid into her pussy and again easily slid right in. I grabbed her ass as I banged her without any mercy! When I would slow down, she would keep backing up sliding my cock in and out. I would once again pick up the pace and she would moan as her she struggled to catch her breath and tell me that she was coming again!

I was glad I was able to keep from coming. As I wanted to enjoy this lady all I could!

As I lay next to her, we kissed with passion for quite a while and eventually got going once again, this time she got on top of me facing me at first. She was on her knees at first; it was at that time that she told me that she wanted to enjoy my cock as much as she could. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige.

Sliding in and out, she moved to a crotched position while she faced me. I could see my cock as it slid in and out as whatever pace she wanted. She looked down to see the image of my cock going in and out and she said, ?That looks so hot and feels even better!?

She then said she wanted to see this on the reflection in the mirror on the dresser which faced the bed. This time she had her back to me and was facing the mirror. Slowly she guided my cock into her pussy. Riding it in and out, she kept telling me how hot it made her to see me going in and out of her pussy. I was definitely in heaven.

When she got off, she said she wanted to suck me until I cam in her mouth. She took me and sucked, stroked and played with my balls until I came in her mouth. I was spent!

We feel asleep only to wake up in each others arms the following day. It was almost noon?????..

We say each other again several times making love in the bath, at her office, and even on the beach. She even gave me some of that back door action, but that is for another day.

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