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Newlywed Fun Chapter 9

Newlywed Fun Chapter 9

Janet awoke wrapped in Mark's arms. She nestled against him, feeling safe and secure. She thought back to the night before, and what they had done together, first with Sherry, then with Bob and Laura joining in as well. The five of them had fucked in just about every position imaginable, with the women sharing the men and each other unselfishly. Sometime around four in the morning, the five of them had staggered out of the bedroom to find the rest of their guests gone. She and Mark had made their way home and collapsed in bed, falling instantly asleep. She got up slowly, not wanting to wake him, and went to the bathroom and climbed into the shower. Under the stinging spray of hot water she began to wake up. As she ran her hands over her full, luscious figure, she knew she had a lot to be thankful for. She had a beautiful, sensual body that loved sex, she was healthy, and most importantly, she had a wonderful husband who loved her. He wasn't rich, but he made a good living for them, was a hard worker, and an excellent lover. Vowing to make sure she never did anything which would incur his anger or distrust of her again, she got out of the shower and quickly dried herself off, slipped on the comfortable terry robe hanging on the back of the door, then tiptoed through the bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen. She began to hum softly to herself as she fixed breakfast for the two of them. Once breakfast was ready, she carefully set everything on a large serving caddy and carried it upstairs. As she entered the bedroom, Mark was just rolling over. He opened his eyes and looked at her. "Good morning," she said cheerfully as she placed the tray on the bed between them. She sat with legs crossed under her on her side of the bed. "Good morning, yourself," he replied with a smile. "What's this?" "I thought it would be nice to have breakfast in bed. It's been a while since we did that." "That's very sweet of you," he told her, leaning over to kiss her. "Can't make a habit out of it though," she said. "Otherwise you'll start expecting breakfast in bed every weekend. Don't want to spoil you." "Yeah, right," he replied, and took a bite of buttered toast. He chewed it for a moment before speaking again. "Can I ask you something?" "Of course." "How... well, how did this thing all start? With Bob and Laura." "You really want to know?" she asked. "Yes. And I promise not to get mad. After what happened last night, I don't think I have any right to be mad at you." "Well, okay," she said. As they ate she told him about her introduction to lesbian love with Laura, of how the blonde neighbor had, more or less, seduced her, and of her willing and eager acceptance. While she spoke she could see his cock hardening beneath the sheet and smiled to herself. She went on to tell him about how Bob had gotten her down in the basement and had her suck his cock for the first time. A slight trace of pain flashed through his eyes, but it quickly passed. She even told him about the 15-year-old brother of Carol Spellman and how she had seduced him and took his virginity. "By the way, how was his sister?" she asked with a grin. "Well, she's got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner, but very little technique. And as for fucking, she's more into acrobatics than pleasure." "I hear her husband is hung like a horse and is one of the best cunt lickers around." Mark smiled slyly at her. "You sound like you might be interested in finding out for yourself." "I might," she told him, arching her eyebrows before breaking into a grin. "Well, I'll tell you what," Mark said as he picked up the now empty tray set and set it on the floor beside the bed. "Today is Saturday, and no one has to get up early tomorrow, so why don't we invite them over for the evening?" "Sure, just as soon as I get down with you," she told him. They spent the next hour engaging in lovemaking, and even though they each only had one orgasm apiece, it was completely satisfying to them both. Afterwards, they took a shower together and got dressed. For the rest of the morning, she worked inside the house while Mark worked outside, cutting grass and setting up stones for a new flower garden. Around noon she fixed a light lunch, which they ate out on the back porch, enjoying the peace and solitude of being together. They were just finishing up when Laura came over to join them. "I see the love birds have patched things up," she said with a smile. "Good. Now Bob and I are going up to the lake for the rest of the day, and I thought I'd pop over to see if the two of you wanted to come with us." Janet looked at Mark, but he shook his head. "Not this time," she told Laura, "but thanks for asking. We've made some plans of our own for this evening." "Maybe next weekend," Laura said as she stood up. She gave a kiss to each of them and left. "You sure you don't want to go?" Janet asked Mark when Laura was out of sight. "I'm sure. It sounds nice, but I don't think I'm really up to that with them tonight." "What you really mean," she said with a grin, "is that you want to see me take a twelve-inch cock." "Partially," he replied. "But there is another reason as well." "What?" "I happen to know that Carol had to leave this morning for a trip out of town, leaving her husband alone." "Oh, I see," Janet said, the picture becoming clear to her now. "So, since she is going to be out of town, you thought we could invite Sherry instead, right?" "Any objections?" "Just one," she told him, smiling brightly. "And that is that you don't get too attached to that red-haired pussy of hers." "Not a chance. I'll admit that she is incredibly tight, and I can actually feel my cock touching bottom in her cunt, but she's only a slight diversion, and could never be a replacement for you." "You know, Mark," she said thoughtfully, "I don't have any objections to us having different partners from time to time, but we have to be open and honest about it. I thought I had lost you yesterday when you found out about me and Bob and Roland, and I don't ever want that to happen again. I love you, only you and I could very easily live my life without ever having another man touch me." "I know, honey," he replied softly, reaching for her hand. "I feel the same way, and anytime you want to quit, just say so. I may enjoy the tightness of Sherry, or the difference of her to you, but she's not you, and you are the woman I love. No one will ever take your place in our bed, or in my heart." "Want me to make the calls?" she asked. "You call Sherry, I'll call Chuck," "Is that his name? I never knew what it was," she replied with a giggle as the two of them headed into the house. She looked up Sherry's number in the neighborhood directory and heard her sultry voice answer the telephone after the - first ring. "Sherry? It's Janet. Listen, how would you like to come over this evening for supper?" "Sure, Janet, what time?" "Say about six-thirty." "Will anyone else be there?" "Mark and myself, you, and Chuck Spellman. Carol is out of town, so Mark and I thought we would invite him. Is that okay with you?" "Sure. I'll look forward to it. See you then," she said, the excitements clear in her voice. "Your turn," Janet said, and handed the phone to Mark. He dialed Chuck's number, but had to wait for a few rings before he finally answered. "Chuck, this is Mark. Listen, Janet and I thought you might like to come over for supper tonight since Carol is out of town. No sense in you sitting there alone. And we've also invited Sherry, so it won't be like you'll be the odd man out. How about six-thirty? Fine, see you then." He hung up and turned to Janet and kissed her lightly. "All set," he told her as his hands dropped down to cup the full, firm globes of her ass. "Good. Now I have to go to the store and get something for us to eat tonight. I was supposed to go shopping today anyway. Anything you need before I go?" "How about a blow-job?" he asked with a grin. "I'd never get to the store in time if I did that," she said as she headed for the door. As she walked around the grocery store, going down her list and picking the items off the shelves, she realized that she was still horny, even after this morning's fuck. She knew that not only would she get fucked by Chuck and Mark that night, but that she was going to get alone with Sherry no matter what it took. She was standing in the produce section, absently fingering a large cucumber, when she became aware of someone standing beside her. She turned her head and saw a tall, well built young man standing next to her. He wore a green apron over his jeans and white shirt. "Are you alright, lady?" he asked, a look of concern on his face. "What? Oh, sure. I was just thinking about something," she told him, feeling herself blush under the direct gaze of the handsome young man. "I just wondered. You were standing there with a dazed look on your face playing with that cucumber and I thought something might be wrong. She looked at him more closely, seeing the look of lust in his eyes. "How old are you?" she asked softly, stepping slightly closer to him, allowing her tits to lightly touch his chest.
"Seventeen," he replied boldly. "Tell me, do you have any fresher produce in the back?" she asked, her meaning clear. "Oh, yes, we do. It may not be as big as that cucumber you're holding, but I can guarantee that it's firmer and will suit your purposes perfectly." "Really? Then why don't you show me?" "Gladly," he replied, taking her arm and pushing her cart towards the double swinging doors at the back of the store. He guided her cart through them, pushed it to one side, then, still holding her arm, guided her to a secluded office in the very back. Once inside, he shut and locked the door, quickly stripped off his apron and unfastened his belt and pants. "Very nice," she whispered as she reached out to grasp his cock. It was nearly as big as Mark's, and that pleased her. "Now, let's see those melons you're hiding beneath your blouse," he said, quickly unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her tits. He gently squeezed them, making her moan deep in her throat. He bent his head to suck one of her hard nipples into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it making her cunt begin to dampen as her hand worked up and down his cock. He reached down and grabbed the hem of her short skirt, pulled it up around her waist, then tore her panties off of her and tossed them to one side. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass and picked her up, setting her on the edge of the desk, which positioned her cunt perfectly for entry. With his lips locked around one nipple, he lifted her legs, allowing her to wrap them around his waist before driving his cock in her in one swift thrust. Janet arched her back, leaning back on her arms as the muscular young man began to fuck her relentlessly, his mouth going from one tit to another. She felt a quick climax rush through her, but knew it was only the beginning. It passed and another began to build within her. As she reached her second orgasm, gritting her teeth to keep from crying out and letting anyone hear, she felt him pull his cock out of her. She wondered what he was doing, as she knew he hadn't gotten his rocks off yet, but she didn't have to wonder for long. He pulled her from the desk, turned her around and bent her over. He spread her legs wide and then drove his cock as far into her pulsing cunt as he could. The edge of the desk bit uncomfortably into her hips, but the feel of his cock slamming in and out of her cunt made her soon forget it. His hands came around to fondle her tits, rolling and squeezing the nipples and making her whimper in delight and passion. She felt another climax rip the length of her body, and as soon as it passed, he again pulled his cock out of her pussy. But this time, instead of putting her in another position, he merely raised his cock, placed it against the tiny opening of her ass and shoved. He drove his cock into her ass in one long powerful plunge, and she had to bite her hand to keep from screaming. Over and over his cock rammed into her ass as his fingers continued to maul her tits and nipples. She was building towards a monster climax. She could feel her cunt pulsing as his cock slamming hard into her ass. She was almost there, when she noticed he was driving his cock into her at an even faster pace. One hand left her tits and worked its way down her body. At that point everything seemed to happen at once. His dick drove into her, his groin mashed the globes of her ass, the head of his cock expanded inside her rear. His fingers found her clit and pinched hard and Janet's climax exploded, starting in her cunt and radiating outward from there. The room seemed to spin as she felt her cunt juice flood out and down her legs while his hot cum flooded her ass in what seemed like a never ending torrent. She ground her ass back against him, trying to take more of his cock as the orgasm washed over her from her cunt to all points of her body. At last she felt him relax, felt his cock start to deflate in her back passageway, and he gradually pulled it out, leaving her laying across the desk, unable to move. Seconds later she felt something brush her legs and work its way up to her ass. She realized he was using a soft cloth to help clean her off, which was very considerate of him. She finally stood up and turned around on legs that were still a little shaky. Janet smiled at the produce-boy, "I take it I'm not your first customer in the back room." "Not by a long shot, ma'am. You're younger than most, but you probably wouldn't believe the number of horny housewives that come in (and CUM in) this store. I know I didn't believe it when I started working here." "You know," she said with a grin, "I don't believe we even know each other's names." "Tom," he said as he cleaned himself off and refastened his jeans. "And you?" "Janet. Tell me, Tom, do you like older women?" "Hell, yes! Most girls my own age don't know shit about sex. I know that what we just did here doesn't really show it, but I can be a very considerate, patient lover with the right woman. Unfortunately, most of the girls I know love it when I take the time to bring them off, but don't really know how to go about doing the same thing for me." "Do you like redheads?" she asked, an idea forming in her mind. "Well, I've heard they are hot in bed, but I've never dated one before. Why?" "I happen to know a redhead who is looking for a good man to take care of her." "What's she like?" he asked, interest showing in his face. "Five-foot-tall, ninety-five to a hundred pounds, with a beautiful figure and a face to match. She has the greenest eyes you've ever seen, and her hair is a beautiful rusty red, both on her head and on her pussy. She just got divorced, is well off financially, and could use the services of a caring, considerate lover. Her husband was, until last night, the only man she had ever been to bed with, and she is open to being taught new things and would be very grateful to the right young man. I think the two of you might get along just fine." "How old is she?" "About twenty-two or three, but can look much younger if she wants. She really is beautiful." "Well, why don't you give me her name and phone number and I'll give her a call." "No, I've got a better idea. You give me your name and number, and I'll talk to her about it. She's coming over tonight for supper and I'll see what she has to say. I'll also give you a good recommendation," she added with a grin, reaching down to pat his crotch. "I'll be waiting for that call," he told her as he opened the door for her and then led her out of the back room to the store.
Janet hurried through her shopping, humming softly to herself. She knew that what she was doing had a two-fold purpose. She had seen the way Sherry had been attracted to Mark, and while she didn't mind the two of them fucking, she had a feeling it wouldn't take much for the woman to become attached to Mark, causing problems for all of them. If she could hook her up with Tom, she could divert her attentions from Mark. She drove quickly home, only to find Mark sitting in the kitchen drinking a cold beer, his feet propped up on the table. He jumped up to help her with the bags, but she could tell there was something wrong. "What's the matter?" "Chuck called back just after you left. It seems that there has been some trouble, an accident or something, and one of the plants he manages is in a mess. He had to leave right away and doesn't know when he'll be back." He looked at her, and she could tell by the expression on his face that he couldn't understand the smile on hers. "No problem!" she told him. "Woman, I know that look," he said, coming up behind her and slipping his arms around her waist. "What do you have in that dirty, devious little mind of yours?" "Well, while I was at the store I met a very charming, very good-looking young man who works in the produce section. He's seventeen, and he likes older women. I told him about Sherry, and he sounded very, very interested. I got his name and number, so we can call him and invite him instead. In fact, he's probably still at the store." "I see," Mark replied, reaching up to cup her tits. "And just how well did you get to know this young man?" "Very!" she replied, grinding her ass back against his rapidly hardening cock. "Wanton little slut," he said playfully and kissed the back of her neck. "Uh-huh, and you love it," she replied, reaching behind her to gently squeeze his cock. "But for now, we have to get this stuff put away before it spoils, and then I have to start supper." "What about this guy? You gonna call him?" She disengaged herself from his arms and got out the phone directory and looked up the number of the grocery store. When she found it, she called and asked for Tom, and then had to wait for a few minutes before he came to the phone. "Tom? Janet. Listen, there has been a slight change in plans. How would you like to come to dinner at my house tonight?" "Just the two of us?" he asked. "No. My husband and Sherry. It will give the two of you a chance to get to know one another. You never know what might happen." "Sure. What time?" "Is six-thirty okay?" "Well, I get off at six, so I'll have to rush. Give me your address." She gave him the address and told him not to worry about it if he were a little late and then hung up. She turned around to find that Mark had put away the food and was now sitting down at the table, his pants down around his ankles, his cock jutting straight up, and a grin spreading across his face. "This is one popsicle that doesn't go in the freezer," he told her, motioning her towards him with a crooked finger. She grinned and walked towards him and unbuttoned her blouse as she knelt in front of him so that he could play with her tits while she sucked his cock. She gently pushed his cock up against his stomach, bending her head and sticking out her tongue to lick his hairy nuts. She gently sucked one of the hard testicles into her mouth and rolled it around for a while before releasing it to do the same thing to the other one. She then licked her way up the length of his cock, hearing the little gasps of pleasure she was bringing from him by her slow teasing actions. As she reached the end of his cock, she licked around the little hole in the tip before letting her lips slide down in an ever widening circle to finally suck his cock completely. His hands came down to gently massage her tits. She raised up higher on her knees, bending her head and neck as she slowly lowered her mouth to his cock. And then she began to suck for all she was worth, wanting to bring him off quickly. Not so much for his sake, but for her own. She wanted to taste his cum, wanted to feel it as it shot out of his cock to coat her mouth, throat and teeth. Her head bobbed up and down faster and faster, the friction building between her lips and the shaft of his cock. She used one hand to cup and roll his nuts, urging him to cum as he began to squeeze her tits a little harder. "Oh, baby, yes," Mark hissed as the head of his cock slid down her throat. "No one can suck a cock like you can!" His words of praise filled her with pride and she redoubled her efforts, almost crying as she tried to coax the cum from his nuts. She squeezed them a little harder and then felt them start to draw up. His hips began to jerk upwards slightly as she fucked his cock into her mouth. His hands grabbed the long strands of her hair to hold her head in place. With a groan she pulled her head down as he rammed his cock as deeply into her throat as he could. She felt the head expand and then his cum shot out like a geyser. The first two spurts flew down her throat, but before the third one could, she pulled her head back, trapping his cock between her lips. She caught the rest of his cum in her mouth, sighing to herself as she drained him.

End of Story

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