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New Mechanic

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She hears a popping noise coming from the front of her car as she is driving. The steering wheel has become hard to control. She looks up and see?s a sign for an automotive shop. She pulls in, rests her head on the steering wheel. She thinks to herself, ?Great another expense." There is a knock on her window, a man stands there about 6 feet tall, good build. Even through her anxiety she can appreciate the specimen in front of her. She goes to open the door, he steps back to avoid being hit by the door. Ma?am everything ok, he says to her. She gets out a bit frazzled from the problem with her car and the fact she finds herself instantly attracted to this stranger in front of her.

She starts by telling him there is a noise coming from the car and my wheel is hard to control. He tells her well lets take a look. He looks as well as he can behind the tire but tells her has to get it up on the lift for a better view. She steps back hands him her keys, feeling an electric impulse go up her arm; she draws back with a gasp. He looks at her but not in an offended way and gets behind the wheel, adjusting the seat for his long legs. She watches as he pulls the car into the garage and over what she assumes is a lift.

She admires his dexterity as he jumps from the car and moves to raise the lift. She walks over to where he is as he walks under the lift to look at the car, stepping closer she can smell the sweat and odors that are from working on cars. It stimulates her more, she feels a wetness between her legs, and can?t figure out why he affects her this way. Unconsciously she leans closer, grazing his arm with her full breasts, feeling that jolt again but this time it goes straight to her pussy, causing even more wetness. He starts explaining what he is seeing; she is going to need bearings and a wheel hub. The thought of how much it is going to cost her in parts and labor, takes her back. Asking him how much its going to cost, he said lets see. Walking over to the computer and pulling up things, he tells her the parts are 175 dollars. She cringes a little, and asks about labor. He looks at her and tells her that depends on you. I can have this fixed in about an hour. How much time can you spare? She asks again about the labor. He states we can barter this and gets the look in his eyes and glances down and sees the tell tale bulge in his pants. She now knows what the labor is going to be. She tells him I have two hours to spare. He puts his hands on her waist, and guides her further into the garage away from public eyes and lifts her to the top of a work table, and lowers himself to this knees spreading her knees apart, seeing the dampness on her panties, he reaches under her skirt and pulls the side of her panties away from her wet mound and slides a finger over her lips, she gasps in pleasure, not wanting to think about what is going on, just feeling it. He slides his finger over her clit, making her jump a little, feeling how wet she is. Reaching with his other hand he pulls her panties down over her hips with her lifting slightly to help. After removing her panties he moves her skirt causing it to bunch up on her hips as he pulls her to the edge of the table and lifting her knees over his shoulders. Nuzzling her mound taking in her exquisite scent, he spreads her lips apart to dip his tongue in her wetness flicking her clit with his tongue before taking it in his mouth. Sucking on it lightly feeling her jerk a little from the pleasure and shock of what she is letting him do. Pulling her closer to his mouth, he slides his tongue deep into her wetness, stroking the inner parts of her with his tongue, she grips his hair trying to pull him even closer, moaning with pleasure. He brings her to orgasm, before she can come down from it, he stands with her legs still resting on his shoulders and unzips his pants to release his throbbing cock, and slides it into her wet hot pussy in one powerful thrust, she puts her hands behind her to balance herself so she does not fall back, due the power of him entering her pussy. He starts off with a rhythm to match his first thrust, gripping her hips to keep her from sliding back on the table. You can hear the sounds of their body coming together in this age old dance of lust. She is on the brink of screaming in pleasure as his cock is pulsing in her with each thrust. He brings her closer and closer to the edge, getting harder with each thrust, till grips her tightly and screams himself as he releases his hot cum into her tight pussy, causing her to squeeze tighter with her orgasm to match his. The both come down breathing hard, and he gently puts her on to the table, and steps back to zip his pants back up. Tells her where the bathroom is and proceeds to go start working on her car. She now has a new mechanic.

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