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Naughty housewife wants a baby

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I normally would be working today. So it was great to get off early on such a beautiful spring day. The windows in the house were open, a warm breeze made the house so inviting. I was hoping to surprise my wife. I parked in the garage, went into our bedroom to change, and started to wonder where my wife was at. ?Thanks for the break,? I heard Mikey talking to my wife on the back porch, taking a swig from a glass of iced tea, and wiping sweat from his brow onto his sleeve. Mikey is a 17 year-old boy who lives on our block and he mows our lawn and does other gardening tasks. I moved further back into the room so I could see them but they would not be able to see me. ?This is neat, eves-dropping on my wife,? I thought, unconcerned about anything erotic since my she always peppers her conversation with ?sweetheart? and ?honey? when talking to friends. ?Do you want to go at it again?? Mikey asked. My first thought was they had a water fight with the garden hose and Mikey was eager for a rematch. ?I?ll just listen for a second and then announce myself,? I thought.

?Oh, sweetheart,? my wife said, laying her hand over his wrist. ?I am very aware of how horny boys can be. But you?re just 17, still in high school. Besides you will find a girl,screw the pants off her, and leave for college forgetting all about me. ?No I won't,? Mikey said. ?I was too embarrassed to say it the first time but you took my virginity.? With a huge grin on my wife's face she replied, ?I know.? ?You don't need to be embarrassed, you handled yourself like a stud,? she added.

Freaking out, I slipped into our bedroom thinking they would not use this room. At 31 my wife still has a perfect body, the results of both an exercise regimen and not having had any children, which has been one of the disappointments of our lives. We both wanted kids. I suggested artificial insemination, but she felt her biological clock had some time left on it and wanted to ?keep trying a little longer? to see if she could conceive with me.

They came in via the back door. I got into the my closet and closed the door, so I wouldn?t be spotted no matter which bedroom they picked. The closet door was one with wooden slats facing down so you can not see in but looking down I could easily see out. The wait was fairly long. They talked in the kitchen and shared a pastry. Then I heard their foot steps coming down the hall together. ?Go on in,? I heard my wife say. ?I?ll be there in a minute. I need to freshen up.?

My first glimpse of Mikey made my stomach tighten and my lips go dry. This youngster, 14 years younger than my wife, was about to fuck her before my eyes. Teenagers are interesting creatures. The minute my wife left the room, Mikey closed the door, unzipped his pants, and looked at his mammoth hard-on in the mirror. His cock dwarfed mine in size. It was shocking. It was unimaginably thicker then mine and several inches longer, giving it a disproportionately large appearance on a body that was so skinny.

My wife entered a moment later, similarly dressed in jeans and fitted thin t-shirt, which exposed that fact she was not wearing a bra. ?I hope you?re ready for this, Mikey,? she said, and she pulled her top off, as Mikey?s eyes widened. ?Come to me, you sweetheart,? she said, and Mikey moved forward on the bed so he could kiss those magnificent, soft boobs. ?Would you take off my jeans?? she asked him after a few moments of tit and mouth kissing that had me at an unbelievable level of excitement. She lay down on the bed. He looked her over, unsure about what to do. ?Unzip,? my wife said, and he went to her pants zipper and pulled it down. ?Now, pull from the top,? she said, lifting her hips. With some struggle he got the pants down to her ankles and off.

?I wore panties so you could practice,? she said, smiling up at him. ?Not as simple when I wore my new yellow summer dress and you caught me not wearing any panties.? ?I was so shocked when you bent over in the garden and I first saw your pussy,? Mikey replied. ?It took you long enough, I purposely bought the shortest summer dress I could find the morning before you came over.? ?I was carelessly flashing my pussy at you all day,? my wife said. ?I was scared to get caught looking.? Mikey sheepishly replied. ?Well, you didn't seem scared when I lead you into the kitchen,? my wife replied. ?When you were fucking me from behind I could barely contain myself.? ?When you were pounding away, I was bearing down on the kitchen sink so hard, I thought I was going to pull it off the wall,? my wife said with a big smile. ?I could not believe it was happening, I was so scared of getting caught or you telling me to stop, that I tried to finish as fast as possible,? Mikey replied. ?You sure did, my pussy was throbbing all night after being fucked by your huge cock.? ?It was so cute how fast you took off after cumming inside of me,? my wife said.

I remember that day. When I got off work she was so horny. We had great sex. Thinking back, I started off eating her pussy thinking how wet she was and how turned on she must have been, but now I have to consider it could have been something else.

?Same thing, pull from the top.? As her freshly shaved pussy came into view. ?You are so beautiful,? he said. ?I never got to see all of you the first time.? My wife always kept her pussy trimmed but after years of asking she finally shaved it, I thought it was for me, but remembering how she bragged it was much easier to keep clean after sex, maybe she did it for another reason.

?Nor I you,? said my wife. ?But we?ll have more time today to get fully undressed. I?m so sorry we were rushed the first time. We just started too late in the day. Poor timing. Now get rid of that t-shirt and I?ll slip your pants off.? My wife had no trouble getting Mikey naked, especially since he wore no shorts and his cock popped out firmly erect. ?Oh, my, you?re really ready for this, aren?t you,? My wife said, climbing on top of him, kissing his chest on the way up and then his lips. Mikey used his strength to turn my wife over on her back, and kept kissing her, his cock somewhere along her leg. She let him kiss her awhile more, but as he pumped insistently against her pelvis, she pushed him off.

With that my wife began to kiss him on the mouth, and gently toy with his cock, which looked liked a large yellow summer squash in her tiny hands. Her bright red fingernails went from his balls upward to the top of his cock, then down again. Then she wrapped both her hand around his cock, neither hand was able to touch fully around his thick shaft, and she began slowly pumping it. My wife was slowly stroking Mikey?s cock as if she was trying to build up a massive load of cum inside Mikey. Sensing Mikey could not hold off a second longer my wife laid down and said, fuck me!? Mikey quickly forced his cock into my wife's tight pussy. My wife let out a loud grunt that sounded like she was experiencing more pain than pleasure as Mikey's huge head popped inside her pussy. Like the inexperienced lover he was, Mikey forced his massive cock inside my wife without hesitation or fear of hurting her. My wife screamed in beautiful agony as if Mikey was tearing her open. Mikey was obviously struggling to fit his giant cock inside my wife. Mikey thrusted and thrusted to fit inside her. When Mikey was balls deep inside my wife he made several rapid fire short thrusts slamming his cock into the deepest regions of her pussy that nobody before him had ever reached. Within a minute Mikey unleashed a load of cum into her womb. From the sounds of his continual grunts and small thrusts it must have been a huge load of cum. ?Go, Mikey. Enjoy it,? my wife said, still struggling to catch her breath after the trauma her pussy just endured.

?Oh, I?m so embarrassed that I cam so fast,? he said. ?Don?t be,? said my wife. ?That was so exciting. Now we can just hold each other for a few minutes while you recover and I?ll get you going again.? My wife held onto Mikey's ass keeping his cock inside her. Mikey used his down time to play with my wife tits. ?Your nipples are so hard and taste salty,? Mikey said. My wife was sweating like she had just given birth to Mikey's cock. After a decent interval, my wife moved into a position to suck his cock. ?Oh, don?t you want me to do that to you first?? Mikey asked. ?I don?t think you?re ready to taste me after you?ve come so hard, honey,? my wife said. ?Let me get you going again, get you very excited, and then if you want, you can try it.?

It didn?t take long for my wife to have the kid erect a second time, and she was getting into some serious cock sucking. I knew what he was feeling, because I have enjoyed the same wonderful feeling hundreds of times. My wife is enormously skilled at giving head, and she enjoys looking into your eyes and sharing the moment, which adds to the thrill. My wife's mouth barely fit around Mikey's head. This did not slow her down. My wife deep throated Mikey's cock as much as she could and used one hand on top of the other to encase Mikey's cock in pure pleasure. ?Well, it might be that you?ll never have a blue-eyed, red-headed, freckle-faced girl suck on you like this again,? she said with a twinkle in her voice as she lifted her mouth off him, and let him admire his wet, wide cock.

?Do you swallow your husband's sperm,? he asked. ?I want his sperm inside me. We?re trying to have a baby,? my wife replied. ?Oh,? he said. ?I thought maybe you took pills for that. I guess you wouldn?t want my sperm in you if you are trying to have a baby.? ?No worries, I am not ovulating right now,? my wife said. I knew this was a lie. My wife has a calendar she keeps posted in the bedroom that is always a constant reminder of when we should be trying.

By now Mikey?s cock had grown to its full, magnificent size again. Mikey stopped my wife, ?Do you mind if I had a turn?? Mikey climbed down between my wife's legs. After a few minutes of licking her smooth cunt, Mikey raised his head. He put his thumbs on my wife?s pussy lips and began an inspection tour. ?You?re not put off by it, Mikey?? my wife asked. ?It?s beautiful,? he said. ?Here?s the clitoris,? my wife said, guiding Mikey?s fingertip to it. ?That?s the magic button that makes women come and come. It?s not the only way, but, oh! that?s it, Mikey. Touch it with your tongue, circle it, probe it. It drives me wild.? Mikey was into it, and despite the shock of having had watch them fuck, I smiled at the results he was getting. My wife came, then she held his head against her and came again. Mikey broke the silence. ?I made you come, didn?t I?? he asked. ?Yes, Mikey. Really hard. You?re tongue is marvelous. Your cock is marvelous.

?Are you ready to start again?? he asked. ?Yes, I am ready to ?start again.?? my wife said. ?But let?s call it what it is. We are going to fuck, Mikey.? And fuck they did, after an appropriate warm-up period in which Mikey fingered my wife to another orgasm. Mikey commented on how wet she was, and kissed her muff again briefly.. ?I hope it?s wide enough,? she said to him. My wife then guided his cock into her and expelled a lungful of air with a loud ?ooooffff? as he entered, a sound I hadn?t heard since I took her virginity many years ago. She seemed to be more turned on than I?ve seen her in ages, writhing and grinding, wrapping her legs around him, and giving orders. ?Fuck me, Mikey,? she said, periodically. ?Oh, sweetheart, you have such a nice, thick cock. I love the feel of it.? Mikey lasted for a good session this time before he sent a fresh load of cum into his wife's unprotected pussy.

They were laying wrapped together until his cock apparently fell out, and my wife turned him over. Then she crawled into 69 position, her lips against his cock. ?You won't have time to shower up so let me clean you up,? she said. My wife could not get enough of Mikey's cock. If she had not been expecting me she could have gone all day. Eventually Mikey went home, about an hour before I was due to arrive. My wife changed the bed and showered. Although I wanted more than anything to jump in the shower with her, I took the opportunity to leave and come back at the appropriate time.

When I came through the door this time my wife was waiting for me at the door in her new yellow summer dress. She said, ?I have a special surprise for you.? She walked away from me and slowly bent over giving my a peek at her bare ass. My wife said with a grin and a wink, ?Go get cleaned up and don't forget I am ovulating.?

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