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Not My 80 Yr Old Squirting Gf But 77 Yrs And After...

I met her online . For 10 yrs before hubby died of cancer no, sex , 15 yrs since he died no sex. She never did oral either, in her life. My profile stated that even at my age sex wasn’t over and that was a no deal condition. We talked and clicked and talked openly including oral. She said she’d try. And try she did. By our 2nd meeting she had consumed 3 books and 3 DVDs plus other info. She passed her 1st time with flying colors and to my and you can believe to hers with some clit play then 2 fingers on her G spot she squirted 3 times that night. (she had never squirted before) That’s 2 yrs ago and she keeps getting better. This is not meant to be an over the top sexual story ,just to confirm there is sex after 60 (you knew that) , after 70 and as wet as hot as this 77 yr old babygirl gets on her own I expect after 80 we’ll still be doing it. I didn’t have to go to Florida to find it either . It’s right here in PA. Apparently even if you don’t use it you won’t lose it if you’re properly, aroused and stimulated.

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