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My wife is the hostess with the mostess

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My wife and I are each 40 years old. We have been swinging for the last 4 years. But it's really over the past 10 years or so that she has changed, with my help. She has become one of the most exciting and dirty women in bed you have ever scene. Two dicks in her pussy at once? Loves it. Cum on her face? Can't get enough. Regular DP? Absolutely. Other women? No problem.

To make things better, she is probably better looking now than ever before. At 5 foot 1, with long blond hair and what has to be the best implant jobs known to man, she is a looker. I don't think she ever goes out without being hit on, usually by younger guys. Tall, lean, muscular and young is her favorite type in fact.

Through swinging I have had some incredible experiences with some gorgeous women, but I have also learned that I just love to see my wife get fucked. And she loves to put on a show for me. And of all of those shows, one stands out the most.

Two years ago, we had just moved into our dream house, which frankly, was too damn big. At about the same time, a friend of mine associated with the local minor league baseball team asked if he new anyone who had extra room to be a "host family" for some of the ball players. I didn't know it, but often times, the players live with local families. I ended up volunteering one of our extra bedrooms, down in the basement.

A few weeks later, we had our house guest. 23 years old, 6 foot 4, muscular and lean with a great sense of humor an all-american good looks. I could tell when he saw my wife, Natalie, that he was a fan. Wearing her normal short shorts, and a nice blouse that showed off the cleavage, she was hard not to like. I introduced Natalie to our new guest, Ryan and we all chatted for awhile. We gave him a tour of the house, the neighborhood, etc.

That night, my wife basically attacked me in bed. That's not like her, so I knew she was really turned on by Ryan. Fine with me.

The next day, Ryan and I were in the kitchen when Natalie came down. Short shorts, and a tank that clearly let us know that she was cold. This kind of thing continued for a few days before Natalie finally brought the idea up, as I knew she would. We rarely played separately, but she often found herself alone in the house with Ryan for hours. And she wanted him. Hey, he was a great looking guy and nice. I understood. So we made our bargain. She could do what she wanted, but I wanted to know about every detail and I would want to make sure I got to fuck her whenever he did. I love fucking her after someone else has.

A couple of days later, when I was at my office, she called me. She had fucked him. That night, she told me how she had gone down to the basement and been working on re-arranging the bar down there when Ryan came out and they started talking. She was wearing shorts and a bikini top as she was going to the pool later. Ryan helped her back behind the bar with some of the items on the top shelf. And of course, before long, his hands were sliding down her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts. She slowly pushed her ass into his body and moved her hands onto his legs. Ryan, being no fool, moved ahead and ran his hands across her breasts, bent her back to him and started kissing her. Turning her around to face him, his hands found bikini top, undid it and he saw what was probably the best pair of tits he will ever see.

After that, my little wife did what she does best. She slid down to her knees and pulled his pants down while looking him right in the eye. As I woud witness later, Ryan is huge. About ten inches long and ridiculously wide, Natalie worked as much of it in her mouth as she could. There is nothing that turns her on like sucking a big dick. And when she wasn't doing that or sucking his balls, she was telling him what a nice big cock he had and how she wanted him to fuck her. She is great with the dirty talk.

Ryan lifted her up and carried her to the couch. Taking her shorts off, he stopped to eat her pussy and suck her clit for quite awhile. Using his long fingers, he discovered that my wife is a squirter, which I love. Back to sucking his cock, my wife eventually did her signature move--pushed him onto his back, straddled him and lowered her wet pussy onto his cock.

Natalie on top is the most amazing thing. She rides slowly and deeply with her back arched and tits out. She controls it. And then she starts grinding and moaning and she comes. Ryan loved it. His big cock was deeper in her than anything she had had before. She came all over him, several times.

Ryan flipped my wife onto her back and fed his cock to her mouth once again, giving her a good taste of her own juices. Then, he spread her legs and slid into her. Natalie wrapped her legs around him and just gave herself over to him. Letting him use his strength to move her around as he saw fit, plunging his cock into her over and over.

"You're going to fuck me all summer", she stated to him. He wasn't going to fight the idea. "I'm going to be your little host slut", she said. Again, she loves the dirty talk. "I want this big cock in my holes everyday! I want your cum! Fuck me hard!!"

Ryan wasn't used to this yet, but he was having a great time. He flipped my hot wife onto her hands and knees, her favorite position. Grabbing her hips from behind, he really appreciated her small waist and her tight ass. Pumping his cock into her pussy while she thrust her ass towards him and thrashed her long hair about, Ryan must have thought he was in heaven. She started telling him how much she loved the way he fucked her and how she was going to be a dirty little summer fuck for him. Then she started talking about how much she loved the way he was stretching her pussy.

Ryan told her he had to cum soon and she said,"Good, I want it all over my face. Cum on my face and give me a big load." With that, she got off his dick and onto her knees. Ryan stood and shot rope after rope of cum onto my wife's face and into her mouth. What she didn't get in her mouth, she scooped up with her fingers and ate, as usual. Then she sucked every last droplet off of and out of his cock.

That was the first night of her hosting. But not the last, and not the best. Those will have to be next. But that night, when I came home, I fucked her stretched out pussy and her ass until I blew what had to be the biggest load of my life onto her face. The slut loved it.

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