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My Very Young Lady Friend And Her Mother Part I

My very young lady friend and her mother Part I

I have a very young lady that I have just begun a sexual relationship
with. To give you an idea of the situation, I am a 39 year old
man, except for the pre-mature gray hair I look eight to
ten years younger. I am of mixed descent and keep solidly
fit at 6'4", 225lbs. recently; I met a beautiful
young black girl of nineteen who works as a waitress at a
restaurant near my suburban home. She is of mixed race herself
and is an incredible beauty. She stands all of five feet
tall and is a super slender 98 pounds of lean muscle. Her
hair is long and jet black, very soft and halfway down her
back. Her skin is the color of coffee with heavy cream and
she has green eyes and sharp features. She was wearing a
tight black dress which accentuated her tiny curves. Her
breasts are small with large nipples that I could easily
see the outline of through the dress.
Her name is Tricia and she lives with her mother very near
my home. Her former boyfriend abandoned her two years ago
after getting her pregnant and her having the child. She
has not dated anyone since then and wants to "find
the man of her dreams". She and I hit it off well and talked
several times over the next few weeks. I played it cool as
I never really thought I had a chance with her at all but she
actually asked me out on a date first. I agreed and we went
out to a local restaurant for dinner. I was really hoping
that this evening was going to be the break in a long dry spell
for me as I had not been with a woman in months. My hopes seemed
dashed when she told me over dinner that she into her church,
had "found the Lord" and wanted to wait until
she was married to have sex again and considered herself
a "reborn" virgin. I was further put in the backseat
when she stated that dreaded thing all men hate; I was like
a big brother to her. Though disappointed I still found
that her company was so nice that I wanted to see her again.
Besides her beliefs she was a joy to be with and who knows?
Maybe she might marry me one day. We started to spend more
time together and do things. She then introduced me to her
mother Karen. Karen is a beautiful, petit and very charming
lady of forty two. She has light skin with soft honey blonde
hairs also long like her daughter also sharing the same sparkling
green eyes. She has larger breasts than Tricia (I now know
they are implants) but that same hard body. It was one of
those moments. The energy was there when we met as I felt
her eyes all over me as I am sure now she felt mine. We chatted
for a while and she was very pleasant to me and we found that
we had a lot in common.

This past weekend I went to her house to give her a ride to
work. We got to talking and she asked if I wanted to have dinner
with her. I agreed and returned to the house after taking
Tricia to work for the evening.
When I arrived she was not ready to go out yet answering the
door only in a towel. She told me to get myself a drink while
she dressed. I knew I was in for a wonderful time when she
dropped the towel off of her body before leaving the kitchen.
A moment later she called to me and I went into her bedroom
then followed her voice into the bathroom. I found her sitting
on a chair in front of her mirror completely nude. Her body
was magnificent. Full breasts capped with pinkish soft
brown nipples fully erect. Her skin had a spray of small
moles over it. Her hair was in a towel wrapped around her
head and she was rubbing skin oil on. She asked me to rub it
on her back if I didn't mind. I played it cool and did
so politely making conversation all along. She asked me
how I liked her daughter and I told her I adored her. She said
she knew we were not sleeping together and asked how I felt
about that. I told her I really tried not to as it was too frustrating.
"Oh" she said. "Feel frustrated now?"
And I laughed and said yes. She turned to me standing and
I beheld her fully nude in front of me. Her pussy was shaved
except for just a little strip of blondish hair above her
clitoris. "Come here" she half whispered.
I leaned in and she pulled me to her giving me a deep long kiss.
I felt her wonderful back sliding my hands down to her tight
ass. She pulled at my turtleneck and at the buckle on my pants
all the while kissing me. I got naked and by that time I was
completely hard. I picked her up and walked her into the bedroom
her legs wrapped around me. I lay her down and kissed her
body, sucking her nipples and smooth hard belly. She is
a real beauty and I wanted to make the most of it. I went down
on her and she let out a sharp gasp as my tongue probed into
her very wet slit. I tasted her tangy and tart wetness as
thick as a heavy cream. I sucked her pussy and she screamed
out loud pulling my head in hard. "OOOOOOHHHHHHYESSSSSSS
and with that she exploded. I licked all the way through
her orgasm until she pushed me away. "It's too
much! I'm sorry...it's just too much."
"Fuck me. Fuck me now". I did as she asked and
slid easily inside of her. Her pussy was wonderful. I pumped
hard inside her thrusting hard as I could. She screamed
out in pleasure thrashing her head back and forth. "OH
God! Oh Yes! Fuck me, fuck me never ever stop fucking me!
she yelled. I made my body rigid and took the pushup position
and just gave her the hardest fucking I could. I looked down
between her legs and watched my cock thrust in and out. "It’s
so good! So good! Don't stop! I'm gonna come! I'm
gonna Come!" and with a loud grunt she did. She stopped
her thrusts at me and held me inside her. I actually could
feel the muscles of her vagina flutter around my cock and
I exploded deep inside her. I gushed weeks worth of come,
flooding her until it glistened all over my shaft. We rested
and she got up getting a glass of juice for me. She came back
in and I took a drink as she started to lick and suck my now
half hard and very gooey cock. She blew me expertly bringing
me back to hardness rather nicely. "My former husband
never ate my pussy." she told me between slurps and
licks. "I haven’t been eaten since I was in college.
God are you good at it." "And you are so good at
this" I said. She smiled and climbed on top of me taking
me shaft and sliding down on top of me. She then started a
slow rhythmic movement thrusting her hips back and forth.
I lay back and let her enjoy herself. She smiled and kissed
me a few times but then started to concentrate on the fuck.
She closed her eyes and got a seriously intense look on
her face and she thrust faster and faster. I felt my cock
start to tense up again. She rode me harder and then came
again collapsing on my chest. "Oh God! I haven’t
fucked like this in years. You're killing me, she told me. I was
amazed. I gently pushed her off and she
fell over on her side. I turned her on her belly and raised
her hips spreading her legs a bit. "Oh, want it like
a dog huh?" I told her I wanted her like the animal she
was. I positioned my cock at her wet opening and she pushed
back against me taking me in. I started to fuck her hard from
behind. She flattened out on the bed and spread her legs
wide as I drove deep into her. She was so tiny no larger than
say a twelve year old that it did not take much for my eight
inches to push all the way inside her. I was sweating now
and dripping. She moaned and came at least several more
times. Finally I came myself, not much but enough and fell
off to the side. We chatted and took a shower then dressed.
We decided that we would not let Tricia know about us as we
really had no idea where we were going to go from there. Over
the next week we fucked several times. Each more imaginative
than the last. The next weekend I picked up Tricia to go out
to dinner and dancing and she just suggested we go to my place.
Tricia had her mother watching her daughter and this was
a rare chance for us to be together alone. We got there and
I built a nice fire and she led me by the hand to the couch.
She kissed me and told me she wanted to make love to me that
night. I was shocked and asked what about the brother thing?
She said she wanted to be my lover now. I was instantly turned
on. We undressed each other and lay on the floor. Her body
was incredible. Smooth and hard with only a hint of her breast
having shrunk after nursing. Her pussy was completely
shaved and this made her look with her tiny body much younger
than her nineteen years. I took my time and went through
lots of foreplay. This was not the horny harlot her mother
was so I really worked to please her. I kissed her and cuddled
for over an hour caressing her skin and telling her how beautiful
she was to me. I sucked her nipples, now thick and erect and
kissed her smooth hard belly. I ate her smooth pussy until
she orgasm and then she kissed me licking her own come
off my wet face. Finally I had her so aroused and turned on
she practically begged me to fuck her. I asked if she was
sure and she said yes. I went to get a condom and she told me
she was on the pill now. She laid me back and rolled on top of
me taking my cock inside her in one soft wet stroke. Her vaginal
muscles were like velvet vice, soft, wet and soooo good.
She was a really sexy fuck. She rode me gently arching her
back and raising her arms over her head, rolling her hard,
dark brown nipples in her fingers, cupping her breasts.
We fucked on and off for over three hours in every position
I could conceive of. We stayed naked until the wee hours
learning each other. I watched her masturbate and lick
her fingers doing so. This turned me on to no end and then
we fucked a hard lust filled fuck. I whispered to her as we
did so asking her if she would fuck me in public, with her
friends watching, at an orgy. I saw her smiling and felt
her get more excited as I spoke. "Oh yeah!" she
would say. I asked if she wanted another girl to lick her
pussy while I fucked her and she went nuts, giggling and
laughing into an orgasm. I came hard inside her again.
We talked about it seriously and she said she had been with
several girls in high school and that she considered herself
bi but liked men more. I told her she was welcomed to enjoy
as many women as she liked and that I wanted her to enjoy her
I know now we have some fun times ahead. I am going to ask a
bi friend of mine if she would like to join us. I will let you
know what she says soon.

End of Story