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My Surprize

The other day, I came home from work as usual. I greeted my wife in the kitchen with a kiss as is customary. As we kissed it became more intense and not your usual greeting. The kiss soon became a hug and the huge soon became touching. We had not had any sex for a couple of day so I quickly became excited. I soon had my hand under her shirt and was enjoying her nice boobs. She was rubbing my cock through my pants and I had a good hard on.
This lasted for a while and we decided to move to the comfort of the sofa in the living room. When we got there I took off my pants and she removed her shirt and bra. We sat there for a while just touching and rubbing each other, and it was great. She then began sucking my cock as I rubbed her nice breasts. It felt great and we continued for a little, but I soon wanted more so I reach my hand down her pants to her pussy. It was wet, very wet, so I knew she was hot. I fingered her for a while and she was enjoying it, but soon once again, I wanted more. I told her to remove her pants and she did. She sat down with her legs spread to give me excellent to her wet pussy. I rubbed her all over the area and she moaned in delight.
I decided that since she was so sensitive, it would be a great time to eat her and get her off that way so I rolled over on her so I was laying on her with my legs between her legs. I started licking her nipples and she loved it. I move on down and started to lick her swollen clit. She jumped as I did. She said it was too much and that she could not take it. I ignored her and just kept licking. After a few seconds more, she said that she could not take any more and that she wanted me to just fuck her now.
I sat back away from her pussy but still between her legs. I continued to rub her pussy lips. She seemed to be enjoying it so I continued a little longer. Her lips were very wet and she was enjoying it. I open her lips fully so I could insert some fingers. As I looked at her pussy, I could see what looked like cum inside. I looked more closely and could not tell for sure but I decided that since we had not had any sex for several days, it was not cum. But honestly I was not sure. I stuck my finger in and pulled out a glob of it. It sure looked like cum. I smelled it, It sure smelled like cum.
I asked her, is this cum in your pussy? She immediately had a scowl on her face; she stumbled a little and said a firm no. I looked at it again on my finger, I smelled it again and I was sure it was. So I did the final test. I have often eaten my wife after I heave fucked her and know what cum tastes like. She watched me as I put my finger in my mouth. I tasted it, it was cum. I then said to her, it is cum. She said, no it is not in a disturbed voice and got up and walked back into the kitchen.

End of Story