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My stunning wife MMF

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My wife is stunning. She is not playboy beautiful nor could she be a supermodel. She is built for very well, and I have never been somewhere with her where someone has not approached us to compliment her on her appearance. I should explain what I mean when I say "not playboy beautiful"...

She is 5'4", the reason she could not be a supermodel, 120 pounds, tight firm ass, and very big boobs. Her hair is usually blonde, or dirty blonde, but sometimes it is darker. She is not rail thin or out of shape even alittle bit. I think you get the idea...

A few days ago we were out and I saw that she was drawing extra attention than normal. She was wearing a blue jean skirt that was barely covering her when she sat. It was the style with some fringe along the bottom, and faded in color. Her red top fit tight, espcially across her tits, and of bra. Her nipples are not gigantic but they are almost always hard at least a little bit. Her blonde hair fell halfway down her back, cut straight across, and from behind all you noticed was how if she were on her knees and bent slightly, her hair would fall right on her ass. She had on open toe shoes with some heel to them, but not the spike heel kind. They gave everyone a nice view of her sexy red toes. I could not stop looking her up and down. The men at the resturaunt couldn't either, and even some of the women would glance over at her from time to time.

She had to know she was hot as hell, and drawing attention, but never really did anything on purpose to draw extra attention, or give anyone a inappropriate view...although this happened all the time. Every time she sat down or got back up someone had a good view. I was not sure if she had panties on or not. I was assuming she did not, but sometimes she likes to have a pretty red set on. When she would laugh her tits would jiggle in that tight top, and what a sight that was. If she reached for her drink, or whatever, her cleavage would get exaggerated and people would stare.

I was loving it.

We watched porn on the PC of DVD's alot, and she is pretty open about sex and her bisexuality. From time to time she would have the desire to be with a woman, and I would enjoy her friends too. Sometimes I opted to stay home and let her have fun on her own with the beautiful women she would meet. I noticed a lady, with a man, staring at my wife. This woman was a beautiful ravn haired lady built similar to my wife. She was making me hard with simply the look on her face when she would turn to look at my wife. The guy she was with seemed clueless, but he was a alright looking guy. I suppose women would find him attractive, but he seemed pretty much like an average Joe to me.

When he got up to use the restroom I decided to go out on a limb and go also. On the way back to the tables I tapped him on the shoulder, and asked him if he would mind a slightly personal question. He got a puzzled look on his face, but prompted me to ask it. I asked him if he happened to see my wife,a nd if he thought she was sexy. He said that he did but didnt have a great view without being I suggested he get a better view and later to use the restroom again to tell me his opinion. He agreed. Before we went back, however, I asked him about his lady. he said it was only their 2nd date and that she was likely moving out of town, so he didnt see a big future. Damn. I thought to myself. haha.

Back at the table, I noticed this guy, whom i had forgotten to ask his name, move his chair so he had a less obvious but more revealing view of my wife. I started to ask her you have panites on? are you thinking about sex? are you horny...etc. She was writhing in her chair. She was so easy to get turned on that it's almost funny. I know she was reaching down to touch heself...not obviously, but occasionally. I glanced over at the other guy, and his friend, and they were both staring at my wife.

I asked my wife if she saw the black haired lady, and she said, "OH YES!".

I asked if she wanted her, and she said, "YES, i do!".

Perfect i thought. I have to try to set something up here. When the guy wnt to the restroom again, we exchanged a quick look between us, and I promplty excused myself, too. In the hallway, i said, "Well, what do you think?". He replied, "Wow she is awesome. I can not believe how hard she made me. Was she touching herself?".

I said, "Probably. I was trying to get her worked up for you two." THen i said, "Well would you like to play with her?"

THis guy almost choked. Im not sure he'd ever done sometihng like this before but I had plans. I convinced him it would be OK with me, and that initially I wanted him to bring his lady, too, but I had a new idea in mind for tonight. He agreed to go along with whatever I had in mind. I described my truck to him, and told him to go out and get in the back seat in about 15 minutes, and handed him my keys. Maybe a little risky on my part but what the hell, it's insured. I told him to make like he had to return an important business call to his lady, just in case this worked.

Back at the table, I continued to get my wife worked up. I could tell she was struggling with not playing with herself more than a brief moment here and there. She was so ready to go. I saw the guy look over, and when we made eye contact he got up and headed out the front door. I turned to my wife and said, " Im going to give the waiter my credit card for the meal and let him know we will be right back for some wine."

She asked,"Where are we going?"

I replied, "To the truck. I have a surprise there for you"

She jumped up and ran for the truck, while I looked for the waiter. Perfect I thought. She is more than horny.I hurried to get near her before she got in the truck. I said to her, "Seeing that lady tonight made me hot, she wanted you I think."

"I thought so too but I didnt get a chance to flirt with her, she never used the restroom", she said to me, panting a little bit.

"I want you to get fucked tonight. Get in the truck and dont be alarmed. SOmeone is ther for you." I told her. She then said, "Holy SHIT you didnt! I never saw you talk to her!"

"Just get in that truck and fuckl your brains out, it is all OK and I will be inside ordering us wine."

At the table, I couldnt help think of what was going on. Did she freak out because it was a man and not this gorgeous lady? Did the guy freak out and panick, leaving my wife there? I hope she didn't mace the guy or anything...haha. I kept glancing out the window of the resturaunt and the doors were still closed. I couldn't see if the truck was rocking or not. Damn it was killing me though.

In about 15 muinutes she came in, redfaced and hair a little bit messy, and sat down. She was looking at me like I did something mean to a little kid. I asked her, "Well...what happend, was it good?" She said, "You jerk you knew I was so fucking horny I would screw whatever you had in there for me"

I did know exactly that. We'd never had a threesome with her and 2 men, nor did she play around with other men even when she was with their women.

I had to know what happened but she was not talking about it at the resturant. I saw the guy wave his lady over, and they left. I guess he was uncomfortable about it all. I slid my chair next to hers as we shared a bottle of wine. I started to carress her leg, and inched up closer and closer to her waiste. She didnt have panties on, and would not uncross her legs. I told her to uncross them or I was not going to fuck her silly later. (yeah right). She did, and I moved my fingers to her nicely shaved pussy.

It was freaking soaked. She is not a loose woman, not even close to it, but 2 fingers slid in so damn easy i knew she'd been fucked. Then I could tell, that had to have been the guy's cum I was feeling. Im not bisexual and under normal circumstances i think that would have made me flunch a little at least...but it didnt at this moment.

"You bad little girl", I whispered in her ear. "You are a bad bad little girl and you are going to get fucked until you beg me to stop tonight."

I'm trying to get her to write her end of what happened in the truck, but no luck so far.

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