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My Sister In Law And The Kitchen Encounter

My sister-in-law and the kitchen encounter

I have always had the hot’s for my wife’s youngest sister.
She stands 5ft tall, weighs around 110 and has the most awesome
ass I have ever seen on a petite woman! She was not big
breasted but let's just say she was very nicely put together.
We had flirted and messed around before but never really
had the chance to do much with each other except the occasional
grope or feel. But we both knew that we had a thing for each
other. Well, my wife calls me at home on my day off and says
that her sister needs a ride to a job interview at 11 am in
Denver and would I give her a lift. Of course I said yes and
left for her place at 7 am. I got there a touch after 8 am and
she answered the door and smiled at me and let me in. She said
she would be back in a couple of minutes as she needed to drop
her baby daughter off at a neighbor’s apartment across the way.
I said ok, and she said there’s coffee on and to relax
and she will be back in a flash! I sat in the kitchen and
was reading the paper when she got back and came in. She didn't
say a word, she just stepped right over to me and planted
a hot wet kiss on my lips and sat down on my lap! Well
I had been aching for this kind of moment with her for ages
and I wasn't about to blow the opportunity. I held her
tight and we kissed deeply for the longest time. My hands
were down and rubbing across that sweet tight ass of hers
and my cock was now straining for escape. We came up for air,
and she looked at me, her eyes glistening, and
said" I have been just hoping for a moment like this"
! I told her I have fantasized of her quite often and had
always held out hope that someday we could have each other.
I kissed her softly on the lips and she stood and undressed
for me. As she quickly removed her clothes and revealed
that delicious body to me, I was shedding my own clothes
and sitting in the chair with a raging hard on sticking straight
out and up, just waiting to feel her glide down onto my aching
rod! She smiled widely at the site of my throbbing cock
and stepped up, facing me she straddled me, and with one
hand reached down and held my cock steady and slipped her
wet slick pussy down onto the head and I felt her warmth as
she slid down onto my shaft and all the way to my balls. She
began to grind her pelvis on me and I could feel her gripping
cunt working my aching cock into a frothing frenzy. I grabbed
her hips and began a super rhythm as we fucked ourselves
to a fever pitch. I took her sweet little girl type breasts
and lathered them with my mouth and tongue. To my surprise,
she arched her back , let out a guttural moan and gushed her
warm pussy cream all over my cock, balls and lap. I was soaked
all over from her and she just kept shaking, shuddering
and cumming as I sucked on her lovely breasts and thrust
up into her! We looked deeply into each others eyes and
slowly fucked and ground ourselves into the moment we had
both waited for as long as we could remember back. I had my
hands against her lower back and thrusting my cock up into
her, my mouth devouring her tits and rock hard nipples.
The slurping sound of our fucking filled the room as continued
to orgasm some more, flooding my lap with her love lotion.
I winced, looked her in the eyes and suddenly felt my balls
tighten and my cock expand, she felt it a swell and pressed
down harder on my now spurting cock. I moaned out load
and with one hard thrust, unleashed a torrent of my hot sticky
load deep into her! I felt as if I were going to turn myself
inside out form the intense pleasure pain I felt. We sat
there for a bit and enjoyed each other and the warn feeling
that had come over us. We don't get to see each other
much any more, but when we are at family get together, we
look at each other contentedly knowing we have each had
a most intimate part of the other! There have been other
meetings with each other, not in a place or at a point where
we may partake of each other again.

End of Story