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My loving wife

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As I took my last bite of my spaghetti dinner, I looked up at my wife Becky and realized how much I loved her. We had been married now for 7 years and over that period; I thought she had gone over and beyond compromising her opinions in hope that our relationship would develop into something wonderful.

Our first couple years were extremely difficult ones, and I was convinced we wouldn’t make it through, but even in our arguments Becky always kept a positive attitude. More than a number of times, in the heat of a discussion, she would stop and say in the most serious voice. “Can we continue this argument later and go and have sex!!?” I would burst out in laugher and we would hug and apologize to one another.

Other times while we found ourselves arguing, she would suddenly smile and say, “Sweetheart’ I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be fighting with you, I seem to have forgot at the moment, I married you because I love you and wanted to make you the happiest man in the world” She willingly took the blame as if she was the one in the wrong. As if throwing a bucket of water over a small fire, things would be suddenly calm and what ever it was we didn’t see eye to eye on, immediately seemed foolish. Her words would alway end the disagreement and countless times I would end up feeling so frustrated with myself, in that I wasn’t the one who spoke up first.

For years I wasn’t aware of how stubborn I’d get, and so blind to the fact I was married to the most understanding, thoughtful and patient woman alive, not to leave out to most beautiful, sensual, sexy, and best of the best, in bed.

I realized, in the times we didn’t see things from the same view point, all it meant was, there are different choices in life which lead to different out comes, some good and some bad. I understood, Becky was actually more right on in certain areas, where I was definitely better in others, but what she impressed in me was, never let our pride or strong will win over our love for one another.

When that finally sank into my thick skull, my attitude and belief system changed. I understood the key to a successful marriage and it seemed to work.

At that, I wanted to give Becky the world, even if things were out of reach I looked for ways to get them, but then one day I was faced with a reality there was one thing I couldn’t give her.

About 2 years ago, the two of us wondered why after 2 years of trying to conceive a baby Becky wasn’t getting pregnant. She had herself check with her gynecologist and found out everything was fine on her end. Her doctor suggested that I go and get my sperm count checked. I assumed I was completely fine as I had come from a large family of a total of 7, brothers and sisters.

Reluctantly I went in to be checked. I got the results back a few days later and found that my sperm count was indeed extremely low and almost nothing. The doctor told me my chances of getting my wife pregnant was pretty much impossible and would take a miracle.

As I explained to Becky the conversation I had with the doctor, she became so distraught and eventually began to cry. Her crying didn’t help me much in that situation as I was already feeling less of a man. I left the room insulted.

Becky had it in her heart that someday she would be a mother. For the first 3 years of our marriage we worked our tails off saving to buy our current 3 bedroom house, during that time Becky was on birth control hoping to prevent an early pregnancy. We celebrated in a big way the day she came off of the pill. We originally thought she would be pregnant after the first couple months, but that wasn’t the case. Even after a year still no signs, but we didn’t give up.

A month later, after receiving the news about my low sperm count, Becky’s enthusiasm of someday becoming a mother, slowly faded. Something was lost in her vibrant positive personality and I felt it was due to me. I loved her and cared for her, all the more during that trail, and Becky continued to reconfirming with me, that she could still be happy even without having a child. As if it was not meant to be. I wanted to believe her, but I knew her heart so well and I knew inside she was broken.

During that time I suggested, “Maybe we could adopt a child, as there are countless kids that need parents?” Becky confessed in her pride if she couldn’t have a child that was part her and part me, she would rather not have a child at all.

Over the following 3 months, Becky became more involved with her work and even began to work weekends. We spent less time together as a couple and more time alone. She often became irritable with me and would lose her patience quickly. Then one day out of the blue, she cut her hair very short and even began dressing in a different way. A style that didn’t fit with the Becky I knew. She began to dress a bit seductive and if I’d mention I thought her top was a bit low cut, or her skirt was a bit too short, she would fire back at me in a harsh way. For what I had learned through her actions during the early years of our marriage, I was now pretty good at, such as patience, and forgiveness and not trying to push my opinions, so I continued to love her in the little time we still spent together.

Our sex life dwindled down as well, but not only slowed down, it became different. In that time where we were still having sex, Becky was different in bed as she became very verbal and would use very expressive language. It wasn’t like we were making love any more, but just plain fucking. At first I really liked it, as she became really nasty in bed. It was during that time when she first asked me to take her in the ass, which I did without hesitation. Cuming in her mouth was rare, but became our normal finale.

But that period only lasted but a couple of months. Soon our sex life completely stopped and I found myself having to relieve myself.

One day she told me she had to take a business trip to Florida to do a convention and would be gone for 3 days. This was nothing new as she took these trips every year.

The convention came and after 3 days she was back.

As she arrived back home on that Saturday night she quickly said hello then made her way up stairs to our bedroom. I later came up and she was already in bed even being 8:30pm. As I checked on her she said she was very tired and wanted to sleep and I left her alone. Later about 10:30 or so, I showered and quietly climbed into bed not to awake her. As I began to fall asleep I over heard her say something and I turned to ask her if she was awake. She quietly responded with, “I’m sorry’ I can’t sleep” I asked her how the convention went and she said, “Fine” I turned toward her and put my arm around her and she moved away from me. At that I asked her, “What’s wrong?” With her back to me, she said, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just tired” Out of frustration I laid back and soon fell asleep.

For the next couple of weeks Becky came home right on schedule and wasn’t working on the weekends. Still she seemed so bitter at me and our relationship was now worst than ever. At that point I truly felt I had enough and either wanted things to change or I wanted out. I thought back at how great we use to be together, but once she learned I was unable to give her a child, she became cold as if her emotions were destroyed and her sweet wonderful personality was lost. I now accepted her feelings and felt if she wanted to separate or divorce, I wouldn’t put up a fight.

Then one night as I fell asleep in bed, I awoke hearing her say my name. As I open my eyes I said, “what is it Sweetie” She didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes then said, “I quit my job today” I was shocked and asked her why. She told me she needed a change. I told her I was good with it, since I made more than enough money for the both of us to live fine.

Then she said, “There’s something else I have to tell you” and I turned to listen. Suddenly she began to cry and I was totally confused. Again I tried to put my arms around her but she stopped me and told me to listen first. My heart began to beat really fast, as I believed she was about to asked me for a divorce. Though her tears she said, “I miss you” I told her I missed her too so much. She clarified herself by saying, “I mean I’ve missed you for months” I told her I understand and felt the same way. She went on to say, she’s so sorry for being away from me emotionally and felt she went too far away to make things good again. I told her we’re still together so it’s never too late. She continued to cry in a way I never heard. Listening to her I began to break down a bit myself because I couldn’t believe she was finally coming out with her emotions.

She continued crying as she said to me “I did something that is going to destroy our marriage once you find out” My heart dropped as I knew she was about to tell she was having an affair. I couldn’t speak or say a word. She went on to tell me in her broken voice, still crying, “This business trip I took to Florida, …… I went with Brian”(a guy in her office) My heart was beating so fast as I continued to listen. She continued with, “We shared a room together and we had sex”

I didn’t know what to say as she sat there crying so hard. Finally I asked her, “Are you still involved with him and are you in love with him?” In her crying she said “No, no, no!” I then asked her if she had been involved with him before they took the trip to Florida. She told me she never did anything with him before the trip or afterwards either. Then went on to tell me she has never been unfaithful with me and she promised that he was the only one ever.

I lay there speechless and I could barely breathe. Becky lay there too and continued crying. Finally I took her in my arms and told her with tears rolling down my face, “Becky do you know how much I love you? We’re are going to get through this if you’re willing”

Becky looked at me and said, “You mean you’re not going to divorce me?” at that I smiled and said, “I thought you were about to tell me you wanted to divorce me.” I told her it’s tough to swallow, but walking away from her angry and bitter would be even more difficult.

She cried in my arms for a long time and when she seemed to calm down a bit I asked her why she quit her job. Becky explained after the trip Brian kept asking her to go out and get together, but Becky kept telling him no. She said she told Brian she felt terrible about what she did behind my back and could never live with herself keeping that secret inside her. She said Brian was understanding and told her he wouldn’t bother her anymore. She said seeing him everyday brought out so much guilt she felt with me. She said she couldn’t handle it anymore and quit just today.

I then asked her if Brian used a condom and she told me no. Again my heart dropped and I asked her, “Suppose he got you pregnant?” She said he assured her he had a vasectomy, as well she started her period the week following the trip.

In our tears, I asked her if she’d go back to being the women married 6 years ago. Seeing her smile, as she said, “Yes’ I promise” made me feel so happy as I hadn’t seen that smile in months. We kissed and I told her, “Honey’ it’s been so long since I made love to you” She kissed me again and told me she wanted to please me. We made love that night and every night after for weeks.

A month later our relationship was back to the closeness we had before, as if nothing ever happen between us. It was like night and day. But inside, I had to know more about why she allow things to get so bad and I needed to know more about the time she spent with Brian. I wanted to hear details.

So’ one day I asked her my questions and she told me that her mind went crazy and just couldn’t accept the fact she’ll never be a mother and instead of expressing with it and dealing with it she took it out on me as well as herself. She said she wanted me to feel her pain. She said she didn’t want to be married to someone else and didn’t want someone else’s baby. She loved me so much and wanted to have my baby and she couldn’t. She said she began to hate who she was and she said she couldn’t stop hurting the person she loved more than anyone in the world which was me. Becky said when she agreed to share a room with Brian; she did it as another way to get back at me. She said she had no plans to become sexual with him as she wasn’t feeling sexual in her life at all. Becky said, she let herself go with Brian, because she even felt jealousy toward Brian’s wife whom already had three kids of her own and didn’t want more. Becky said she felt life wasn’t fair and she wanted Brian’s wife to feel the same pain she felt.

When I asked Becky if she enjoyed being with Brian, she told me she didn’t feel comfortable talking about it, and asked if it was okay if we didn’t talk about the details. I told her, “No Becky’ it’s not okay” I told her, “You know I plan to spend rest of my life with you and I can’t live it wondering what exactly happen between you and Brian” Becky looked deep into my eyes and told me she didn’t want to hurt me. I told Becky, “If you tell me Brian wasn’t very good and the whole situation was terrible, I won’t believe you” I told her “I’ve seen Brian and I know he’s a attractive guy, and I know you, and I know what your like in bed, so the time together must had been good, no?”

She somewhat smiled, then I told her, “I might be a bit jealous to hear the details, but I have to know.”

Again I asked Becky, “Did you enjoyed being sexual with Brian?”

At that I asked her, “Would help if we were have sex right now?” Her eyes bulged out and she said, “Really?”

We then went upstairs to our bed room and stripped down naked and climbed into our bed, We were so affectionate with each other and I could tell she was getting really excited. I licked her pussy for a while; then gently raised my body up on top of hers and slowly began slide myself inside her.

Becky began to moan and I knew she was feeling really good. Then I stopped with my cock buried deep inside. I looked into her eyes and asked her. “So did you enjoy yourself being with Brian?”

She looked at me again in unbelief and said I thought we were going to talk afterwards. I smiled and said we will, but I figured we could talk a bit during as well. Becky looked in my eyes and asked, “Do you really have to know the details?” I told her I want to and I have to.

She said, “Okay….” She then told me she had to think for a couple minutes in order to remember just how it all happen, Becky then said “I’m ready” then said, “You promised not to get mad or hurt?” I told her, “Tell me word for word and don’t wash it down. I want even the juicy stuff” Becky laughed then said….. “Brian was amazing”

Suddenly my cocked throbbed. Becky looked at me and said, “I think your enjoying this too much and I barely started”

Me: I told her to go on……

She said, Okay then let me start with

“When we arrived in Florida airport on Wednesday night, we took a taxi to the hotel. As we made our way to the hotel front desk, it was then in line that we decided instead of getting separate rooms we shared a room”

Becky’ explained, she figured it wasn’t a big deal since there was two beds in the room and she knew Brian was married and he knew she was married as well. So they reasoned, “Let’s just get a room together so we each have company”

“Well’ after checking into the room we had dinner together then made our way up to the room and I showered first, dressed, and then got into my bed. Brian then showered, then and climbed into his own bed”

She continued with “Well’ as we both laid there in the dark we talked about work, the people at work who we liked and didn’t like as well our flight over, but he nor I brought up anything about our marriages” “Sorry Honey”

Me: I told her I understand and told her to continue….

Becky went on and said, they continued talking for a long time even though it was after 1am Florida time. She explained, “Suddenly Brian began to not make of lot of sense with his words as he was drifting off to sleep, and in the middle of one of his sentences he stopped and fell asleep” Becky said at that point she had to pee and went to the bathroom, but as she came out, Brian seem to be back awake and said he was sorry for drifting off during their conversation. Becky said, she told him it was very late and both of them had to be up early in the morning. She said that was the last thing said until morning.

She said in the morning her and Brian were extremely tired as they only had about 4 hours of sleep. She said the first day at the convention was long and boring. She said Brian kept joking with her about her short black skirt and kept commenting on her sexy legs. Again she apologized to me..

Me: Again I told her to continue….

She said Brian told her, he noticed every guy that came up to see their presentation never looked at Brian but kept they eyes fixed on her and every time Becky would turn to show them the different products their eyes would go directly to her legs.

She continued and said, “At 8pm we closed up our booth and went to dinner. After dinner we then went for drinks”

She said, “When we came back up into the room, Brian showered first and when he came out of the bathroom he only had a towel wrapped around his waist and said he forgot to grab his sleeping clothes” Becky told me, she then went in to shower herself, but felt really awkward seeing Brian in just a towel.

She said as she showered, she couldn’t stop thinking sensual thoughts about Brian.

Me: As she said that my cock which was still inside Becky began to harden again.

Becky said as she dried herself off she decided to tease Brian a little and go out wrapped only with a towel and jokingly say “she forgot her panties” Becky explained, As she came out she told Brian, “I seemed to forgot my… oh’ there they are ….” Brian was lying on his bed and didn’t say a word but with a smile only watched Becky snatch up her panties and quickly return back to the bathroom.

Me: Now my cock was now completely erect inside Becky, and she looked at me and asked, “Are you okay with this?” Again I told her to continue….

Becky said after getting dressed she came out turned off the light and climbed into her bed. Immediately she and Brian began to talk and laugh about the day. No sooner Brian asked her what she planned to wear tomorrow to the convention. Becky answered with, “That’s unusual question why do you care? Brian responded back with, “I hope it not as sexy was what you wore today”

Becky asked Brian “Why would you hope it’s not as sexy?” and Brian responded with, “Because I had a freaking hard-on all day long looking at you” Becky said she was embarrassed by what Brian said, but then jokingly said back, well it has all night to rest since the lights are off and you can’t see me anymore.

Brian told her, “you’re are so wrong, it settled down when you went into the shower, but when you came out in just the towel it sprung back up and it won’t go down even in the dark”

Becky said she laughed but didn’t say anything in response, instead laid there wondering if Brian was serious right now or only joking. She said 15 minutes later, she knew Brian was still awake because he kept turning one way then the other. Finally she asked him, “You can’t sleep either?”

Brian said he thinks it’s due to the time difference, between Florida and California, or… and he paused.

Becky responded back with.. “or”? And Brian said, “Or …… it’s because I’m so darn horny right now, and it’s your fault Becky for giving me this erection” Becky laughed and said, “Why is it my fault?” Then went on to say, “If it’s that bad, why don’t you release yourself” Brian responded back with, “I’ll be okay”

Becky said she then went into the bathroom to pee as she does every night before going to bed, as she came out in the darkness she climbed back into her bed and only laid there. She said she knew Brian was still awake as she could hear him moving or doing something. Becky said she laid there and as she listen to Brian’s movements, it then dawn on her what he was doing. She said he had in cock in his hand and he was slowly stroking it.

Me: I broke in and said, “Are you serious?” …she nodded and I told her to go on.

Becky said she was shocked that he was actually was willing to release him self, even with her in the next bed over. She said she listened, but didn’t move or say a word. Soon Brian began to moan as his stroking got faster. Becky said just the thought of what he was doing in the bed next to her was turning her on so much. Again she said me, “Sorry Honey”

She then softly said in the darkness, “Brian’ Does it feel good?” Brian said through his heavy breathing.. “Oh yes, Becky’ it’s feels so good and I’m so hard tonight” Becky said, she was overwhelmed at thought of what Brian was doing, and then asked him, “Tell me what you’re thinking about”.. Brian laughed a little and then said he was thinking about her and he was imagining her lips were around wrapped around his cock right now and she was running her tongue all around his balls. Becky said listening to Brian words got her so hot and she wanted to turn on the light so she could see Brian stroking his hard cock..

Suddenly Brian stopped and Becky asked, “Did you already cum?” Brian laughed and said, “No, I’m just removing my clothes as I feel more comfortable with all my clothes off. Becky said she lost her breath thinking Brian was now completely naked and so close to her. Brian again commented on how hard his dick was tonight and again began to slowly stroke it. Becky said she felt really guilty, but slowly slid her hand down her pajamas bottoms and into her panties. She realized her pussy was so wet, then slowly began to run her fingers against her clit and said it felt so good.

Me: At this point listening to her words caused my cock to become like rock and I begin slide in and out of Becky. She stopped me and told me to listen.

She explained, as she touched her self, she said she controlled her breathing because she didn’t want Brian know what she was doing in her bed, being embarrassed. But as she listened to Brian moaning as he stroked himself, Becky said it became unbearable and she slowly pulled down her pajama bottoms with her panties and then pushed them the rest of the way off with her feet. At that she went on to unbutton her top, then sat up and quickly pulled it completely off laid back down and covered with the blanket. Becky said as she laid there naked under the covers she felt a cool chill run through her body and felt so sexy as Brian was in the next bed over and had no idea she was completely naked under her covers.

Me: Again I began to slide myself in and out and I was completely aroused by her words, but told her to continue….

Becky said as she listened to Brian she hoped he wasn’t too closed to cuming, as she was complete lost in her sensation of touching herself. Finally it became too much for her and she accidentally let out a moan. Brian immediately stopped and listened as he wasn’t sure what he heard. Becky said she didn’t say a word, but only lay there dead still. Brian continued quickly and Becky couldn’t resist the temptation of continuing herself. Soon Brian began to moan again and Becky said she didn’t care anymore and began to moan along with him and Brian now knew Becky was fingering herself at the same time.

Between Brian’s moans he spoke out from his bed and said, “Oh Becky your pussy feels amazing”

Becky responded back from her bed with, “Your cock feels so great up inside me right now”

Brian suddenly stopped and only laid there in the darkness, Becky said she was so turned on and couldn’t understand why he stopped or what he was thinking. Suddenly he began to move as he was getting out of bed and quickly was next to Becky’s bed, instantly she felt him pulling back her sheets and climbing in bed next to her. Becky quickly spoke out and said, “No Brian we can’t do this” but as if Brian didn’t hear her, laid himself down covered himself and took Becky swiftly into his arms and pulled her to him.

Me: At that, I told Becky I had to pump her for a little bit as I was so close to exploding. Some how I stopped myself again and told her to continue…

She said, As she felt Brian embraced her naked body against his, she felt helpless and surrendered immediately to his lips as the pressed against hers. She said their tongues then met and explored each other mouths. Soon Brian was inside her and she couldn’t resist his large hard cock as it filled her wet pussy. She said as he fucked her she knew that she wasn’t on birth control and realized if he came inside her, there was a chance she could get pregnant. But she said she couldn’t reason, feeling the incredible sensation from Brian cock inside only made her want to please Brian to the fullest. Finally Brian began to moan and groan as he slid himself in and out of her then let out the word.. “Oh Becky I’m going to cum” She said at that she began to organism herself as she felt Brian pulsating and unloading his semen inside her pussy

Me: Hearing her words, I couldn’t hold my self any longer and told Becky I was going to cum myself. Becky broke out in moans as I unloaded my cum between her legs. The thought of Brian unloaded himself inside Becky consumed my mind and I didn’t understand why the thought turned me on so much.

Me: After I began to come down I just lay on Becky trying to catch my breath. Soon I told her to continue…. She smiled and said..

Becky went on, Well’ the next morning, both of us over slept and woke up late, realizing it they showered and flew down stairs in a panic. They made it to the convention a half hour late. After setting everything back up, Becky said they both sat down and looked at each other and began to laugh. Brian looked at her and said, “Wow what a night!” Becky agreed it was great, but told Brian, “it can’t happen again, because I’m not on birth control” Brian told her not to worry as he already had a vasectomy.

At lunch, Brian told Becky he wanted to change his into his tennis shoes because the shoes he was wearing were killing his feet. She said Brian suggested, “let’s have our neighbor watch our booth for a few and then we can grab something to eat after getting my shoes” Becky said she agreed and went with Brian up to the room, but as they got inside the door Brian began to undress Becky and she didn’t resist.

Becky said having Brian undress her aroused her so much that she just let him do it. She said as she stood completely naked before Brian who was fully dressed in suit and tie, He only stood there admiring her. He then lowered her to her knees and told her, “unzip me and take me out”

Becky then said, from there we went back down stairs and…..

Me: I stopped her and said, “Wait a minute… You kind of jumped from the …unzip my pants… to going back down stairs.. Back up a bit”

Becky laughed and said she’d kind of embarrassed to say it..

Me: I told her to continue at the “unzip my pants”

She said, she took Brian out and immediately put his cock inside her mouth as it wasn’t yet hard, and began to suck him with real passion. She said immediately he became erect and she looked up into his eyes as he watched her taking him in.. She said watching his facial expression made her so wild. She said she stroked his cock with her hand as she took his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Quickly she stopped and looked at her watch, and told Brian as she laughed.. “You have 4 minutes left to cum” At that she began to really suck him. She said, Brian told her how sexy she looked with her perky tits bouncing as she bobbed her mouth on his cock. Finally with seconds to spare Brian began to moan put both his hands on Becky’s head and held her firmly, let out a groan as he dumped his cum into Becky’s mouth. She said she swallowed it all then cleaned the remains up with her tongue and then put him back into his pants and zipped him up.

Becky said, she quickly redressed and they made their way out of the room. As they reached the elevator Becky said she told Brian, “You forgot to change your shoes” She said Brian laughed then confessed he only used that excuse to get her to come up stairs. Becky said, she laughed and should have known.

She then said, by the end of that day Brian and her went for dinner, again compliments of their company, followed by a couple glasses of wine. Becky explained as they made it back to the room, she climbed in the shower and then asked Brian if it wasn’t too much trouble, could he come in and wash her back. Within a few minutes Brian did climbed in with her and they had sex in the shower, but as Brian was getting close to cuming, he suggested they dry off and climb in bed. Becky said we both figured this was out last night together, and Brian explained he wanted it to be special. Becky said they made love for hours and Brian took her in every possibly way. She said Brian and her finalized the night by him unloading his cock inside her ass.

She said in the morning they made love again, but all through the last day of the convention they diligently did their work. Becky explained on the plane right home Brian held her hand the whole time and kissed as they landed, but once they exited the plane he became very cordial with her and treated her again like a fellow college. She and Brian took a taxi back to the office and got in their own cars and both went home.

Becky then looked at me, and said, “That’s the entire true story and if you asked me again if I enjoyed it, I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you it was some of the best sex I’ve ever experienced in my life but, I realized now how stupid I was to put our love on the line. Again I’m sorry!”

Me: I know so many relationships dissolve over infidelity and I maybe appear weak with no sense of pride, by forgiving my wife so easy. But honestly, I knew and loved who she was before this happen and I believe at one point she forgot who she was.

Since then our relationship has been great and our communication is even better.

But there’s more to the story, there would have to be considering you found our story in a swinger’s web site, right? If you would like to know what happen with us next, read part 2.

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