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My husbands Best Friend

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The phone rang and brought her out of a misty slumber ? she had only just drifted off. The clock read 10:37. ?Mm-hello-h??

?I couldn?t stop thinking about you the whole flight.?

She expelled a breathy giggle. ?Likewise, but I was alone in my big, empty bed.? She turned over just to feel the movement of the heavy winter covers press down upon her body. She?d always loved that sensation of pressing upon her?

?I missed you.?

She was taken back more than just a bit. The statement was out of character. He was not one to admit to an emotional connection ? nor was he to be tied to any one woman; such was his reputation and such had she accepted. She intentionally resisted falling into any ?normal? expected female response such as, ?I missed you, too? or ?oh, really??

?What?dja miss?,? she queried in coy tones.

?You, I told you.? There was a remote hint of annoyance in his voice.

She offered no response.

?Everything,? he offered.

?Specifics,? she purred, trying to stay one step ahead ? fearing this was a test of sorts ? to see if she was as easily placated as all the other women. She was not.

She heard his guttural acknowledgement to the challenge; ?How your body feels.?

?Spe-ci-fics,? she sang.

?The way you smell.?


He paused a long while. She didn?t waver ? she made no sound.


?How you quiver when I bite.?

?Mmmmmmmm.? Oh, yes. When that man touched her she tingled all over. Once he found her weakness, he exploited it fully and she savored it.

Though he was average in some ways (average in height -- she had to look up to catch his gaze; average in weight -- a bit too much around the middle; and, to his own thinking, of average intelligence?) to her, he was exceptional. For more than twenty years he had been one of her husband?s best friends. She?d known him for eleven.

?More?,? she cooed.

?More?? He made a sucking sound through his teeth. ?Okay,? searching, and then, ?How, even though you don?t put out, I don?t care.?

Whoa. Really? These were not random, blanket comments that would apply to just any of his women. Forty and never married, it had been his conscious decision to trade addictions ? alcohol for sex. He hadn?t had a drink in 19 years, and his conquests were literally into the hundreds. He had smoldering chestnut eyes deeply set beneath thick, dark brows. His hair was full and thick and a deep, dark brown ? almost black, just beginning to grey. His looks combined with his success made him a magnet to women both earnest and superficial. He was the punch line of all their friends and he knew it ? if sex was available, he was there. If it wasn?t, he made arrangements and made it happen. He had a vast library of porn and, in his travels, due to his charm, success and looks, he was able to make ?acquaintance? with many of the ?leading ladies? featured therein.

Jessie was fully aware of this and was biding her time carefully ? desperately trying to hold his interest until she felt comfortable enough. Being in the same room with him made her weak and she wanted him desperately, but for her, this wasn?t about sex. She wanted him.

?What else do you want to know?? he offered playfully.

?Hmmm?uhhmm?okay, what?s the first thing you think of when you think of me??

?Well? I have my hand around my cock? if that helps.?

?Ooooo, give it a tug for me!? He frequently tried to catch her off guard with some explicit comment. She was always ready with a comeback. He loved that. ?When did you get home??

?I?m not. I?m driving.?

She startled at sound in the hallway. Just the 7-year old making a sleepy trip to the bathroom. She relaxed. ?So when am I gonna see you again??

She knew what she was doing. Yes, his reputation was legendary. Yes, friends considered him terminally single. But she knew there was more to him ? much more. And it was her thinking that she just might be able to hold his interest long enough to sneak inside. She made sure to be unimpressed at the things most women fussed over: his financial success (which was impressive); his striking home and cars; the exotic vacations, and even the ?professionals? he regularly imported from various locations to fulfill his carnal ?needs?. She knew about it all and made sure he knew she didn?t care. She was never annoying, never asked too many questions, and was never, ever ?average?.

?I dunno?work is real busy right now.?

Dammit. Why did you ask that?! God, that?s girly.

?No worries ? whenever you can,? she offered. Goddammit. How could she possibly? She asked such a pathetically ?typical? female question. Quick! Change the subject! ?How was the weather in San Diego??

?Average. Beautiful. Par for the course.? He sounded bored.

She called the guys every couple months to keep in touch. Hearing their voices lifted her spirits. She was so grateful they tolerated her. They were amazing friends to Jim and made a point to call her, too. Even if she just cried ? they listened. With Andy it was a little awkward at first, but she made sure to stay in touch with him, too. He and Jim had always been there for each other. Everyone got a kick out of the running joke that Andy was her ?backup? ? were anything ever to happen to Jim, she asserted, she?d be all over Andy. When tragedy befell her, however, the truth was that she was devastated and couldn?t even fathom being with another man.

?Say -- how?s that hand doing?? Feed his hunger, she thought. She could at least keep his interest sexually, of that she was certain.

?Not much right now ? turning the wheel and need both hands.?

?Awwww, too bad,? she affected a sing-song-y tease kind of voice. Shit.

He traveled through for work occasionally and made a point to call when he was in town. He would come over with Chinese or burgers for her and the kids, stay and watch a movie, and then head back home with a two hour drive. She loved the distraction and loved more the fact that he actually took the time and made the effort. The kids loved it, too. They knew how close he and Jim were and it was kind of like seeing a little piece of Daddy when Andy came over.

One night he called to say he?d be coming into town in a few days and that he had a taste for steak ? was there a decent place? Cost didn?t matter, in fact, he said ?pick the best place in town,? and could her mom watch the kids? She played along and said great, it?d be nice to go out, and see you then. She knew what he was doing, and he knew she knew it, but neither made mention. It was the anniversary of Jimmy?s death. He wouldn?t let her be alone for that. She stopped crying when the kids came home from school and started dinner as usual.

He was impressed when she ordered and consequently devoured the Kansas City Ribeye. A hostess-type walked up to their table with a basket of roses. Jessica hated establishments that allowed this and was truthfully shocked to see it here. It placed such pressure on men ? there was no way they could refuse buying one for a date ? they?d look like a complete cad if they didn?t. It made her nuts. She started to shake her head and said ?No, thank you.? Andy reached for his wallet and said ?Yes, please.?

?Andy, no. Really...?

The hostess interrupted, ?No, sir ? no money. They are complimentary,? and handed her the flower. ?How long have you been together? You make a beautiful couple. Enjoy.? And she walked on.

They caught one another?s eyes for a fleeting moment and immediately looked elsewhere. Her face turned crimson and felt like it was on fire. Running jokes notwithstanding, neither ever really considered it. Reality was quite a world apart from silly flirty banter between a group of friends, and Andy had turned into a good one.

She tried to hide her blush, but realizing the futility, she reached for her glass and took a slow sip, trying desperately to avoid his eyes. He watched her. The girl?s comment made her uncharacteristically awkward, fumbling, even vulnerable. Jessie was razor sharp and in eleven years Andy had never seen her caught off guard or at a loss for words. This was a side of her he had never seen.

In that moment, everything changed.

?What are you wearing?? Back on track! She knew well of his sexual predilections, which were extensive. Sex was his ?thing?. They were getting close, but it didn?t feel right for her. Jim had only been gone for a little over a year. And, as it was, things were moving an awful lot faster at 39 than they did when she was 23, particularly because he was who he was.

?A cutoff sweatshirt and a pair of Jim?s old boxers.? She told the truth. Why not? Some guys love to see women in frumpy sweats ? as long as there?s some hint of flesh to peek at.

?You couldn?t lie?,? he feigned annoyance. ?I?m holding my Johnson in my hand and you couldn?t say ?some silky nighty thing???

She laughed. ?Did I say sweatshirt? I meant my Fredericks of Hollywood black bodice and matching see-through panties!!? She laughed again.

She heard him sigh.

?And my 4 inch stilettos?,? she offered.

?Prove it,? he challenged.


?Prove it. Right now.?

?Prove --? Now how the hell am I supp??

The doorbell chimed. She froze. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath and held it. No way. No way. Knock knock knock from the front door. Oh my god.

?Candygram,? from the receiver. She laughed softly. She loved his wit.

?Nuh uh ? you?re the shark and you know it,? she cooed. She relished the metaphor. Deep breath. What the hell is he doing here? She slipped out from the covers and made her way down the stairs, knowing full well he would be watching her through the little window in the door. She slowed deliberately when she reached the halfway point, where she was sure he could just make out her feet and probably her calves.

?Where are the stilettos?!?

?I got my toes did. See?,? she did a little pose and pointed her manicured foot in display. ?You likey??

?Come on, it?s cold out here!?, she could hear him smile. It made her heart flutter.

She took another step and paused. ?So I suppose you wanna come in and warm up a bit??

?A bit more than a bit, if you don?t mind.?

Another step. She knew he could see her tummy now. She lifted her shirt slightly and caressed it to tease him.

?Oh come ON!,? he laughed.

She laughed and let him in. He hurried in past her into the vestibule while she shut the door.

She took his things and laid them on the dining table. Her appearance in this moment did not disappoint. She had no way of knowing he was coming, yet she looked perfect. Her shoulder-length hair was a vibrant red and fell in a soft wave around her face. The red contrasted with her pale skin and blue eyes; stunning. Her beauty was peculiar, though ? not model or movie star beauty, but everyday above average pleasant. What pushed it over the edge was her presence ? the way she held herself, the way she moved, the way she was ready for anything. He loved that.

?That bit on the stairs?you?re a tease.?

?And you?re here.? She locked her gaze on his and let the comment hang in the air, carrying any weight he may put on it. She leaned against the doorjamb of the dining room.

?I?m sorry. Do you mind? Should I go?? He made false moves to grab his things.

?No? she said simply and smiled a bit. Most women would have reached after him, playing along with the joke, and touched him. She held her ground, wanting him to come to her. Why be normal? He had had a late flight. He was 150 miles away from home. They had spoken just before he boarded. ?It?s a nice surprise. To what do I owe the honor??

He put his hands in his pockets. He took a breath and shrugged. ?You made me laugh.?

She wasn?t sure what she?d expected him to say, but it certainly wasn?t that. He said it as though he was surprised that it mattered to him.

?You make me laugh.? He scratched his goatee, a little uncomfortable. ?I like that.?

?You make me laugh, t--,? she barely got the words out when he interrupted ?I know.?

He looked her dead in the eye and the smile slowly faded from his lips. The intensity of his gaze took her breath away. She felt her body flush. That he was there in her house, spontaneously, mattered. She adjusted her stance ever so slightly, woozy just from the look of him. He took a step toward her. *Tonight*?

She escaped into the kitchen, ?Are you hungry??

Laser focus, ?Very.?

Looking in the fridge, she called behind her ?I have salami, ham?the ever-popular peanut butter??

?Italian.? Though born Scotts and English, Jessie was adopted by Sicilians; thusly, she was a double threat ? a redhead with a Sicilian temper. He walked to her and shut the refrigerator door with purpose.

Just inches away from her, he reached to her face to move a lock of hair that had fallen out of place. A tiny static ?crack? sounded when his fingers touched her skin and she startled. ?Ow!? Laughing, she raised her hand to the spot. ?That hurt!? she whined. He just looked at her. Moving his head slowly toward hers, he leaned in slowly to kiss the spot. In the gentlest voice he said, ?I?m sorry. I would never hurt you.? He lingered there and whispered, ?Never.?

Her body responded and she instantly was wet. Her heart pounded.

He moved his face in front of hers, and taking her hand, he brought her fingers to his lips. He let go and placed his hands just above her waist, pulling her to him. No space between them. Foreheads touching, they drank in each other?s hot breath. Eyes shut involuntarily and lips touched. Soft. Then soft became wet, still slow, relishing. Tips of tongues. Tasting. Becoming full. Breathing deep into each other. God, oh god, it was good.

But she slowed and pulled away from him slightly and turned her head away. He saw a tear just beginning to fall. ?What? What is it? What?s wrong, Jess?? He had no sooner asked than he knew.

?I?m scared.? Her immense desire for him could not stave off the mixed feelings of guilt that she was betraying Jimmy. Though logic generally ruled her world, all these feelings mixed together and became webs of confusion she could not unweave.

?I know.? He enveloped her in a most reassuring embrace. ?I know.? He held her. ?I am, too.?

She looked up at him, surprised, ?You are??

?Well, yeah,? he brushed away fiery strands from her eyes. ?He was one of my best friends. I knew him longer than I didn?t.? He furrowed his brow, looking away to the side, ?Did that make sense? What the hell did I just say??

Jessie let out a small chuckle, relieved for the humor. She nodded in agreement, ?I know.?

?But we?re not betraying him, Jessie. We?re just not. Yeah, it?s been a long time coming, but we never did anything before ? we never took it seriously. Did you??

?I?m not sure. I? I would never, ever do anything to hurt him. And I didn?t.? The truth was she wasn?t sure. She adored Jim. Their love and life together were rock solid. She?d never do anything to put that at risk, but she did have thoughts about Andy?

?See? It?s okay,? he assured her. She searched his eyes for approval. ?It?s okay, Jess.?

She nodded and buried her face in his chest. They stood there like that a long while.

Slowly the embrace evolved. She lifted her head to find his mouth. Their lips met and locked them together. She pressed herself into him. Her hands found his arms, shoulders, then up around his neck and into his full, thick hair. A strange sensation, that; Jim had a shaved head from the day they met so there was never anything to hold onto.

Again, slow kisses, then wet kisses. Drunk with him, she sucked softly on his lower lip, both of them moaning low. She took it again and held it between her own and then pulled it slowly yet firmly through her teeth.

The sensation propelled him. He pulled back just barely, pausing to look at her. Now. He wanted her, now. The kissing became frenzied. He buried his head in her neck reaching past the spot which satisfies most, going further back to the muscle. When he forced his teeth into that flesh her body shook in pleasure. Again. She had no control over her convulsions or the sounds that she made. Hearing her made him wild. The other side now. He pressed her harder into the wall to feel her body tremble. She pushed him off, unable to accept such intense pleasure again so immediately.

She grabbed his shirt and loosened his tie. He took over and slid it open. She pulled him in and pressed against him. She could feel him easily through his pants on her hip. She slid her hand up and down over the hard outline, completely aroused. She?d met his cock three times now; once just hands and twice with her mouth ? god, that was heavenly.

She walked backwards and led him by his tie toward the stairs. They only got up three steps before he pulled her back to him. He kissed her full and forced her to lay back on the steps. He kissed down her neck while his hands sought out her waist and then explored beneath her shirt. He cupped her breasts and kissed each one, pulling nipples into his mouth and releasing them between his teeth, first gently, then forcefully. She squirmed at the pleasure and tried desperately to remain silent, not wanting to wake the kids. He tugged at the waist of her boxers, pulling them down.

?Not here ? the kids??

He pulled her to her feet.

?It suits you.?

She regained composure and acknowledged the compliment with a shy smile. Please, god, change the subject. Something else happen. The waiter appeared and offered menus. Thank god! ?Do you care for dessert??

Andy looked straight at her, ?I?d love some.?

This time she didn?t look away.

He handed back the menu, ?Just not here.?

She felt her body flush.

He changed his demeanor instantly, lightening the mood, by patting the table, ?Do you have any ice cream in the freezer??


?Tell me when,? she said as the chocolate syrup ran steady.

?That?s fine ? not too much. I need to watch my girlish figure.?

She smiled. They had made it all the way back home without making mention of the ?couple? reference at the restaurant. Thank god. Back to normal, with a little difference ? she knew he saw her blush. A bit of a giveaway, but he was kind and hadn?t made a fuss. Talking herself out of it, she was not his ?type?, anyway, at least physically. Andy went for boobs. The bigger the better, and surgically engorged were the best. He went for the porn star look. Jessie was on the other side of that spectrum physically.

Though in her most hidden thoughts, she was pretty goddamn sure she could satisfy him if given the opportunity.

?Where?s yours?? he asked, digging in.

?I don?t really like ice cream so much.?

?Not even chocolate? I thought all women loved chocolate,? offering a spoonful.

?Maybe that?s why you?re still single ? you don?t know what women really want. You think you do, but ya don?t,? as she pushed away the spoon, laughing.

?Is that so?? slowly taking a spoonful. ?Tell me then, what do women want??

?I don?t know. It?s different for everyone. There?s no way I can speak for all women.?

?Okay, fair. What do you want??

?I want my kids to be happy?I want to be able to support them and care for ??

?I know that ? you?re a fabulous mother, Jess. I?m not asking about them, I?m asking about you. What do you want for you??

She sighed heavily and considered the question. Another sigh. ?I don?t know?I don?t really need anything.?

?Horseshit,? he said casually, sliding another spoonful into his mouth.

That got her attention.

?Everybody needs things, Jessica. You?re a gorgeous, vibrant woman. You may not want to hear it, but you are still alive, you know. He died, you didn?t. You need lots of things ? you just need to figure out what. And then you need to go get them.?

Gorgeous? He was so casual in what he said that it took her by surprise.

?I?m not trying to bring down the room, here ? so don?t go getting all sad on me, now.?

?I know. It?s all good.?

?Here, have some chocolate. It?s supposed to make you feel better ? it has special chemicals or some crap,? offering the spoon a little too close to her face. ?Come on, you know you want it.?

She smiled as she pushed him off, ?No?tha??

?Come on?,? he teased, and in the tussle he accidentally got some on her face. They both laughed while the fight of offer and refusal continued. He had her pinned against the corner cabinets, completely preventing her from escape. They were both in hysterics. ?Come on?have some fun, Jess.?

?I am having fun!?

?You deserve it.?

?Andy! Stop! I know,? laughing uncontrollably, ?I am having fun! I always have fun with you!?

His laughter slowly subsided. ?Me too.? He stopped the silliness. The way he looked at her made her uneasy, but she liked it. Her own laughter trailed off. As in some ridiculous romance novel, he wiped away the chocolate from her mouth. Panic. She managed to squirm away from him to safer ground.

He spoke in a silly butchered southern accent, ?That was not nice, Lady Jessica. I do dare say that you just interrupted what may have been a ?moment?."

She paused. ?I don?t know if I can handle a ?moment? right now,? she said quite uncomfortably. ?I love you, Andy. Thank you for tonight, for being here and watching out for me, but I think you have to go.?

As he walked down the path to his car, she wanted to call for him to come back. She ran to the door and opened it. She watched him drive off.

?Not here ? the kids?? He pulled her to her feet.

As she shut the door softly with her back to him he walked up close behind, pressing against her. Into her ear he whispered, ?I want you, Jessica. I want you so much.?

She took the deepest of breaths and reached up behind her, pulling his head into her neck. He happily obliged and forced his mouth onto that sweet spot of muscle. She all but collapsed from the pleasure and in some Harlequin romance fashion, he scooped her up and placed her onto the bed, her head now at the foot. He unbuttoned his shirt as he stood over her. She reached out to his belt and pulled him. He climbed on and laid his full weight upon her. Oh god, the pressing?

They lay kissing until she rolled him over, straddling him. Her hair covered half her face and she began? slowly? to move. Her hips circled, pressing firmly on him, arching her back. She held his belt for balance, but soon began to slide it through the buckle.

He lay back and reveled in the feeling of her on him. He was twisted in his pants, but the discomfort was worth the sight and feel of her. She was real - not some easy blowjob, get off, bouncing titty fun girl...

At the same moment, they reached for his button and zipper and released him. She peeled away his pants and immediately reached to the lowest part of him and pulled upward and and pushed back down again, all the while circling her hips upon him.

He recalled the day they all went out to dinner, all eight of them; friends having fun, being stupid, having a great time. Jim cleared his throat. Jessica showed her left hand. The table was aloft in congratulations, and well due -- Jim was the guy ? the all around good guy ? a previous (if not surprising) lothario in his own right, and now, finally, he?d found himself a wife. And she was pretty. And smart (she?d have to be, considering Jim). And nice. And sassy. And while Andy was genuinely happy for Jim, there was a jealous panging in him, longing for the same thing.

During that same dinner, Jessie noticed Andy staring at her ring. She wasn?t certain, so she moved her hand intentionally, and with time, his eyes followed, looking very vacant and sad. She knew him only through Jim, peripherally; she knew of the porn, of the revolving door of women, and that was enough to lead her to have a genuine wish for his happiness.

She began to scooch herself down, readying herself to take him in her mouth. She had only begun to swallow his length whole when he maneuvered and flipped her over forcefully, pressing apart her legs with his arms. He held her legs wide against her protestations and inhaled her scent. Her moan was reluctant, but she soon relaxed allowing him to explore. He peeled off the boxers and her panties. His vast experience urged him to rush and satisfy, but he resisted. This was Jessie. He felt no need to ?perform? in the typical manner ? all he wanted was for her immense, unexpected, and overwhelming pleasure.

He moved apart her lips with his tongue, and ran up and down the length of each deeply. She reached down and he expected her to push him away, as in previous encounters, but instead, she parted herself, revealing all. He inhaled her again, moaning softly. He licked, explored, and delved into her. She heaved against and at the same time toward his movements, whimpering, subject to his will. He slid two fingers inside her swollen pussy and followed her responses until at last he was ramming into her so hard he was grunting. ?Andy - Yeeessss!!? She reached down to his fingers and he retreated, thinking she had had enough. Instead, she moved them further back and into her ass. His cock jerked intensely. Jessie, you don?t disappoint, do you? He again followed her reactions, fingering her asshole while she held open her cunt lips so he could gently suck on her clit. She relished his teasing tongue as long as she could, then bucked him away, dead set against coming before she was ready.

He obliged and crawled up to her. He lay upon and pressed down on her. Oh -- oh, god the pressing. His face glistened with her juices. She inhaled deeply and lapped up the inside of his mouth. She felt him hard against her thigh and moved herself with purpose until he fell between her legs. He looked deeply into her eyes. She reached down and guided him.

He glided in. Neither was surprised ? she was so ready and so unbelievably wet. He rocked into her over and over. She drew him in with her legs ? strong ? and forced her hips up to meet him with each thrust. Over and over, again. He rolled to his side, holding her, and then onto his back, wanting to feel her ride him. She paused momentarily, slowly and fully accepting his gorgeous length. With her every movement she gasped slightly and pushed down harder and harder.

His arousal took him by surprise, considering his extensive experience -- he had to hold off twice. As she rode him, he caressed the whole of her torso, paying lovely attention to her breasts, massaging harder and harder, and at her request, pulling gently then severely at her nipples. He twisted her right breast and nipple while his other hand slid down to her swollen clit, using his thumb to rub it softly. He loved how she pressed her own limits of pleasure mixed with pain. Faster and faster, she actually started to squeal so he quickly covered her mouth; both catching her by surprise and preventing her from waking the kids. Her eyes sought into his deeply, his hand still on her mouth. He responded instantly and forced her onto her back, holding down both arms, one hand still over her mouth. Her eyes became electric with excitement at his strength. He responded in kind with forceful, deep, slow thrusts. Mouth full on her neck; teeth deep and hard. She yelped. Hand over her mouth again. Oh, god. Oh, GOD! Raising her hips, she broke free from his arms and pulled his mouth to hers.

Up meet release

Up meet release

Up meet release over and over and over again

She threw him over onto his back and sped down, taking him full in her mouth


Up down

He reached for her hips to finger her cunt and ass at the same time, but she tugged away until she was out of his reach.

Up down


He tried to pull her off, but she was immovable


Tugging on the skin ? the silky sliding up and down

She loved to suck






Make it wet



She heard his groan. It made her wetter.

She swung her leg over him and straddled him again, this time backwards, facing his feet. She slid onto him and wriggled and twisted and rocked her pelvis forward and back. Andy was in heaven ? an angel was writhing on his cock. So, soooo good. She looked behind her as he caressed and rubbed her ass. ?Finger me.? She didn?t have to tell him twice.

He licked his thumbs and parted her tight, tiny asshole. Her moans were low and guttural, unlike most women?s higher pitched squeaks and squeals. ?More, Andy, god, more!? He paused only briefly, surprised, yet, then again, not ? ?God, Jess!? He happily obliged, stretching her further and further. ?OW!? ?I?m sorry ?? He released just a little.

At this point she stopped writhing and concentrated on the amazing sensations in her asshole. Gently, slowly, deliberately he forced his thumbs deep inside and back out and again. She slid forward off his cock, taking it in her hand behind her. He lay there watching as she placed the tip at her tiny ass ring. He took hold of himself and helped her guide it in as she pressed back slowly, slowly, until finally, with the sexiest low groan she sat full down on his gorgeous throbbing cock. His eyes rolled up into his head and he breathed her in ? resisting the urge to take her and spray cum in her ass.

?My god, Jessica. Jesus fucking Christ!!? It took all he had to hold off.

This wasn?t new for Andy ? not by a long shot ? he?d had this more times than not, it seemed. But this wasn?t the common, perfectly pretty, ?cum fuck me, twenty-something gold digger? ; and neither was she a paid for pro like he?d had more times than he could count.

?Oh, Jessie??

She moved, slow and steady, leaning forward pulling off and then backward, sliding on. Her rhythm was torturous.

Oh, Jessica ? Jessica. Oh my god.

They all met for dinner and afterward the women decided they wanted to go dancing. All three couples found themselves in a run-of-the-mill dance club where most everyone was below 23 years old. Jessie mentioned how she felt like a fossil at thirty-five. Her background in the arts made her a bit too self-conscious physically and she didn?t want to go on the dance floor because she felt like Mrs. Robinson in a sea of kids. Two drinks and ?Atomic Dog? were all she needed, though. Andy recalled it vividly because Jim didn?t even watch her ? he just kept talking to the guys with his back to the dance floor. Despite his well-documented brilliance, Jim was, in this case, a complete fucking moron.

As Andy watched the girls he could not help but focus on Jessie. The whole floor was funking out quite obviously and recklessly, but not Jess. She went into her own private world and her version of funk was underplay ? don?t do the obvious big bouncing, big pulsing ? her version was slow, soft but very very intentional, as though truly enjoying a sexual act. She was riveting. He couldn?t tear his eyes away.

She rolled softly down on her side, he remained in her and she pushed back on him. He took over the motion, moving in and out, obsessed with her tightness around him.

?More,? she whispered over her shoulder. ?More!,? at greater volume.

He pumped matching her request. Now more. Now harder.

She growled.


Harder and faster, he was pounding her ass and she loved it.

He shot up to his knees and pulled her hips to him.

Groaning, whimpering, ?Oh, god, yes!?

He just looked at her like that. He consumed her ass with his eyes. He did nothing.

?Andy! God, yes!?

He caressed her round white cheeks while gently petting her red curls only enough to tease and tickle ? in no way satisfy.

Whining, ?Andy! Oh, please, Andy!?

He felt almost a rage and he flipped her over, mounting her ? fucking, pushing, pumping, all the while looking dead into her eyes. He had to see her. God, he had to see her. Oh, god, look at her!

She wrapped her legs up around him ? he lifted one leg around his shoulder, giving him the most complete access.

Oh god, yes

Oh god, fuck me

Oh fuck

Over and over

He stopped and kissed her so full and so hard she wished she could swallow his tongue.

He threw her over onto her stomach

Oh, god, yes

He pulled her hips back to him

Oh god

That tight little hole

Andy! Yes!

Full in

He wrapped his arm around her waist



Full and deep

She pressed back into him



She pressed hard




The most beautiful sound ? his helpless whimpers

-- Oh

Andy, yes

Ahhh, whimper


Sounds, growling

Andy, come!


Andy, come!






ANDY CUM in me!!!

His shivers lasted so deliciously long. She absorbed each one in sheer ecstasy. Slowly, they lay forward, she on her stomach, he on her back, still inside her.

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