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My First Time

I grew up in Carlisle, PA in the 50's and there is where I met

Mrs.. White. I had to earn extra spending money because my
parents did not have all the money in the world to spend on me. In order to help pay my way I decided to
get a paper route. This proved to be good for me because it gave
me the opportunity to earn some money, and also the opportunity to
meet other people. I was able to exercise my skills in discourse
on the subjects of politics, the news, school, and whatever else
came up. Often these conversations were initiated by the
customers who either had time to talk, or humour me with a
"conversation" which I at least appreciated. Eventually, with
time, my verbal skills improved, and there were always a few people
who wanted longer conversations. These conversations gave me the
opportunity to get to know other people and learn a few things. I was always a late developer so far as physical things went.
While other kids in my school were sprouting beards, and developing
masculine physiques a la Charles Atlas, I was still smooth skinned
and slender. Couldn't gain weight no matter how much I ate. I
noticed however than I was not the only child in that situation as
some of the girls in my class were also developing at a slower pace
than the rest. Not only was my physical development slower, but so
was my social development. There were things that I neither
thought about, nor noticed. Consequently, although I thought I
should be asking out some of the girls I met, I didn't know how,
nor why I should be doing it!

On the other hand, I was aware of the changes that were taking place in my body including some adjustment to the sac between my
legs which seemed to be getting bigger and hanging lower, but not
the development of any pubic hair, oh and that other problem-
erections! Anywhere, anytime. Had to be careful not to look at
the Sears catalogue, or advertisements for women's swim suits, or
undies because sure enough, one would spring up, and they were hard
to get rid of! Eventually, they would go away, but one time I
remember stroking myself, and something incredible happened. A
bblast of something came shooting out the end, and to this day I
never figured out where it went. The ceiling? The wall? Through
the roof? It could have because there was enough force! And
there was only one blast, with no dribble. What an experience. I
don't even know if my parents ever found it because nothing was
said. But then, they wouldn't have said anything anyway. That was
not a subject that they wanted to discuss it seems. Anyway, the
point of this is to set the scene for something that happened to me
while I was out collecting money for the paper route. I usually
went out on Thursday evenings and tried to collect most of the
money. Anything that I did not collect then would be got on Friday
night. I would have to back Saturday morning and then be free for
the rest of the day, until it was time to deliver the papers again.

That particular Saturday was warm, and humid. The weatherman was
calling for thunder storms during the day, but at 10.00 am when I
went out, the sky was clear. I wore a clean pressed white T shirt
and a pair of olive coloured shorts, and some white socks and
loafers. I walked the 15 minutes to Mrs. White's house and rang her
bell. She answered the door and said she would be right back, just
going to get the money.

Mrs. White liked me. And I liked her. She was not old, but not
young, probably somewhere between thirty and forty. It was hard to
tell. She may have been a Canadian, but her husband was Scottish.
He was a nice man and I believe he worked in
manufacturing at Masland Carpet Company. She on the other hand had a job in
my school as a secretary. She had access to files of all
students. At the beginning of the school year, we were required to
fill out a form that asked a series of questions, including
religious persuasion. I had filled out Sudanese sun worshipper in
jest, and she had actually asked me what a Sudanese sun worshipper
was, during the course of one of our many conversations. I had
also noticed the way she looked at me, kind of like someone who may
have had a crush on someone. I know she always enjoyed our
conversations, because I was the one who had to break them up.This particular morning wasn't likely to be any different, and I
didn't have anything planned so I expected a talk. When she
returned, she was ready with the money, and just as I reached out
to accept it a loud clap of thunder signalled that a storm was
approaching. Indeed, it was here! The rain started coming down,
heavy, and then heavier. The sky darkened and it looked like it
was going to rain for some time. I wouldn't be going anwhere soon.
Worse, the air turned cooler and wind blew the rain onto her
veranda, and there I was in my shorts and T shirt, starting to get
wet. She immediately invited me in and said I could wait out the
storm in her place. Besides her husband was at work and wouldn't
be home till later. Then she asked me if I would like something to drink. I said
sure. Next thing I knew, I had a coke in my hand and was being
directed to sit in her living room on the sofa, a love-seat. Mrs.
White seated herself next to me which I thought a bit close, but
then she got up and did two things I thought a bit strange. She
closed the venetian blinds at the front of the house, and made sure
the front door was bolted. She then cane back and seated herself
opposite me, in a single seater tub chair.

I should tell you that she was wearing a pair of shorts, not hot
pants but very brief, with a little bit of show throught where her
legs emerged from the short. Her legs were meaty, with a
pronounced image of blue veins, but not a varicose vein, and pure
white. She did not sun tan. She wore a loose fitting blouse,
sleeveless and open cut at the neck. Comfortable for a hot day and
providing enough coverage while standing up. We talked, as
expected and outside, the storm continued. It rained heavily for a
while, then somewhat lighter, then there would be thunder and
lightning, and it got darker as the storm progressed. As we
continued our conversation, I managed to finish my coke, and being
agood hostess, she offered to get me another. As she got up off
the chair, she uncrossed her legs, and that was when I got a
glimpse of the white of her panties in the opening between the
short, and her thigh. Whoops, I started to feet warm. She came
over to where I was sitting and bent over to retrieve the empty
glass from the coffee table where I had left it. As she did so,
the opening of the blouse revealed to me the exposed area of her
breasts whcih were not covered by her bra. It wasn't a lot, but it
was enought for me. I went from being warm to being hot. When she
walked away, my eyes focused on the shape of her ass and that part
of her butt which was showing beneath the cloth of her shorts. It
wiggled pleasantly before my eyes. I was now feeling very
uncomfortable. When she returned with a fresh coke, she again bent
forward revealing her covered breasts to me, and that started me
over the edge. My erection began in earnest, growing without the
least bit of concern for dignity or propriety. It showed it self to
the left of my zipper, inside my shorts but proudly standing
straight and hard leaving no doubt as to its presence to all
viewers, both myself and her. She just say down in her chair,
parting h er legs slightly which of course afforded an addtional
view of the white panty covering her crotch but not fully hiding
the curly patch which was flowing over the edge of her panty line,
and now I was in trouble.

All I could say was, " Look, I'm sorry." Her reply was, "It's
ok. Don't apologise." At this point she got up from the chair and
went to the front window, peering through the end of the already
closed blinds, and closed the only open window. She then went to
the back of the house and drew the curtains, and returned to where
I was sitting, stopping right in front of me and getting down on
her knees. She pushed back the coffee table as it to make more
room. She looked at me, and placed her hand on my bare thigh and
said, "No need to be embarrassed, I'll consider this to be a
compliment. May I seet it?"She had asked permission but didn't wait for my reply! She just
undid my zipper and button, and pulled down both my shorts and my
underwear in one easy motion. I was dumbfounded. Next she put her
hand on my straining cock and in no time placed it in her
mouth. She started sucking on it and moving her lips up and down
the head of my penis. I was feeling quite delirious at this moment
and completely lost control of all sense of everything. Everything
focused on my penis which was being sucked with such enthusiasm by
Mrs. White that it felt like it was the centre of the universe. In
no time, I was coming, exploding into her mouth just like that
first time I exploded in the bathroom.

I had hardly noticed the build up to this moment, but I did
notice that Mrs. White did not stop sucking, in fact she continued
without missing a beat. She must have swallowed all of my
ejaculate, and continued on trying to get more. No more to to come,
but this action did have the result of keeping me very hard, erect,
stiff, whatever you want to call it, which may have been her
intention. Without missing a beat, she took her mouth off my cock,
relaced it with her hand and then removed both her shorts, and her
panties, with the other hand. She directed me to change my
position on the sofa so that I was lying flat out on its length,
and then she climbed on top of me, putting her legs on either side
of me at my waist all the while holding my erection pointing
straight up. I could smell a strange fragrance in the air which
became more noticeable where she parted her legs to straddle me.She then took me by the back of my head and directed my mouth to her pussy. She told me to lick very gently and focus on the little bud at the top of her pussy. In a very short time she started to shake all over and let out a low moan.
While I was still in dream land with her sent and taste on and in my mouth she then took my penis, and aimed it at her thigh, rubbing it into
the bushy part. I am forever glad that she knew what to do,
because I wouldn't have been able to help her. Maybe I would have
figured it out soon enough, because I was pretty aroused and had a
sense of what was about to happen, but it would have been instinct
rather than knowlege that would have driven my efforts.

Outside, the storm was raging, driving rain against the windows at
the front of the house, that sound punctuated by the occasional
clap of thunder. Inside, my penis was now surrounded by the
gripping walls of Mrs. White's vagina, and what a pleasurable
feeling it was. Warm, smooth, wet, squeezing, all at the same
time. She started to slide up and down my rigid pole sometimes
almost letting it slip out but not quite. The moment where the
bottom part of the head was exposed to the air and then recaptured
by her furry lips was exquisite, giving a pleasure that only a male
can appreciate. I got the idea to start to thrust up as she slid
down. The pressure where our thighs met was wonderful. How can
one describe the pleasure of thrusting ones hips forward to meet a
perfectly matched thight thrusting in the opposite direction. I
liked the feeling and so continued to thrust up while she slid
down, and when she lifted up, I withdrew. We established a good
rhythm, and soon the sound of the pounding rain on the roof was
replaced with the pounding of our hearts as we converged and
withdrew. Once, we seperated, and she wasted no time in grabbing me
and directing me back in. My cock, was shiny with our juices and
very slippery. The second time we seperated, she grabbed me again,
directed me back in , and then changed positions so that there was
no way I could slip out. She now pressed down on me and began a
furious pounding on my groin which almost hurt except for the
overall joy I was experiencing, and soon she was making some very
heavy breathing noises. I knew something was happening. She let
out a loud moan, followed by more. I could feel my rod being
squeezed, and that had the effect on me. I started to come letting
out several grunts and groans.

She came to a rest on me, catching her breath, and I noticed
that I could no longer feel the erection within her, because it was
subsiding. Then she raised herself off me and before I had a
chance to look at the mixture of liquid that was all over my groin,
and penis, she pulled up my under pants and my shorts. She put on
her own panties and wiped the inside of her thigh with her hand,
then wiped that on the outside of her shorts.

She knelt beside me and said." Now I'm the one who should be
embarrassed. I guess I lost control of myself. I hope that you
won't tell anybody!" I swore that I would not tell a soul. If I
had told anyone what had happened, no-one would have believed me
anyway, not my friends, and I certainly wasn't going to tell my
parents! I got up off the sofa, and grabbed my collection book.
The storm appeared to have moved on, and it was ok for me to
leave. I actually thanked Mrs. White for everything, including the
2 cokes! I said it was great. And it was. It was fantastic. I did ask her if I could call her by her first name and she said after what we just did my name is Joan. Wow! She even suggested that perhaps we could do it again sometime and I
said that would be sooooo nice!

I walked home, and my mother asked me if I got caught in the
storm. I told her that I had waited it out on a customer's porch.
I went up stairs, still flabergasted by what had happedened. I
realized that I needed to pee, so I went into the bathroom, locked
the door, and pulled down my zipper. I pulled out my penis and I
was surprised that it was not wet as it had once been. As I
fondled it, getting ready to urinate, I noticed a strange odour
arising from my crotch, clearly a musty fragrance which I
attributed to Mrs.White. I also noticed a powdery film of white
dust which seemed to flake as I moved my hand around the
head. More evidence of our intimacy. I directed my stream into
the toilet bowl, and contemplated my new found knowledge. I hoped
I could put it to good use.
We did have many more fun times and I love her for the fact she showed me the world of sex. I never looked at a woman again in the same light.
Mrs White (Joan) God bless you and wherever you are only good things and blessings to you.

End of Story

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