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My Date With Kim

Continuation from Mark and Kim

It was Saturday night and we were getting ready. Mark was coming to pick Kelly up
at 7:30 pm. It was 6:00 pm so, I jumped in the shower so Kelly can have it a little longer
since she loves to takes baths. While I was in the shower, Kelly knocked on the door.
Hi, honey. Let me show you how much I love you. She dropped her towel and came in
the shower with me. She looked so beautiful naked. My mouth just opened.
She kissed me and before long my cock was at attention for her. She grabbed it
nice and then she turn around and said oops I dropped the soap honey.
She bend over and I went in. She put her arms on the tiled wall and hanged
on. I was fucking her hard as the water was spraying all over us.
We fucked for about 10 minutes and then she got on her knees and started
to suck my cock. My cock is 3" thick 8 1/2" long. All I could see was her beautiful
lips huge my cock firm and hard every times she sucked me.
I was in heaven. We leathered up and rinsed off and dryed off and headed to the
bedroom. I carried her to the bed and started to fuck her missionary. I was fucking her
deep and hard. Honey its 6:45pm we better get ready. I am almost done baby.
I fucked her harder and harder and all of a sudden we both came at the same time.
We composed ourselves and started to get dressed.
She picked out a short black knee high strappless dress. Should I wear a thong,
What do you think? She asked. No thong baby. She then put her black
stilleto shoes. Wow, She looked gorgeous.
I was wear a new pin strip blue suit with some black shoes that Kelly bought for me.
Honey, Kelly said you look handsom. Thank you.
I told Kelly to have fun and enjoy herself. I will see you in the morning. Kiss.
I was ready and then headed downstairs when I heard the door bell ring.
I answered it, Hi Mark Kelly will be down in a few minutes. Make yourself at home.
He looked at me and said enjoy, Kim is waiting for you. I said thank you.
Enjoy Kelly yourself.
I droved up to Marks house and rang the door bell. I rang it again and She said
come in. I will be down in a second. Why dont you pour us some drinks.
As I walked in the living room was lit all over with candles and She had the fireplace
going. Wow it was so romantic. I started to pour the drinks when I noticed Kim
was coming down the stairs. My mouth opened.
She looked gorgeous. She was wearing a red knee high strappless dress, red stilletos.
Similar to what Kelly was wearing. She had her golden blonde hair up.
Her breast were pushed up, looking awsome. Her legs were long and delicious.
My cock got a quick shock, and got hard in an instant.
As she came down I said WOW. You look gorgeous. Thank you she said and then she
grabbed me and held me close and gave me a kiss that did not end for a few minutes.
Her tounge was swirling inside my mouth. I open my eyes and saw her enjoying it very
much. I could feel the energey as she sqeezed me closer feeling my cock with her hand.
She said Wow. Very nice.
We sat down for a few minutes in the center of the living room and dranked our
wine. Dinner will be done shortly. I said, I thought we were going out.
She said not tonight. Kim came over and helped me make us dinner.
I said ok. She had the dinning room all ready set up. I held her chair and she
sat down. I poured more wine and we started talking like it was our first date as
strangers. We finished dinner and then we headed back to the living room.
She put some nice soft romantic music on. She explained that Mark was not
very romantic. But Kelly told me that you were. I said, I love ramance.
She told me to seat in the loveseat and she started to dance for me.
Just seat there and enjoy. As I was looking at her dance, I could tell that she
was not wearing anything underneath. She looked amazing.
She danced a couple of songs and then looked at me and told me to come
and join her. As I did I could not help it my cock was hard as a rock.
We danced slow and started to kiss and feeling each other softly.
I moved behind her and held her in my arms feeling every inch of her body.
She could feel the my cock pulsating, wanting her so bad.
Kim you are so beautiful. As we were dancing, I noticed that Mark had set
up a number of video cameras around. Kelly said just ignore them and
enjoy the evening. We started to really feel each others body move and I
could feel her breath getting deeper.
We got close to the sofa and she looked at my eyes and and took my
coat, shirt off, then she unzipped my pants very sexy. As she got up
got her dress and moved it and it fell off. She was so beautiful standing there
nothing on, except her red stilletos. I was so turned on. She pushed me to the
sofa and then kneeled down and started to kiss me and then moved down and
started to suck my cock. All I could do is feel every inch of her body, touching her
hair and feeling every move as I held her head with both my hands.
She sucked my cock for a few minutes and then I stood up and sat he on the
sofa. I started to kiss every inch of her body. I moved down her breast down to
her stomach. I could feel her shiver with sensation. I started to move down
and then I moved her legs over my shoulders and started to eat her pussy.
Kim was sweet as honey. I could eat you for hours I said. She said go ahead
Mark dosent like to do that very much. Wow. With that I dove in for some
more honey. I was having a desert. mmmmm
I must have ate her for an hour. Then we laid down on the center of the living
room. She wanted to ride me. So I laid there. All I could do is to feel her with my
hands and fill her pussy with my cock. She was moaning with exstacy.
I love this so much. Oh James. Oh James. I am cumming she said. She
started to sqirm and she came. Wow.
I then laid her on her back and started to fuck her as I held her long
gorgeous legs apart with my hands. She loved ever hard pounding I was
giving her. She then told me to turn her around. She said I love doggie
style. I want to feel the full extent of your cock in me. So, I did.
I was fucking her very hard. I could her her scream. Kelly never screamed.
Kim was so tight. I kept fucking her and soon enough I was cumming
inside her. Thank you James. That was wounderful. I said we are not done.
I am just getting started. I kissed her and picked her up and carried her
upstairs to the bed room where we did not fuck. But made love instead.
I held her in my arms and made love to her, very softly and gently. MMMM
All I could hear her say, wow James. I have not had this in a long time.
We made love till the wee hours of the night.We took a break just too
catch our breath and grab some water. We made love the entire
night. Before we noticed it was 6 in the morning. Wow James
its 6 in the morning. Really. Thats nice. Lets take a shower and then
I am going to make you breakfast in bed. James, no wounder Kim loves you
so much. She is a lucky lady. I said I think we all are lucky.
We ate breakfast and then We heard Mark and Kelly walk in.
Come on in we are in the kitchen. Good morning guys, Kelly said.
Good morning we replyed.

Will tell you what Mark and Kelly did Next.

End of Story

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