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My Birthday

Yesterday I thought about a birthday present for you. I imagined that you would come over. The apartment would have an exotic and mystical feeling.
Still air fills the room from incense burning. A funky yet spiritual beat comes from the stereo.

Probably Sweetback.

There’s a chair in the middle of the living room. I ask you to remove all of your clothes. You do so wondering what I have up my sleeve now. You don’t hesitate to complete the command. I gently tie your ankles and hands with silk scarves. The scarves smell of my perfume.

I tell you not to speak.
I blindfold you. Nervous you become. “Trust Me”
I kiss you. All is silent but the stereo.

You feel hands creeping up behind you.
The small of your back;
The nape of you neck.
Lips glide smoothly over you earlobes, down your shoulders; your back.

These hands reach from behind you to explore your chest.
Firm voluptuous breast press against you but it’s not me.
Hard nipples pushing against you but it’s not me.
She continues around,
Licking and kissing
Her hair is long and straight
It falls and whispers across your stomach as she kisses her way down your chest to your hips.
Your nipples are hard
Your response to touch is greater than ever.

She kisses, licks, sucks, and nibbles your legs and thighs.

Your dick is standing at attention beating to the stereo as if it had ears.
But you can’t touch it. You can’t touch her.
It wants to fuck who ever this is!

She sits on your lap rocking backwards and then forwards.
Your try to touch her; to pull her down on you.
You can barely lift your wrists.

Who is this you ask

Your are so aroused; you become angry with curiosity.
Her breasts rub your chest.
She’s sucking your lips;
Rocking slowly on your dick; her hands are pumping you up and down.
But she will not put it inside her.
She takes your throbbing member into her mouth and sucks you
She sucks your dick, full tight lips

How much more can you stand.

Suddenly the scarves are untied.
You rip off the blindfold to a dark room filled with smoke.
You reach out
She’s there you; see a hint of her ass
You grab her and shove your dick in her pussy from behind
You hold on to her breast pulling her harder down on you.

With one or more strong thrusts your whole body becomes numb as your dick explodes inside her.

You lean back gasping for air as you close your eyes for one second.

She’s gone.

Who was that incredible woman?

Hope you like being tied

End of Story