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My Wifes Sister

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My Wife's Sister

The door of the bedroom opened and Barb entered the room silently. She was wearing pyjamas and the way her body moved underneath she was obviously without bra or panties. I lay on my back with a light sheet covering me, but underneath I was naked and enjoying an aching hard-on in anticipation of what I expected to be our first completed sexual encounter. It had been 25 years of yearning and lusting for each other and now we were going to live out our dream. Barb was my wife's sister and we had struggled for years to maintain a distance of sorts despite aching to fuck each other. And that is what it was, just an intense desire to fuck along with some affection of course, but there had not been any need to want to live together. We had led separate lives for the most part and did not even think of being a couple and that was aside from the fact that she was my wife's sister.

We were surprisingly calm as she sat beside me on the bed, and leaned over for a lingering kiss. The buttons on her pyjamas were partly unGrante and I could see one breast clearly through the gap. I slipped my hand in to hold it in my hand. I found the nipple and rolled it gently in my fingers. In some of our emails and online chats I had described in detail what I would do with her nipples and we smiled at each other as we realized it was now the real deal. She said, "Grant is in bed and good until morning, no need to worry about him, we can spend the night together and take our time." She slowly finished unbuttoning her top and opened it for my eyes. My mouth was wet, my lips and tongue tip ready to finally taste her body. She is a petite woman with wide hips and soft tender eyes and mouth, her breasts small but nicely shaped with quite large brown aureoles. She really had not changed much in the long time I had known her.

She was five years younger than my wife and I, but from the time she was 16 she had a thing for me. It took a few years for me to realize that; although my wife had often commented on it. The first time it became apparent to me that she thought of me sexually was when she was about 18 and I had stopped in to visit her and her father on a business trip. The father-in-law was out and Barb answered the doorbell. There was a long stairway up to the apartment and she was sitting at the top of the stairs with a porn pocket book in her hand, the cover of which showed a guy working his mouth along the leg of a woman on his way to licking her pussy. Barb's legs were spread and I was sure she did not have panties on as I caught a glimpse of her bush. She showed me the cover, but I did not react just smiled at her, damn it. She later admitted that she had staged it when she knew I was visiting and in fact had taken her panties off just as I arrived. She had fantasized about me going down on her.

My head was on the pillow as she leaned over me, her lovely breasts just in front of my mouth and then she moved one to my lips. I licked around the aureole, used my fingers to hold it while I sucked it. She moaned softly and said, "I have dreamed of your mouth on my nipples for years" and held my head firmly on the nipple.

We had moved to the town were Barb and her father lived when she was about 20. I had purchased a cabin on a lake and we went out on weekends on a regular basis. Barb often joined us. She had the perfect body for a bikini and God I loved seeing her in one and she knew that she excited me. The cabin was pretty basic with an outdoor privy and there was really only one bedroom where we could change. It was not terribly private as it only had a beaded curtain instead of a door. I was putting on my bathing suit one day when Barb walked by, stopped and looked through the hanging beads at my dangling cock as I pulled the suit on, her eyes meeting mine briefly. That became a common occurrence in the months that followed, both of us managing to pass by the doorway as the other was changing. She had a beautiful ass and what appeared to be a tiny bush, although she might have been trimming it for the bikini. I now usually had a hard-on for the viewing and we both looked forward to the weekend at the cabin with the changing experience the highlight.

Barb stood up now and lifted the sheet off of me, her eyes drifting down my body and focused on my hard cock as she dropped her pyjama bottoms to the floor. It was almost 20 years since I had first seen her nude and seeing her now still aroused me to a fever pitch. I leaned over and pulled her to the bedside still standing and kissed her belly as my hands reached around to feel that beautiful bare ass. She held my head to her as my lips moved from her tits to her pussy, kissing and licking.

She sat down again beside me, and her hand worked down my chest and belly, fingered through my bush then encircled my cock. She murmured "oh God, I have seen it, I have rubbed on it, but it is heaven to hold it in my hand, it is so thick I can feel it going in my pussy." She stroked it, sliding her hand up and down it, running a finger down the bottom along the vein, reaching between my legs to find my balls and caress them, then back up to trace a soft finger around the ridge of my knob. I pushed my hips up at her while gritting my teeth at the extreme pleasure. My hand slid up between her legs, along the inside of her inner thigh until the edge of my index finger felt the length of her slit. She spread slowly to allow my hands and fingers to explore her now very wet slit. While knowing there would be more pleasure coming soon, we could not stop fondling and kissing each other.

Barb married a few years later, her new husband a decent guy but not terribly romantic as I heard from my wife and apparently not very well hung. During these years we lived thousands of miles apart and did not meet often. Occasional phone calls and maybe in the summer they might visit us or we them. We did manage to find time on those occasions to touch and rub a bit, the desire still there without the opportunity. A week vacation on a houseboat provided the only near contact of a sexual nature. A mid-night nude swim brought us together very briefly in the water, a few stolen kisses when out of sight of the others, just enough to keep the flame of desire burning.

We continued to stay calm and gorged ourselves on each others bodies, passionate tongue filled kisses, my fingers now actively busy in her pussy, trying to catch up with years of wonder and desire. I pulled her to me on the bed, side by side facing each other. Our mouths engaged again, I could feel the delicious hardness of her nipples tickling my chest hair, her upper leg cast over my hip and her wet pussy rubbing my thigh. Her hand moved my cock between her legs and the knob slipped along the wet slit. Our bodies were now at a fever pitch of heat and movement.

Barb's first husband died quite young and she was alone in the world with only her daughter to keep her focused on life. A year or so later she met an old boss from her working days, a man quite a bit older than she, but well off and totally infatuated with her. They married and that was Grant, now sleeping in the other room. By this time we had started a heated email exchange and began secret online chats, and eventually web cams. Distance provided the anonymity to allow us to freely tell each other that we wanted to fuck. All the standard online words, "what are you wearing, love to suck your nipples, I am dying to suck your cock, oh baby feel it slide up your pussy?" We got off on camera with me shooting streams of cum that drove her to distraction imagining that I was in her pussy. As those who take part in this form of communication know it can get very erotic and almost feel real. It did serve to make this ultimate meeting more relaxed, there was not much that we had not said or seen or Grante online, we were ready for each other.

Our family meetings came around more often, Grant being retired and well off, they travelled a lot and joined us on various occasions. We went on a few cruises together, spent weeks in Hawaii and exchanged visits to our respective homes. Barb was not getting the sex that she now craved more than ever. Her first husband had not been very active and Grant was now almost totally inactive. Every chance we got to be out of sight, our hands probed and touched and I must have rubbed my cock on her thigh dozens of times.

My cock was sliding back and forth along her slit, she moving her hips in unison to my efforts. I stopped for a second, moved to get a better angle and began to work it into her. We held our breath as it popped between her lips. Groans from both of us at this moment we had thought of for 25 years. I held the knob quiet in her lips, she began to work her pussy clamping behind the knob as I fucked her with little short knob length strokes. Then half my cock in her, longer strokes now and she whimpered into my ear, "fuck me now Paul, give me what I need." Ah damn, there is no feeling like that first complete long stroke of a cock in a pussy and our tongues lashed each other to stifle the moans of pleasure in our throats. I jammed it hard up inside of her, and held it there, while she turned her pussy loose squeezing and caressing it, grinding her hips and rubbing her tits on my chest.

I stayed overnight with Grant and Barb on this particular business trip. I took them out to a nice restaurant and we drank some wine and I danced with Barb a few times, our bodies almost melting into each others, I could barely keep my hands off of her ass. There was a desperate sense of desire and lust emanating from the both of us, and the body vibes trembled with intensity. Back at their home we had watched the late news and sports and Grant had faded off to bed, leaving the two of us alone in the TV den. After a few minutes Barb went in to check on Grant and returned to the room and sat beside me on the couch. She leaned toward me and we kissed, and kissed and kissed. The desire was palpable, god we wanted to fuck! She told me to go to the bedroom and wait for her. We kissed again and my hands felt her tits and butt and slipped up her leg to feel her pussy in her panties. I lingered there sliding the panty aside and felt the bare pussy for the first time, the pussy I had yearned to fuck for 20 years. She smiled and said, "Get to bed; you can have it all in a few minutes."

I began to fuck her now, nice slow long ones, both of us luxuriating in the sensation we had longed for. My hands went around behind her and caressed her ass cheeks, fingers sliding into the crease, teasing her butt hole a bit in passing, then right through to feel my cock as it slid in and out of her. I rolled her to her back and moved up half kneeling between her legs and lifted my upper body so that I could see her beneath me. I whispered, "Look down baby, look at my cock buried in your pussy, look how wet the knob is when I pull it out." She looked down as my purple knob surfaced between her swollen pussy lips, I moved it around and then slid it deep again, both of us groaning as quietly as we could. I said, "Hmmm Barb, I have not tasted your pussy yet and I want to do it when it is hot and horny." Her eyes questioned me as I pulled out of her cunt, but as soon as I bent my head down between her legs and sucked her pussy lips she almost went into orbit. It is my theory that a half fucked pussy is the tastiest pussy, and hers certainly was. I loved to tease a woman with my tongue and I knew that she had not had a lot of that pleasure. I alternated between long slow licks from the bottom of her slit to the clit area. She did not have a very prominent clit but she certainly reacted when I pressed on it with flattened tongue. And then she arched her back upwards and her body trembled as I took one lip and then the other into my mouth sucking them gently.

She had not wanted me to pull my cock out to be begin with but now she moaned "no, no" when I lifted my mouth from her pussy, and tried to hold my head against it with her hands. We were wallowing in sex, wanting to experience everything we could. I moved up and straddled her, my knees on each side of her, and dragged my sticky cock and balls up her belly and between her breasts. Her hand found it and rubbed it against her nipples bending her head down seeking the knob with her lips. I moved it up closer to her mouth and then shut my eyes as her lips closed on it and her tongue circled the knob. Ah God, I sensed the cum starting its journey from my toes and up my legs. I almost left it in her mouth, and she acted like she wanted it there, but I held her head and pulled it out of her mouth. Regretfully I must add.

I moved back down on her, back between her legs which she raised up towards her chest, her pussy a red gash between her legs, capped by her trimmed black bush, inviting me to finish our ballet. She arched her back up, begging to take me in her and I obliged. I slipped it easily up her wet open hole and lay on her covering her small body and her legs circled my back and we began to fuck in earnest as if we had been doing it for years, our bodies totally in tune with the other. As I withdrew from her she tried to clamp on me and hold me in, and as I pushed back in she kept it tight and then opened wide allowing me to plunge to the bottom of her body. We tried to keep it quiet for obvious reasons which managed to add even more intensity to an already hot situation. She sensed my cock beginning to throb and pulse and released herself to a jerking thrashing orgasm, biting down on my shoulder to muffle her groans.

The rest of the night was a blur of sex, feeling and touching and talking and teasing. She mounted and rode me, leaning back braced with her arms on my legs behind her butt and twisted and ground my cock in her pussy. I used my thumb to rub the top of her slit and clit. About 5 am we showered, in order to wash the scent of sex from our bodies as she would have to return to the bedroom with Grant soon. I turned her away from me; her hands pressed against the shower wall and entered her from behind, my knees between her legs and I fucked her until I cum once more, my own legs shaky and trembling. I took a wash cloth and cleaned out her pussy as we smiled and laughed quietly. We towelled each other off, watching ourselves in the steamy mirror. A lengthy kiss and feel and she left my room.

Later in the morning I dressed and joined Grant and Barb out on the back deck for breakfast. Barb was radiant and Grant seemed to be in good spirits as well. Barb avoided my eyes for the most part, obviously trying not to give anything away. Grant's last words as I left the table were "come back again and spend another night with us." His words came with a knowing smile and I wondered if he knew what we had been doing as he slept. Or had he slept? Barb came with me to the door and after glancing behind her moved her body tight against mine. We kissed and she whispered, "thank you for the best night in my life".

It was worth the wait.

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