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My Touches

It starts off with our soft kisses
Full of such blesses
First I let my hand fill with your breast
Slowly moving down with this caress
Your skin as smooth as the softest silk
I want nothing more then it to succumb to my will.

I squeeze my hand between the barrier of your underwear
I let my fingers feel everything, down to the smallest hairs
The tip of my finger touches the outer walls
I feel your juices which mean your desire responded to the calls,
Produced by my hands
Favorite part of our nights plans.

I slide my finger ever so slightly up your lips
Watching the almost unnoticeable movement in your hips.My finger feeling for that prized little treasure,with the slightest touch you close your eyes in pleasure Using only my one fingertip I massage her up and down, down and up
Your juices flowing out even more now, I think I could fill a cup.

It turns me on, leaving me throbbing inside my denim walls.Waiting to be set free and fall
But that story is for another piece of poetry
I spread your lips, thinking "Show it to me"
Now your naked clit is my line of sight, my slave
I look in your eyes that say go ahead babe,I fit the swollen piece between my fingertips with just enough grip to cause you hand clenching pleasure while I steer this ship I vibrate my hands with your clit still enslaved, no batteries required
You arch your back, eyes rolls back, your need to moan getting higher and higher I hear your juices gush as my hands gyrate,

Your so close to climax....

End of Story