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My Police Escort Helps Me Out

I am assigned by the government an escort who is armed with a .45 at all times. I had been getting text messages from two very young girls that a female friend and I had met at the mall and we all traded phone numbers. She got her share of text messages and I got much more than my share. One of the girls was able to borrow a cell phone to text me one day and said that this is the number to text her. Well, she got more than a little wierd so I cut off communications with her. I was going through my contacts list and there she was, so I texted her to see if she was ok. I asked if it was Marj and she replied that it was not. I told her how I had her number and she thought it was funny. We continued to text back and forth until I finally called her to hear her voice. It took a long time to get the opportunity to meet with her, but she was in town the same time we were. She texted me and asked where I was at, that she was in town and it would be good to meet in person. So I went to the mall entrance and waited. It was easy for her to pick me out since I was the only white person there in a sea of short Filipinos. She asked if it was ok to bring her friend, of course, my friend is here as well. We had a pizza for lunch and the girls wanted to leave. Jeny, my girl sat close for just being introduced and had a lot of physical contact, where Gwen was not so warm to Rani, my escort. So we went out to get our vehicle and take a ride and see where it would all lead. Rani, being ever vigilant, knew a place that was away from the city and secluded. It was a little resort so we could have some coffee and get more acquainted. Well, since I had been buying prepaid minutes for Jeny's cell phone, she kept sending me kisses and I told her that I would have to collect some day, well, this was the day to start. I got in a few kisses, but she was a little shy in front of the workers at the resort. She needed to visit the little girls room and I needed relief as well, so I escorted her over to the restrooms. I waited for her to come out and then took her into

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