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My New Bed

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My New Bed

We met at a Halloween Party. I saw him the moment he came in the door. He looked like a Matador. I went as a belly dancer. The sheer fabric showed off my assets and had me excited as the gentlemen were checking me out as soon as I took off my wrap. The hosts of the party were long time friends and they were always trying to hook me up with an eligible bachelor. Maybe they were just trying to get me in bed, I don?t really know, but the party was really heating up and lots of skin was already on display. The walls of the playroom were lined with couches; a large circular raised platform was in the center, with a twister board on it. There were two containers that contestants were adding their names to, one for men, and another for the women. Alcohol was flowing, the smell of weed was in the air, breasts were exposed and the testosterone level was to the max. I put my name in the hat, hoping I would get to play with my Matador. We had already met; his name was Hank, (rhymes with Yank I?m thinking) made me want to yank him?

Names were called out and contestants played. Skin on skin, it was making me very horny. I have this bad habit of teasing my nipples which in turn, makes my pussy wet and I was deep into twisting them and making my pussy leak while watching this very erotic game. Dracula and Dorothy from OZ had just finished fucking in front of us when my name was called out. I stepped up on the platform as they were drawing my opponent?s name. It was Fred Flintstone. Initially I was disappointed until he stepped up to the plate, he was a giant of a man. I had hoped to play with Hank, but that?s the way the dial spins. By now, most of the spectators on the couches were naked as well as the contestants and most were having sex in some form or fashion. Fred walked up to me and in one swift motion, had my breasts exposed and in a flash I was naked. He reached up to his shoulder and unhooked his skin suit and he was nude. His meat was enormous. I had trouble taking my eyes off of it and my pussy lips were swelling and I could feel the moisture lubing me up inside.

I drew the first spin. I reached out and put my hand on the yellow spot. I was bent over in front of him and I don?t know if he even spun the dial, but the next thing I knew, he was slipping his big cock inside my dripping wet pussy. I looked up and Hank was standing next to the platform watching me get pounded by this massive man with a big smile on his face. My tits were bouncing as he had his hands on my hips, pounding his meat deep inside me. I could feel my orgasm coming on, but I wasn?t quick enough because Fred bellowed out that he was coming and he held me tight as he filled me full of his seed. I could feel the heat from his sperm as he hosed me down with his load. Hank was there to lend me a hand down off of the platform and collect my things. We were walking away when his name was called. He looked me in the eye and said Duty calls, and he was heading up to the platform.

Hank was drawn with a bosomy nurse in high heels. She did a slow strip tease in front of all of us while Hank watched her. He took his shirt off leaving his trousers and boots. She finished off disrobing him while on her knees in front of his cock, which I couldn?t see yet. I was dying to get a glimpse of it when the Wicked Witch of the West cupped my breasts from behind and started pinching my nipples. Hank spun first and put a foot on blue. The nasty nurse hit red with her hand, which bent her over in front of him. That?s when I finally got to see his rod. It was long and thick and hanging straight down. I couldn?t believe that he wasn?t hard due to all of the sounds and smells of sex that were in the air around us. His next spin put him on green and he put his other foot on it, across the nurses back. The head of his cock was dangling on her neck and along her cheek. The witch was now sucking my left breast and the Tin Man was sucking the right one. I still hadn?t cum yet and I was getting very close. I was holding both of their heads to my breasts and starting to tremble when a clown came up behind me and slipped into my cum filled pussy from behind. Hank was staring at me as the blonde nurse had his meat trapped between her tits stroking him and I could see that he was getting hard.

His cock was beautiful and it was still growing. He was much bigger than Fred and I wanted it so bad when the nurse went down on him and it disappeared in her mouth. That?s when I started cumming with both tits being sucked and being fucked from behind and Hank getting his dick sucked I exploded. I am a squirter and this was a big one for me and I let loose. I could feel the clown unload inside me at the same time. If they hadn?t have held on to me, I would have collapsed. I was looking for a place to sit down when there was Hank. He reached out and picked me up and carried me out of the room and into another room, which was much darker. It took awhile before my eyes could adjust but when they did, I could see that there were bodies all over the floor. Writhing like a bunch of snakes in a den. Coconut oil filled my nostrils and there was plastic on the floor. Hank picked up a vile of oil and poured it on me. It was warm and the smell was intoxicating. We rubbed together and slithered with the rest of the bunch. Hands were on me, touching, probing, but Hank was there in front of me, filling me, full. We spent the night together and many more after that. A year later we were married.

We have spent many sexy, wonderful years together. I guess you could say that Hank is a Voyeur. He loves to watch me having sex, either with someone, or just by myself with others watching me. And anything he wants, I am ready and willing to do. I have been in so many situations that it would take a long time to write them all down, but each has been an adventure in itself. I have been naked in the mall, bookstores, bars, shoe stores many times. I think both of our favorites are the shoe stores. I have had some awesome orgasms while trying on shoes, with no panties, masturbating in front of the guy or gal that is helping me while he watches. Well this particular story is something of the sort, but it kind of surprised us both as we were buying furniture?

It was my birthday, Hank took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant that we kind of save for special occasions. We had dressed up, had a wonderful dinner, a couple bottles of wine and were heading home when Hank said why don?t we stop in and look at beds? I had been having problems with my shoulder and our sleep was being interrupted due to my shoulder hurting. So I said sure why not.

The parking lot was empty when we pulled in and I was wondering if they were still open. We got out and walked up to the door just as a guy was coming to lock up. So are you closing? We asked. Well yes we close at nine, but come on in, as it has been a slow day, he said. He went ahead and locked the door behind us and asked what were we looking for. I said It?s my birthday and I need a new bed. You have come to the right place he said smiling. If you?ll follow me, I will get you set up. Hank said, I think I will go look at the recliners and catch up with you later, as I followed the cute young salesman towards the back of the store.

The young man said I?ll get my dad to assist you as this is pretty much his department, but the beds are back here if you want to go ahead and start looking. I noticed him checking me out as he walked away, a smile on his face. I had been looking and feeling a few beds when a large, burly man walked up, a big smile on his face. I could tell right away he was the boy?s father. I?m Ben. Victoria I said, How do you do. Oh pretty good, kind of slow lately, the economy you know. So what kind of bed are you looking for? Well I don?t know, and I told him about my shoulder problem and what kind of bed we have now.

Well we need to go on back to the show rooms and let you get a feel for the kind of bed you truly need. He went on to tell about how we spend a third of our life in bed, and so on. He was telling me that this part of the store is just the show room, and that he had what I needed in the back. OK so off we went thru children?s bedrooms, teenagers rooms, each with multiple beds set in an actual bedroom environment so that one could see how it would look at home. Finally we came to the adult bedroom.

The first thing I noticed was how much darker it was in here when he pointed out that most adults like it dark in their sleeping chambers. When my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, I could see that there were several erotic sculptures in the room. When I asked about it, he replied that these are some of my work. I do most of the sculpting and a majority of the woodwork here. He hit a switch on the wall and some LED lights came up on several pieces of work on dressers here and there. I walked over to the nearest one and it was of a giant penis and testicles. I couldn?t help but reach out and pick it up and feel it. The organ was at least 12 inches long and very thick. I took both hands and my fingers just barely touched as I grasped this massive phallus. The testicles were bigger than any I had ever seen, about the size of tennis balls. But I was thinking, this is a sculpture and art has a way of blowing things out of proportion.

That is one of mine he said. Oh you sculpted this? I asked. Well I recreate them to sell, but that was made off of me, he replied modestly. Then it hit me what he meant as I sat it down and turned away embarrassed. But this is my favorite he said as he picked up a piece and held it out for me. It was of the same cock, which was inside of a pussy with the balls almost against the ass. The lips were splayed open like a flower and it was so life like, it almost seemed real. My nipples were getting hard and I could feel my pussy leaking and my lips swelling. To think about a cock that big inside me was starting to make me dizzy. I set the sculpture down and continued to look around the room at the beds. I saw then that there were multiple beds in the room. He was always so business like that I felt funny fantasizing about what was between his legs as he was calmly telling me about the firmness and qualities of the different mattresses.

So you know that a bed is a major investment and the amount of time spent in bed, sleeping and having pleasures, one should get the perfect bed for each individual and the only way to find the perfect fit is to actually try it as you would at home. We have everything you need to match the home environment right here in our show room. So how do you normally sleep? He asked. Well on my side, then roll over to my back then stomach?No I mean do you sleep in pajamas or nightgown? Oh I sleep in the nude I replied. OK no problem he said as he stepped over to one of the dressers and pulled out a new set of satin sheets. From what you?ve told me, I think we should start with this model he said as he expertly made the bed. I?m thinking, why is he making up this bed with new sheets?

OK he said I?ll just turn around and you can get ready for bed and give it a try. He turned around and while he was facing away from me, he was still talking about the construction of the bed and some of the features that he was going to show me when I got in. Well this was all so matter of fact and probably partly the wine that as he was talking, I started undressing while staring at that sculpture of that big fat cock setting on the nightstand. When did it get to the nightstand? I thought it was sitting over there on the dresser.

As I pulled my dress off over my shoulders, I peeked at Ben and sure enough he was still facing away from me to give me some privacy as I undressed which made me think what a gentleman he was, treating me like such a lady. But time had slowed down for me and I was lost in the moment and almost felt like I was at home instead of a furniture store in the middle of the night. Ben had stopped talking, he was just letting me adjust to getting ready for bed or so I thought. My dress was off and on the chair beside the bed; I had just unhooked my bra and my usual rubbing my nipples to make them happy when he said. Victoria, are you in bed yet? I had totally forgotten he was standing there and realized that I had been rubbing my nipples with that wooden cock. The sound of his voice made me jump. I looked over at him and he was still standing at the foot of the bed facing the wall, when I realized he was watching me through a mirror that was on the wall in front of him. His eyes had a hooded look and he had a smile on his face. I was in lust and couldn?t help it if I tried. I turned towards him, placed the cock sculpture between my tits and fucked them with it, kissing it as it came up to my mouth. I dropped it on the bed, turned away from him so he could see my ass and pulled my panties down as slow as I could. My pussy was dripping, literally. He already had the sheets open so I slid in and covered up.

I?m in bed now I cooed. OK then and he turned around. I could see the bulge in his jeans and I didn?t hide the fact that I was looking at it. Also I had that wooden cock in my hand and I was about to slip it down between my legs and get the feel of what he must be like. He had a remote in his hand and Mr. Business he was back at work, but talking softly and keeping me comfortable. Now just relax and see what this feels like. He hit a button on the remote and the upper portion of the bed started rising up. Do you watch TV in bed he asked? Well usually porno?s I replied. No problem and a big screen came on with a girl sucking a big cock was on with surround sound going. I gripped that wood dick hard. Can you see OK he asked? And before I could answer, he raised the bed up even more. I could see much better and I hadn?t realized, but my tits had become uncovered. He hit another button and a vibration started right between my shoulders and I felt relaxed instantly, I also felt my titties shaking and my nipples getting harder. How?s that he asked? I could only mumble as I gripped that wood dick harder.

He hit another button and the vibrating stopped and my feet started coming up. As they did, my legs started falling open at the same time. He punched that remote again and the bed was vibrating all over, back legs, ass, I was in heaven. My eyes were closed and I was getting very close to cumming when the vibrating stopped. There?s something else I would like you to try he said, and when I opened my eyes I saw that the sheet was completely off of me and I was totally exposed and he was naked as well. His cock looked like he had been stroking it as it was huge and I could see moisture at the tip. The girl on the porno was drinking the guys cum and another was cumming in her pussy. He hit another button on the remote and the bed went back flat. We don?t show this to everyone, but I think you would enjoy it. Now if you will turn over on your belly. I thought he was going to fuck me from behind and that big dick of his made me obey instantly.

He hit another button and the bed started rising up in the middle, pushing my ass up in the air. He didn?t go too far then said, if you will lift up just a little, I will position this for you. I lifted my ass up off of the bed. I could feel his hot breath on my bare pussy as he slipped a slick, hard, pillow under my pussy. OK he said relax now. The bed started vibrating again, right under my midsection. I spread my legs open to get the full benefit of the pillow against my clit, I could feel my juices running out of my open pussy. If you will notice, I am moving around on the bed and you probably don?t even feel my movements. He was right, I didn?t feel the bed move, but I could feel my world start to move as I was just about over the top with one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had when I felt something else.

My pussy was open and my juices were flowing, I could feel it running down my thighs when something very hot totally covered my wet pussy. I knew what it was and I wanted it badly. I opened my legs more and pushed back against it. That beautiful cock head reminded me of a red delicious apple stuck on the end of a baseball bat. I was seeing it in my minds eye as I pushed back against it, wanting it in me. He eased forward, slipping inside me as my orgasm came on with full force. I could feel the bed getting soaked as I squirted soaking us both. My orgasm went on and on with just the head of his gorgeous cock inside me. He must have had the remote handy as my orgasm had barely started to subside, the bed went flat and he pulled out and flipped me over. My legs were apart and he dove in, his lust overpowering him and he slid that big cock in me till his big balls were hitting my ass. His thrusts were powerful as he sucked my tits, he lifted up and had his hands against my sides as he fucked me hard and deep. Apparently this play had him as worked up as I was because in just a few more strokes, he was moaning into my mouth as we French kissed. I could feel him swell right before he burst inside me and his cock was pumping load after load of sperm deep into my cervix. I had my legs spread as wide as I could get them, my hips up, to take his sperm. His cock kept surging as he emptied his balls inside me that animal lust coming out. The male impregnating the female. Our bodies going thru that ancient ritual that keeps us going.

And he was right about not feeling movement on the bed because when he was finished and raised up off of me, there was Hank and Ben?s son jacking off on either side of me. I pulled them together at my mouth and sucked them both as they came. First Hank and as he had his orgasm, some of it hit the boy?s cock and that set him off and I had them both down my throat and into my stomach. Ben was still inside me and as he started to pull out I stopped him and pulled him back inside, I just wasn?t ready to let that big cock go yet. We fucked again before we left which was well after midnight and you know he was still hard when we had to go home.

We bought that bed. Ben gave us a good discount and he even thru in one of those carvings of his penis. I enjoy looking at it, but I get the real thing about once a week anyway. He comes to our house and the three of us have a wonderful time. And when he can?t come over, I?ve got that carving?

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