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My Mom Got Me Laid In Mexico

A few years ago at age 31, i got divorced and was like a fish out of water. Up untill then, I was only with one woman. My ex and me were 1st for one another. I started dating this gal for a few months and she was my 2nd pussy and i asked her 2 go 2 Cancun, Mexico with me for a week and i would pay for everything. She said yes and two days before the vacation we broke up. I could not find anyone else on short notice, So I ask my Mom 2 go with me since it was already paid for and my Mom was in bad health. We arrive there and my mom said for me to go out 2 the clubs and party and find someone to spend the nights with. I told my Mom, I did not know when we might ever get 2 spend qaulity time and that, she should come out and have a drink or two and then take a cab back to the hotel and then i would try to find someone later after she went back to the hotel resort. We were there only about 15 minutes and I told my mom, I would be right back. After coming back from the bathroom, I notice my Mom talking to are attractive mexican waitress. My mom tells me her name and said, she is getting a cab and for me and the waitress 2 have a fun night as her shift was ending at 11pm. I PAY FOR THE CAB 2 TAKE MY MOM BACK 2 THE RESORT and the waitress, who spoke broken english, told me that it was a shame about my wife dying and that she would like 2 help me forget the pain. DID SHE EVER!!!!!!! LONG STORY SHORT, MY MOM WAS RESPONSIBLE 4 ME HAVING THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! Mom is now in heaven and I thank her for her little white lie. The mexican gal was my teacher for all 7 nights of the vacation and now I Know how 2 drive any pussy up a wall!!!!!!!!

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