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My Mistress, Me And Dem Timekeeper's Blues

Well since my seduction of Johnni Black, didn't go as planned, and as in
the words of the Georgia Satellites, (Don't Hand Me No Lines, and Keep
Your Hands to Yourself) "I had a little change in my pocket, going
jingle, lingle ling, call you on the telephone baby, give you a
ring".... So I called for an appointment with Susan, for after work on
Friday. I told the person who answered the phone, have her bring her
boots,,,,and "stuff"...!

Friday seemed like it dragged on forever. Late in the afternoon, I
called to confirm my appointment. I left work a few minutes late, and
got caught in rush hour traffic but made the appointed time. I walked up
to the back door, knocked and was led in. Susan was sitting in a chair,
with a riding crop in her hand, her long legs crossed, her body was
wrapped in a tight black dress, her feet were covered with black heels
with silver adornments. She saw me and told me I was "almost late", and
she wouldn't tolerate that.... With that she led me into an adjacent

She had the room neat, soft lighting, a few "things" displayed on a
table by the bed. I commented on the scent in the room, it was from a
burning candle. We sat on the bed, she asked me if I had been a GOOD
BOY. Of course, this is my downfall....<g>

I handed over the money for the session, she left and returned. She came
close to me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she came within
inches of my face. The black dress she had on was very, very nice, knit
with a cutting exposing her navel. I couldn't help myself and stuck my
tongue out to suck on her exposed navel. She tasted very nice!

I stood up, she started to undo my shirt, I began to touch her body, and
she told me, "she wasn't ready for that yet". She then said, "You need
to wear a shirt, where I can rip it open with no concern for the
buttons". I whispered to her, that I could wear shirts with pearl snap
buttons. She looked approvingly at me and said, "that would save on

Off came the shirt. I leaned over to take off my shoes, but Mistress
then asked another question which was really was my DOWNFALL...<g> At
the end of our last session, Mistress Susan allowed me to keep one of
her black nylon stockings. Well you know me, I sent it away with a video
to a very interesting female cyber friend of mine, whom has told me she
also does the "Mistress Thing". When I told Mistress Susan what I had
done, she told me to turn around and drop my pants and bend over. She
took the riding crop and whipped my ass with a few good lashes, all the
time telling me how worthless of a slave I was for not taking care of
Mistresses items. I told Mistress I would request to get the stocking
back, then I told Mistress that she might be interested in what this
other Mistress was going to do with the stocking. Mistress being the
curious creature she is, listened as I told her, that my friend said she
might stick the nylon stocking up her pussy and go jogging "in that
manner"! Then at the end of jogging, when I imagined it to be good and
wet and quite fragrant send it to back to me. Good thing I did not tell
Mistress what other ideas my friend had for the stocking...he-he-he-he !

Mistress got livid when she heard what my friend was thinking of doing
to "her stocking"! The stocking she was kind enough to give me, yet I
didn't respect her things and I send it off to another woman. She even
made the comment, "Slaves are getting hard to come by these days"! I
think she actually liked what I did!!!

She told me to drop my underwear and bend over. I still had my shoes
on, my pants and boxers were about my ankles and my ass (don't even
picture this in your mind...<g>) was for Mistress to punish. She gave me
a few good swats with her cane, then rubbed the cheeks gently
afterwards. Mistress commented on how my ass got red easily. I told her
that my skin reddens easily and I welt as well, but the welts don't last
long... With that she quit slapping me with her riding crop and told me
to get naked!

Its rare in my life to hear a woman tell me to get naked, so I quickly
shed my clothes and shoes. Mistress was sitting upright on the bed, her
legs spread and I sat down, my back to her between her legs. I have a
hairy back and a "mane" on the top of my back (damn,
testosterone....<g>) She raked her nails all over my back and I lifted
her feet and began to suck on her feet and heels. Again, she tasted very

Position change and she kicked her "performance" into second gear.
Mistress had me lie down on the bed. She walked over to the table and
got a roll of rope. She unrolled the rope, all the time telling me how
worthless I was for sending her stocking to another "Mistress" then,
telling me that this other "Mistress" was going to put the stocking up
her pussy and jog with it, then send it back to slave, and slave would
even dream that this would in some way be appealing to Mistress
Susan...She was really getting into this and I was tripping along with
her performance!!!

She went to the side of the bed, grabbed my wrist, and began to bound my
wrist with the rope. I must admit, she knew what she was doing, as she
was tying quite an elaborate knot. Then she ran the rope under the bed
and tied my other wrist with the rope. Mistress Susan must have thought
I was a very hopeless case, but I never saw a more cummly sight than her
leaning down on the floor gathering the rope, her ass peaking out from
under her tight black dress...<g> I complimented her on her lovely ass,
and when she was binding my other wrist I asked Mistress if she was ever
a "Boy Scout"....<g> She said no, but she had eaten a number of
"Brownies"...xxxtreme grin With my other wrist bound, she ran the rope
from the one wrist under my head, propping it up a bit, to the
other wrist. Both my hands were bound and the rope ran over and under
the bed,,,,, I think Mistress had done this at least once before!!!

She pranced around the bed for a time, eyeing me, talking to me, then
she kicked into third gear. She went over to the table and picked up the
small pair of toe-cuffs and tried to cuff my two "big toes" together. My
Bozo feet were to big..<g> so she cuffed the second biggest together. I
have to admit, I was quite vulnerable.... She kicked into fourth gear,
(I could not tell you, just how many speeds are in Mistress' "gearbox")
and put a leather cock ring around my balls that had MISTRESS imprinted
in silver letters. She took her riding crop to my thighs, cock and
balls and toyed with them. She sorta knew I was a rookie and took it
light on me. My balls are very sensitive.

Every now and then she took my cock into her wet mouth and sucked me.
What a trip to be bound and sucked, even briefly. She still had on her
dress and heels and walked up on the bed and stood over me. She was
wearing a pair of leather panties and a leather bra. As she played with
me, she took off her dress and leather undies. I wanted to fuck her so
bad, when I was bound like that,,,I love it when a woman sits on my
uncut gem and sits tall in the saddle!!! dildo in my ass here?????

But Mistress Susan had other ideas for me. She put her very nice pussy
close to my face so I could tongue her wildly. We both love this! After
a good tonguing "cowgirl" session on my face, she reached over to the
nightstand, and pulled a spiral type dildo out of the drawer. She then
told me she was going to fuck my ass with the dildo. I have only had a
such a device or a finger in my Hersey Highway a handful of times in the
past. She pulled out some creme, I asked if it was "Stay Hard
Creme"...<g> and she smiled and said no, because there has never been
any need for such with me...<g> It was a lubricant, Mistress lubed the
end of the dildo, knowing I am a very visual person, she did it slowly
in front of my hands bound by the rope, my feet "cuffed"

"Raise your ass, Slave", she commmanded. I raised my legs and exposed my
ass for her. I felt quite vulnerable, and she placed the tip of the
dildo to my asshole and slowly rimmed me. She told me how much she
wanted to fuck me with a large strap-on. I have to admit, the image is
stimulating, but I don't know about "large"...<g> She then pressed the
dildo into my ass, I took a little bit, I am tight and Mistress worked
the dildo in. I don't know how far she ultimately penetrated me, I
suspect less than an inch. She played for a bit, I should have requested
that she suck my alert uncut gem as she played, but I was dealing with
the pain/pleasure? of the dildo.

Out came the dildo, Mistress gave me a sultry look, and with that I
believe her Corvette transmission eased into 5th gear. She glided her
lovely nude body over to another nightstand and reached for the lit pink
candle and took it out of its holder. I wondered momentarily if the
candle was to "shine" in my Hersey Highway, but Mistress then straddled
my belly, and positioned the lit candle over my chest and proceeded to
drip melting wax about my nipples. Ouch! I must say, she dripped about
8 drops total on me and I was quite jumpy! I have been told that there
are candles with varying degrees of "hotness" to the candle wax. I would
say the wax was a tad on the painful side. She seemed to get my nipples
pretty good with the wax. Then I suppose to prove to me, the wax was
"not that bad", Mistress proceeded to drip wax onto her lovely soft 36C
breasts and very hard nipples! She didn't flinch at all!

She lowered her breasts to my mouth and told me to clean the wax off of
them. I was only too happy to comply! She had the wax pretty good on her
nipples, and I eagerly cleaned them off with my teeth and hopefully
impressed her when I was able to inhale virtually all of her wonderful
36C breasts...hmmmmmm

Earlier, I told Mistress that I had brought my Magnum Condoms because
the "house condoms" didn't fit very well...<g> As I was still bound,
she asked where my condoms were. She went over and got them out of my
shirt pocket. There I told her she would also find a picture I brought
for her. She got the condoms then looked at the picture. It was the
Polaroid I had taken with Johnni Black the porn actress, where I was
spreading Johnni's "pink"....xxxtreme grin This did not sit well again
with Mistress. She told me, she didn't want me looking at other women,
etc, etc.... Of course, I said I would comply,,,but my flesh is ever so

Time to get me out of the restraints. Mistress said a slave was no good,
if they were hurting and couldn't please Mistress. It did feel good to
get untied. I got up and stretched a bit,,,then she looked at me, and
told me to fuck her. Very nice and I needed a diversion....<g>

I laid her on her back and started sucking on her tummy and sides
working my way down to her snatch. I took the bridge of my nose and ran
it up her snatch pressing it against her clit. I then spread her puss
with my fingers, pulled back the hood, exposing her lovely clit, and
went down on the morsel. I soon found my finger in her twat, then I wet
my other index finger, and pressed it against her lovely puckered
asshole. It went in, and I played with the two fingers between the
tissues of her ass and pussy for a bit, tonguing her clit at the same

"Fuck me", she commanded. I reached for the condom, first taking the
cock ring off, and rolled the Magnum over uncut gem. Mistress rolled
over into the doggy position. I like a number of positions, the only
thing I don't like about doggy is you can't really get a good look at
your mate's face and see hopefully the eyes roll up into their head..<g>
or their breasts sway. But I understand with many women, this position
provides the deepest penetration,,,,,and then,,,,"who am I to complain
about positions"! I got on one knee and penetrated her puss from behind
and started to slowly fuck her. I picked up a little speed, grabbed her
hips, and laid it to her. From the expression on Mistress' face, she
seemed to be "hurting". I backed off a bit and asked if she was OK. She
caught her breath and nodded yes, then she moved her arms off the bed
and supported herself on the floor with her hands as she presented her
ass to me up on the bed..... I penetrated again and just as I worked up
a bit of rhythm..........

The time buzzer rang. Many of you may be unfamiliar with the "time
buzzer". It is a device, (definately dreaded by me) hidden somewhere in
the room, which is activated either by someone outside of the room, or
set by the girl at the beginning of the session when she leaves with
your money. It signals that your time is virtually up! At first, I
thought to myself, that time had gone by quickly, but then again a lot
had "happened". As I fucked her I looked at my watch on the nightstand
and saw that they were buzzing us after only 30-35 minutes of activity.
I had contracted for 60 minutes. I told Susan this, and she said they
may have made an error and don't worry about it. Initially I shrugged
it off, and we went on fucking and whatever.

Then the buzzer went off again, I looked at the watch and, at most, only
40 minutes had elapsed into our session. Susan said we needed to finish
up or they would be knocking at the door shortly. This "peeved" me and I
told her I had paid for an hour. Sensing I was a bit upset about this,
she got up and said she would talk to "them". Of course in the middle of
a fantasy fuck, this is quite a downer...sigh She got up and put on her
tight black dress. I have to admit, watching her "struggle" with the
dress (she put it on backwards the first time...<g>) was a turn-on as I
lay on my back watching her. She left the room and a few seconds came
back and said, time is up. My heart sank.

I told Susan, what about the hour? She said she didn't make the rules
and we needed to finish up. I was getting bummed, but I had a stiff cock
and told Susan I hadn't cumm for two days. She said she appreciated that
I was "saving for her"! I asked if I could cummm on her exposed foot.
She smiled and said yes. She was standing, I was sitting at the foot of
the bed, she raised her foot to my cock which I began to stroke and with
some effort, (I was seething about the time issue) I squirted very good
on her foot. Shooting a few streams past her foot and onto the
carpet...<g> I asked her if I could lick the cumm from her foot, and I
proceeded to lapp up the Goo. Looking up at Susan she seemed to

Susan left the room to get me a wet wash cloth to cleanse myself. Now
that uncut gem got his release, he freed my brain, and I was able to
take over...<g> I got this feeling that I was being taken advantage of
time wise. I got my watch and studied it. OK, so they started the time
at 5:45 when I arrived, not lets say 5:50pm when I gave Susan the money
and she went to "activate" the time buzzer. Here I was 45 minutes into
the ordeal and i was already "spent" and getting dressed.

Susan came back with the wash cloth as I cleaned myself off and got
dressed I told Susan that I enjoyed my session very much with her, but I
was really pissed off about the time issue. She told me again, "I don't
make the rules".... If I were thinking, or my balls just hadn't been
drained onto her foot...<g> I would have asked to "talk to the person
there responsible for the rules"...but I didn't. I vented my frustration
to Susan, I told her I had been a regular customer there for well over a
year, I had recommended other generous gentlemen to their place via the
internet and I didn't feel happy and was having second thoughts about
coming back. Susan looked at me, I don't know how much of this sunk-in
with her. I don't know if she realizes what it feels like to only have a
good fuck maybe once a month, to have to PAY for this privledge, then,
feel taken advantage of in the process....

I gave Susan my written account of our last meeting. She said she might
email me with a response...that would be nice, but I'm not getting my
hopes up. I tipped her nicely, and said again, that I was not personally
holding her responsible for the time problem, but I did want her to tell
"management" my feelings on the subject. I left the room, Gina was
curled up in a chair, watching a movie (was she the time-keeper?), I
walked by the back bedroom and saw "Hiawatha" sitting on the edge of the
bed watching TV, since as far as I know, he is the proprietor, I should
have said something to him, but I was real peeved, and bummmed and
didn't feel like dealing with him. I mean I was in no frame of mine to
listen to some "lame ass excuse".... Suppossedly Susan had already
inquired about the time when she left the room after the second
buzzer.... I turned at the door, squeezed Susan's hand, we had a brief
kiss and then I walked out into the misty evening.........
Probably the last time I will ever walk from that place again.......sigh

I got in my car, pulled out of the place and looked at my watch. Only 50
minutes had expired from when I first went into the place, and here I
was on the road......jeeezzzzz I was really bummed, the time thing
had ruined a very stimulating session with Susan. I really do enjoy her
company, but I suspect I won't be seeing her again, if I have to deal
with the "house-rules"! Wish she would get a hold of me and we can meet
in a neutral location and "cook".......

It was 6:40pm on the road and bummed, I thought of going to the strip
club at Bonita's, but I was there yesterday and it took, over 1/2 hour
for a girl to finally come over to me to lap dance. The girls there,
especially before 7pm are real lazy asses.... Not wanting to get further
depressed, I decided to go to a nearby juice bar, the Attic Lounge, and
sample some all nude dancers.

The Attic Lounge is a strange place. Downstairs is a bookstore and video
booths, frequented primarily by gay and bi-sexual men. A lot of
"activity" goes on down there. Upstairs, they have this small, intimate
stage and seating for about 30 people, max. I walk up the steps, they
have these plastic strips covering the entry way, that you see in
"coolers" at grocery stores, etc. Classy!...xxxtreme grin. My kind of

I go in and I am the only guy there. It was close to shift change and
the girls were standing around. One told me I could sit in her booth and
I got comfortable. A song started and someone began to dance. I surveyed
the scene, a few girls were standing around talking, totally nude, and a
few others were totally dressed. A few more patrons entered and dancing

The girls at the Attic Lounge don't do lap dances. They usually dance to
two song sets and strip as they walk around to the seated patrons
getting $1 tips snuggled between their breasts, into their panties or
garters. They will dance and spread their snatches inches from your
face! For one dollar, it is quite a show, I normally drop $30 to $40
when I am there for an hour or so...<g> I have frequented this place
many times to "cool down" after a session with one of the girls at the
establishment I was previously at. I fantasize that the girls may still
smell the "sex" on my body and beard after such sessions, but I have
never had this comment given to me....<g>

A girl may come by and sit and talk with you. Sometimes this heightens
the fantasy, sometimes this brings you down....depending on the
intelligence and degree of sexuality these girls exude. You would think
sometimes that some of these girls are practicing NUNS once you start
talking with them...<g>

Dallas was dancing with a white dress dress on. She had blonde hair,
shapely body and a look like an early Marilyn Monroe. I always
compliment the girls on their bodies or dance routines when I tip them,
so they "remember me". At the end of her dance, Dallas came over to me
and we talked. She was a borderline fantasy breaker, but oh how I would
love to have fucked her right then and there on the table we were
sitting at. 22 years old, a college student majoring in Psychology, a
Louisiana accent, but she appeared either drunk, stoned, or sorta
stupid....I think the latter. I asked if her breasts were enhanced, and
she said yes. She called it her "reinvestment plan". She had just spent
$6,000 6 weeks ago to get them enhanced to 34D...hmmmm. They were about
a B+ boob job, but they were still enhanced...sigh

I asked her why she got a boob job. She laid it out for me, I take the
stupid part back once you hear this. She works at the club 3 days a
week. She said prior to the boob job, she was netting $600 a week. Now
she is netting $750 a week. The $150 she is attributting to her boobs.
At this rate, she will break even at around year end. Is it worth
it.....? At least she didn't do 44D's on a 5'4" petite body!

Ok, she tells me she's a Psychology student. I show her my picture with
Johnni Black and she asks me what I am doing in this part of town. I
whispered in her ear, that I just had a session with a Dominatrix. I
tried to get some type of "analysis" out of her....but she seemed to not
want to discuss sex, although she made some comment like, You would pay
for sex? I should have said, well hell yes, How am I going to get any,
when there are women out there in the world like YOU who "shake their
money maker" for a living, but are cold and distant once you start
speaking with them.....sigh But I didn't, I held my tongue, I was
already bluesy and didn't want to piss someone off...I just drifted off
and watched the girl dance on the table in front of me, a ring pierced
through the hood of her clit. I wanted to roll the dollar bill real
thin and run it through that ring as a tip,,,,maybe one of these days
I'll go back and maybe do it with a $50 or $100 bill, so she would
remember who I was...<g>

The strip club helped a bit, I did enjoy speaking with Dallas and a few
of the other girls.... It was still raining as I got in my car and
headed home to my "other life"..... Feeling a tad down, I got on the
highway and put on Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland....thats what I
really need, an Electric Lady...<g> Punched up "Rainy Days", and as I
listened to the bluesy guitar and saxophone opening, I thought of
another tune and sang to myself;

"I've got diamonds on my windshield, they're like tears from heaven,
I'm pulling into town on the interstate, with a steel train in the rain,
Its these late nights and freeway flying, that alwaysssss makes me sing"

... F I N ...

End of Story

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