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My Massage Theraphy

i have this massage therapy that i see on a regalar bacis
i have been know her for sometimes now ,when i am on the table she make me feel so good i sometimes make moves with my body like i am having sex with her i want her so badly but ,i dont know how to tell her this because she is a good and sweet friend..i am really hard when i am on the table one time i ever came all over myself after her work out on me..she is a libra and is very pretty in her 50 and so am i she is married and so am i,,i want to have sexy white her so badly but cannot come to tell her this.we hold hands talk i look into her big blue eyes and cam cum all over myself i am black male and have never been with a white female this would be so good for me something when i am on the table i want to put her hand on my cock because it is so hard and her soft hands would make me cream all over myself..she make me crazy sometime before i go to a session i think about what i want to say but when i get in front of her i am blank cannot get the words out to let her know that i really want to have sex with my freind i think she know but i dont want to disrespected her in anyway,,when the session is over after one hour we kiss on the cheeks and i leave once she kiss me on the lips and that freak me out ,, i try to see her sometimes twice a month..i am really horny for her and would cum at the chance of her touching me..i really dont know what too do ,,when i get home i would jack off cum over everything alot think of her white hands on my black skin..she is really a good friend and from all of the moving i do while on the table she got to know that i want to fuck her brain out this is a promblem but her friendship mean alot to me so i just play with self and cum...

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