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My Married Neighbor

I had to sneak across the street in the middle of the day. As I opened the front door, I knew he would be dozing in their bed all alone. I leave my keys and my shoes at the door, just in case. As I enter their room he's lying on the bed wearing nothing and gets up to greet me. He says she is coming home for lunch and will be here my noon.... I say you better fuck me fast then....
As he walks me backwards toward the bed and turns me around, I thank god I only wore P.J.s. I love giving him easy access. He bends me over the bed and pulls my pants down. He tells me to open my legs farther so he can feel that wet pussy. As he rubs his finger along my slit, I moan for him to fuck me. I need your cock now! I can't wait any longer.... God you're so wet already!... He says as he positions his hard cock at the entrance to my waiting pussy. As he pushes inside I make sure to push back so he goes nice and deep. Then he begins to pound me hard and fast just the way I like it. Slamming into me so hard that I moan in pleasure. I want to cry it's been so long I had almost forgotten how good it could. Fuck me.. Yes, Yes, Just like that.. I love the way you fuck me.... I keep telling him to Fuck me harder and cum deep in my pussy.. Yes give that hot cum!!... as I feel him tense behind me. I shudder in orgasm as he pounds my pussy a few more times before shoving his amazing cock deep inside me and exploding into my soaking wet pussy.
Mmm, that was amazing!... I said as he pulls out of me. He says, You better hurry and get cleaned up before she comes home.... As I put my clothes back on and scurry back across the street, I can't help but think that Thursday won't get here soon enough!!!

End of Story