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My Hot Wife Making Her Fantasies Cum True (revised format)

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The doorbell rang and Dawn went to get it. It was early, but she recalled the workers would be arriving to install the porch railing that morning. She almost forgot that she was only wearing a thin pink button-up sweater and her white cotton boy shorts. She didn’t want the workers to leave so she rushed to the door straight from her bed where she had been enjoying a private moment with her vibrator. Her dyed blond hair was still dripping wet from a shower. Her pussy was quite wet too, as she had just been fantasizing about making love to a stranger. The tight white cotton boy shorts she wore wrapped tightly around her waist, clinging to every damp curve of her pussy, and barely holding in her sexy ass. Her large erect nipples poked thru the sweater she had buttoned up about 3/4ths of the way, stretching across her soft tan 36D’s. She had a thin beautiful face, absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.

She opened the door to a young thin, but athletic looking guy who had black short hair and wore only jeans with no shirt. His chest was tan and his nipple pierced which caught her eye. The boy’s eyes gazed over my woman as he admired her tits which the sweater stretched across. Her eyes paused perhaps a moment too long in her still aroused state and he caught her staring. She grinned shyly as he smiled back and told her he would begin working alone, as his partner was running a bit late. The thoughts of her fantasies that we both shared about her having sex with another man filled her mind as she had been secretly waiting for the right man and the right moment to let her desires free. My only requirements were that I either got to watch her and join, or she had to tell me every moment of it. Her heart already racing, she asked him if he wanted to come in to wait for his partner. He told her it might be an hour or so. She said she didn’t mind the company as long as he didn’t charge for the time. He laughed and said he would come in for a moment.

She stepped back and he slipped thru the hall into our living room, brushing up against my wife who had not moved from the entryway. She walked in behind him then past and walked into our kitchen, leaning forward to pick up a glass of juice on the counter. He admired her ass in the tight white shorts as she leaned forward. Her sweater raised a bit to expose a vine and cat tattoo on her back and he commented that her tattoo was sexy. She paused and leaned forward as he pulled up her sweater slightly to get a better look at the tattoo (and her ass no doubt). As his fingers brushed the outline of her tattoo, she sighed as the attraction and arousal she was feeling overtook her. Now feeling brave and quite horny, she told him about another butterfly tattoo she had on her shoulder.

She turned toward him and paused, unbuttoning her top two sweater buttons, dropping the sweater off her shoulder to expose the small tattoo and leaning into him so he could see. As she did this, a good bit her right breast was exposed, her nipple now barely hidden and still poking thru the snug and thin pink cotton sweater. His eyes gazed down across her chest. He placed his hand on her shoulder to get a look at the tattoo, and she again sighed softly as her excitement grew. His hand slid down the top of her arm and her sweater dipped further exposing her beautiful large nippled breast. She looked up into his eyes placing her hand on his chest. He leaned in and kissed her, her tongue darting softly into his mouth. He sucked on my wife’s tongue and his hands wrapped around her ass, squeezing it hard in the tight shorts. Dawn’s hand ran down his chest to stomach, then to his crotch. She squeezed him softly thru his jeans. He kissed down her neck gently, running his tongue along her shoulder as his hands slid her shorts down. He again wrapped his hands around her soft ass squeezing it as he pulled her into him. She leaned back and slid her hips up on the counter top and began to unbutton his jeans. He went back in to kissing her, sliding her sweater completely off one arm, his mouth ran down her neck to kiss on her tits. His lips brushing her nipple softly, then darting across her nipples quickly, he sucked them in his mouth a bit harder. She moaned as he continued to kiss the beautiful soft 36D breast, her hands now running thru his hair and her nails across his upper back. He knelt to one knee, removing the last buttons on her sweater, his lips kissing down to her stomach, then running across her soft, completely shaved thick lipped cunt. His tongue parted her lips and he began to run his tongue from the bottom to top of my wife’s pussy. She moaned and stroked his hair as he ate her out. Teasing her clit, she came quickly, screaming out “oh fuck!” She pushed his head back, hopped down off the counter, pushing him back into the living room entryway and to the couch arm. His pants falling down as he moved, he removed them from his ankles, his cock bulging in his black boxers. My wife approached with her mouth heading straight for his chest and her hands to his cock. She told him how big his cock felt and she slid her hands in to pull it out. With her mouth sucking his pierced nipple, her hands now massaged his cock back and forth. He grew harder, thick and long, she later told me he was probably 7 or 8 inches and very thick. She pulled back, looking into his eyes and dropped to her knees, still stroking his cock. She asked if he wanted her, and he told her to suck his cock. She lifted the huge cock, sliding her tongue down across his sack and up the underside of his cock, before taking it in her mouth. She gave great head, twisting her tongue around the head, alternating soft and then harder suction. She was the best cock sucker I had ever had, and now this young man in my house was experiencing the ecstasy of her mouth on his dick.

She worked both her hands around it, pulling on the mammoth cock as she sucked the head of it, then taking it in deep, gagging her slightly at times, she continued to take it deep into her mouth. She looked up, her hazel eyes staring into his as she took his balls in her mouth. He told her how amazing it felt and she told him to cum so she could taste him. She went back in, taking the cock now fully in her mouth, almost choking as she sucked faster and faster. Now with a firm grasp on her hair, he forced the full cock in her mouth, gagging her as she sucked faster and still harder. He began to moan, his cock now pulsating. She slid back off, her mouth open, as he began to squirt his cum in my wife’s mouth. She pulled with both hands now tightly, again and again, pulling every last drop out and then running her tongue back along his cock to get every drop of it. “Mmmmm” she exclaimed as she sucked off the final drops.

She paused for a moment to admire his cock, then got up and went back to the kitchen to grab her boy shorts. As she walked back in, pulling up her shorts, the door opened, and his partner walked in. She quickly pulled her sweater back shut, embarrassed at first, as her lover now laid across my couch with his pants still off. “That was hot,” said the guy, “you don’t have to put your clothes back on.” She laughed and asked if he had been watching at the door. “I guess I walked up at the right time, that was fucking hot, is it my turn?” She laughed and said, “I need a really big cock right now, and your friend here has that.” She proceeded to climb up on top of him as he laid naked on my couch. She began kissing on his chest again. She really had a fetish for pierced nipples.

As she kissed on his chest, she again wrapped her hands around his cock stroking it softly. First she stroked with just one hand, then as he grew harder, the second. Stroking it firmly, she leaned back pulling the cock up against her shorts against her pussy. She leaned down across him and began kissing him again. His hands unbuttoning her sweater, he flung it to the floor. He slid her forward and began squeezing and sucking my wife’s huge tits again. She moaned, and her breathing became harder. Grinding her cunt into him, he began to slide down her shorts again. She pulled them off and she climbed up on him, sliding his erect cock into her warm dripping pussy. “Oh fuck” she exclaimed as she dropped down onto the top of it. It was too much for her to take at once. She bounced on the top and it slid a bit deeper into her. She was always quite vocal when having sex and this enormous cock had her moaning and screaming as she bounced harder and harder, grinding her clit against his body as the full cock now pierced my wife’s vagina. “Fuck, yes, yes, oh baby, fuck me,” she screamed out. His hands caressed her breasts as she leaned forward, riding him harder and harder, she began to cum. “Oh fuck me, fuck me, yes, oh fuck, yes!” She began to slow and he sat up, kissing her neck and then again his mouth moved down to her soft beautiful tits. He licked around her soft pink nipples, then sucked on them harder. She wrapped her arms around his head tightly.

He told her to lay back and he proceeded to drop down to his knees on the floor, sliding between my wife’s spread legs. He slid his pulsating cock into my wife’s warm and wet pussy. As he slid in past her thick wet pussy lips she moaned again, “oh fuck yes, God, fuck me hard!” He pumped his cock into my wife harder and harder, taking her legs up now to get in deeper. “Oh God, oh God” she exclaimed as he pounded her pussy. Her tits bouncing as he slammed her cunt again and again, he took her tits in his hands. She later told me he fucked her for maybe 20 minutes like that, her cuming again and again. His friend sat just watching, jerking off at the scene of my wife being pummeled by this kid on my couch. She later told me how hot it was being watched. That was something we’d explore more in the coming weeks.

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