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My Fantasy Experience

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My wife grimaced as I began to tell her what I wanted. ?Not that again?, she whined. ?What do you mean, ?Not that again?, I asked. ?We?ve never done it. You know it has been one of my top fantasies forever. I?m not going to force the issue, but we?ve agreed that we need to do something to spark our marriage back into life?especially our sex lives. I went for your role-playing request last time. Besides, if you?ll look past your disgust you might actually enjoy it.? She was not buying it, so I dropped it as we drove on towards home in silence.

I guess she was mulling over our conversation in the car. After we unloaded the groceries and put everything away, she told me she was going to take a shower. A few minutes later, she appeared from our bedroom with only a towel wrapped over her wet hair. ?Okay? she said. ?I?ll do it. I?m not crazy about the idea, but we can try. But YOU have to clean everything up. I don?t want there to be any smell or other sign of what we did after we?re finished.? A twinge of excitement shot through me. I could not believe that my mostly shy, conservative wife would go for exchanging golden showers. It?s not about domination for me(at least I don?t think it is). But the sight of a woman pissing has been an extreme turn-on for me for as long as I can remember. Since I first came across pictures on the web of people not only peeing, but doing it all over one another, I have been obsessed with the idea.

The best place for our first try was going to be in our bathroom. The garden tube has a large enough edge around it to allow us to sit back when necessary. I led her into the bathroom and told her that I would go first because it would be nearly impossible for me to direct my piss once I was erect. She did not like it, but agreed. I had her unwrap the towel from her hair, and held her hand as she climbed into the empty tub. I instructed her to kneel, facing me, in the bottom. I stripped down quickly and was glad to suddenly realize that my bladder was full since I had not taken a leak in several hours.

I grabbed my cock and pointed it towards my wife. ?Don?t you dare piss on my face!? she said. Finally the flow of urine began and I ran the stream on her nipples and down to her belly. She stretched her body and head upward to make sure nothing hit her face. I told her to lay back and she did. I then directed the stream to her pussy, which while not bare, is still somewhat trimmed. ?How does that feel?? I asked. ?It?s warm?, she hesitated and then added, ?and not bad feeling. It?s just the thought that it?s pee?. I told her to relax and enjoy, and reminded her of the article I showed her earlier that discussed how clean piss really was and that some people actually drink it. ?Well there won?t be any piss drinking on my part? she replied. ?Relax babe, I?m almost drained?. I directed the last of my flow back up between her breasts, and was careful not to go any higher. I definitely did not want to screw this up!

When finished I ran my hands along her reclining body, rubbing her wet breasts then down to her abdomen and pussy. I reveled in the feel of the warm wetness on her skin. ?Are you ready for the next part?? I asked. ?I want you to sit on the edge here, lean back against the wall, and spread your lips so I can get a full view of you while you piss. She got into position but could not start. ?It?s just stage fright? I said. ?Relax, and let yourself go?.

The warm golden liquid first came out as a tiny dribble, then a short burst. Finally the stream began in earnest, and it came out in a strong, continuous flow. The stream landed in the bottom of the tub directly in front of me, splattering my legs and lower body with tiny droplets. I had to feel it, so I scooted in closer until I was between her legs. Her piss was now hitting me in the chest. Warm, pungent liquid goodness was now running over my chest, down my belly, over my cock and balls, and forming a puddle under my ass and legs. I was now close enough to clearly see the pee coming out of her pussy at the opening just below her clit. My cock was now growing hard as I became more excited with each passing second.

The flow of piss began to slow and it?s arc shorten. Not wanting to miss this chance, I leaned in and allowed a little to strike my face. It ran over my closed eyes, down my face, and some ran into my slightly open mouth. The flow decreased more, turning into a dribble that ran down her pussy and along her ass crack and down her cheeks and onto the tub edge. I think she was finally into it and enjoying it. With her hands still pulling her lips apart, she gasped when I stuck out my tongue and flicked her exposed clit with it. Her pee had stopped, and I spit the small amount that had accumulated in my mouth onto her pussy. I then began to eat her pussy in earnest, running my tongue flat over the lips and working the tip in circles around her clit. She groaned, leaned back farther and kept her lips pulled apart with her hands.

Her breathing became short, quick gasps as she grew more excited. I had her get off the edge of the tub and lay on the bottom in our now mingled piss puddle. My cock was now as hard as I can ever remember it being. I slowly teased her pussy lips and clit by rubbing the head over them. She began to moan as I put just the head inside her and slowly backed it out. I did this for several minutes and her desire to have my cock in her became more and more urgent. She was moaning and squirming, trying to get me to put it in her.

I finally slid the length of my cock inside her. Then I laid across her chest to feel our wetness on each other. Her breasts were slightly sticky from the now drying piss, but the lower portion of our bodies was still wet. It was so hot feeling our wet bodies against each other. She was too worked up to simply lay there and wait.

She rotated her hips up to grind her clit against me, and pushed me deeper inside her wet cunt. Her legs came up over and she wrapped them around my back. We rocked and pushed into one another in rapid movements, punctuated with grunts from both of us. I knew she was almost there when her grunts became raspy and breathy. Our thrusts became a frenetic rhythm. Her legs clenched hard around my sides and back and pulled me into her as she moaned loudly with her orgasm. Her pussy clenched and released over and over as she came. It was milking my cock and pushing me to my own shuddering climax. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body as my cum shot inside her.

I rolled off and laid on my side next to her with one arm under her neck and the other on her chest. I lightly rubbed and played with her breasts as we both came down. I told her, ?Thank you so much babe for making this fantasy finally become a reality?. She told me ?I just could not imagine that doing this would be such a turn-on. I just thought you were gross and nasty for wanting to try it. Now I am laying her breathless and blown away by the whole thing?.

We got up and showered off. Then we climbed into bed to nap curled up next to one another. My naked body was up against her back, with my limp cock pressed up against her ass, and one arm over her side with the hand resting lightly against her breast. I can?t wait for us to work on the next fantasy!

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