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My Fantasy Dream Lover

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He came to me in a dream but it felt so real. He was tall and bald with a goatee. He was tanned from all the years living at the beach. I could tell by how his clothes clung to him that he was magnificently built. The look of him just took my breath away. I just couldn't stop staring at him. My whole body came alive at the sight of this man. I had never had such a reaction to the mere presence of a man before. I just had to find out who he is. I had to get near him. I had to know him. Oops, he noticed that I was admiring him. He starts towards me and with each step he took my heart beats just a little faster.

"Hello" he says with a grin. He has amazing white teeth and a smile that melted my heart. I was in awe of him. I shyly responded with a sexy southern hello in return. He asked me were I was from and commented on how he loved my southern accent. He too had a very deep sexy tone to his voice that really turned me on. I could already feel my body getting aroused by just standing here with him. He takes my hand and leads me away. I know I shouldn't follow him but I can't resist him. I want to see where he is taking me. I hope it's to a place that no man has ever taken me before.

He whispers don't be afraid. I could never hurt you but when I saw you staring at me with the want and desire in your eyes. I knew I had to be with you. Your captivating eyes just drew me to you and I could not help myself. I had to see who this beautiful woman was and why such a lovely lady was here by herself. I was now in a trance and don't know what has come over me. All I do know is that I am mesmerized by this gorgeous man. He just exudes sexuality. I want him to use my body like his was using the piano to make sweet music. I want to soar to new heights with him. I can't wait for him to tickle my sensitive areas like he tickles the ivory keys of his piano.

He had leads me to a sophisticated decorated room but I didn't have much time to take it all in because he walked up to me and took my face into his hands and directed my attention to his face. He looked deep into my eyes as I drank in all of his features. I waited for that glorious moment when his lips touched mine. I take a deep breath in and then his hot lips touched mine with a wild ferociousness of a man starved. He forced his tongue deep into my mouth and I matched his eagerness. I have needed this for so long. My head was spending from all the passion that is finally getting to be unleashed. He moves his hands down to wrap his massive arms around me. It feels so right to have his arms around me. I press my body into his and can feel his hard body next to mine. I look up at him with a look of wanting. It was a silent plea for him to continue on this path of seduction.

He tenderly lays me on the bed and sits back to admire my full curvaceous body. He tells me that it wants to kiss every bit of my body and to make it come alive with a desire that I have never felt before. He wants to show me what I have been missing and so desperately have wanted. I tell him my body is his to do whatever he wishes. I want to experience all he has to offer. I am his willing student and I am sure that he will be an excellent teacher. He just gives me a devilish grin.

He proceeded to plant kisses on my neck and a sigh escapes my lips that encourages to him to continue. I feel him now nibbling on my ear as he starts caressing one of my boobs. My body is coming alive with his manipulations. I can feel my juices starting to flow and my nipples are more erect than I have ever seen them. I just close my eyes and take in all these new feelings that he is creating with my body. He is now planting a blazing trail of hot wet kissing down to my nipples as he takes turns putting them in his mouth. He circles them with his tongue then flicking them. He finally starts sucking on them with an intensity that I thought for a second that I was going to cum. I had never had that happen before. Mine nipples are sensitive but never has them being sucked given me that kind of response. I cant wait to see how the rest of my body reacts to his attention.

He opened my legs and admired my pussy. He was amazed at how good it look and breathed in my feminine musk. He caressed my inner thighs moving higher up my legs with each stroke. He grazed my pussy lips and then gently parted them which produces a moan from my lips. He then stuck his finger into me and discover how drenched I had become. My engorged clit was aching for his touch and he soon answered that need by removing his fingers from inside me to start manipulating my clit. I shuddered at the slight touch of his finger. He moved slowly in circles then increasing the tempo and pressure in response to my squirming. He was getting my body so wound up that I was sure that any moment I would explode. He stuck two fingers back into me and starting fucking me with his fingers. My hips were bucking to met his strokes. He leaned down and his tongue started back where his fingers had left off. This was almost too much to take. All my nerves ending were on edge. I could feel my legs start to quiver. He was about to make me cum like I had never have before. He took my clit into his mouth and started sucking on it and running his tongue all over it. That was all it took. My body went into spasms that clinched down on his fingers and just drenched him. He continued to lap them up with his tongue. He finally remove his fingers and then sucked my juices off of them. You taste just as sweet as I had imagined you would and leaned forward to kiss me. He was right. I did take good on his lips.

After I caught my breathe and the spasms subsided, I was ready for my exploration of his well built body. I told him to roll over. I wanted to run my hands all over his back. I got the massage oil out and drizzled it on his back. I started at his shoulders then making my way down to the small of his back. I moved down so I could get that great butt of his in my hands. I massaged his butt cheeks and then decided to be bold. I warmed some more of the massage oil in my hands and then parted his butt cheeks so I could play with his hole. It caught him off guard. He wasn't expected me to do that so he protested at first but I wasn't stopping. He eventually relaxed and actually started to enjoy it. I pressed firmly and get one finger in. I waited then started to move it in and out. He started to moan a little so he must be starting to enjoy it. With my other hand, I start to caress his balls and that really got a groan out of him. I removed my fingers and let him roll over. His cock was standing at attention and begging me to give it some attention. I got between his legs and then looked up at him with a seductive look. I ran my hand up and down the shaft then leaned forward to let my tongue tease the head. He already had precum oozing out. I rubbed it around and then let my tongue lick up and down his cock. He was leaning up to watch my head bob up and down as cock starts going in and out of my mouth. His cock was so thick and long that there was no way that I get it all in my mouth. It felt so good having this incredible cock going in and out of my mouth. With each stroke, I swirled my tongue along his shaft. He is not going to be able to hold out much longer. I tease the head some more before continuing with my mouth. He reaches down and starts helping me go up and down his shaft. He tells me to keep sucking to his cock. That my mouth feels so good going down on his massive cock. His word of encouragement help me continue on until I feel him start to pulse then one last stroke and I feel him cum. It is so warm and thick. I am swallowing as fast as I can but just can't get it all. He squirts a few more times and I suck him dry before releasing his cock from my mouth. Damn baby, you give such good head. I smile at him. I am so proud that I was able to give a little bit of pleasure back to him in return.

We collapse on the bed and lay next to each other. I am feeling so content and safe with him that I drift off to sleep. I wake to feel his hands roaming my body. I am aware that he already has my body responding to his touch before I am even fully awake. He leans in and says in my ear, " Baby, my cock is aching to get deep inside your moist hot pussy." I open my legs to show him that I am willing and ready to receive him. He waste no more time. He eases between my leg. I lift them up and pull my knees forward. I want to give him room to get as deep as he possible can. I need to feel all of him inside of me. He presses forward and I can feel his wide head enter me and it was just as I had imagined it would feel like. He then continues to press forward and I feel him completely enter me. I have never been filled that full before. He waits to let me get use to his size. I start to move my hips to let him know I am ready for him to bring us to a new plateau of ecstasy. He start to plunge harder into me and I relish the feeling of his hard cock pounding me. I am meeting his every stroke. I am so caught up in the sensations being generated by bodies joining that I start rubbing my clit with hand and caressing my boob with the other. The sight of me doing this just adds to his own excitement and he increases his tempo to bring him closer to the release he needs. I begs him to fuck me harder. I can't take much more of this, between my rubbing my clit and him fucking the hell out of me that I am so close to having the biggest orgasm I have ever. I didn't think it could get any better than what I had earlier but this seems so much more intense.

He tells me that he wants to fuck me doggie style when he cums so I get on my hands and knees. He smacks me on the ass before he enters me. He pressed all the way in and grabs my hips. He rams his hard cock in and out of my wet pussy. He is fucking me just like i like it. Hard and deep like no one has ever been able to do before and it's bringing out sensations that I have never had before. I start to cum and it's the first time I have ever cum during sex. I am caught so off guard by this. My spasms trigger his orgasm. My pussy stripping him of his load. He fills me up with his cum and it start to run down my inner thighs. He leans down and plants a kiss on my ass before rolling onto the bed. I look over at him in amazement. That was the best fuck I had ever had. I kiss him and tell him thanks. He just nods and says yes that was amazing. I had never been with a woman that could take it like that. I think I have found what I have been looking for. I told him that if he did me like that every time then I don't ever want him to leave.

I hear a noise. I open my eyes and realize it is my 6:00 am alarm going off. It's time to get up and get the kids ready for school. I noticed the sheets are damp. My pussy is totally drenched. Then I look over and the bed is empty. Could that really have been just a dream? It felt so real. My body is still quivering with excitement but it must have been one since I am here by myself. I wonder if my dream lover is really out there somewhere. Gosh, I sure hope I can find him because I want to experience that kind of rapture all over again. I hear a knock on the door. It's back to reality time. It's my daughter coming to tell on her brother. I guess I will have to wait until tonight to be with my dream lover again.

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